Please bring back whoever designed Ulduar

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"This is a MMO, not CoD"

Best. Comment. Ever.

Yes it was, sadly the CoD people are the ones Blizzard brought in and now the game has suffered because of it.
Labels are for soup cans.

Also I play wow and am a rampant halo player how is this different? What is it about playing a shooter per say that makes them bad at wow? I cease to see any connection to COD, Halo, Battlefield or any other shooter and inherent need for instant gratification. Not to mention the grind for armor in halo for any of the neat stuff is farrr longer than most gear grinds from low level to normal mode raiding gear. That and the challenges make it more interesting than do soo many instances this week to cap.

In summary I strongly disagree with you, the need for instant gratification is more of a societal anomaly than any link to any video-game type.

On topic; I haven't raided uld when it was current but most of the "old timers" say it and black temple were golden gifts from the god's themselves.

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