*** <Encore> 8/8HM Druid DK MoP US 114 ***

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Encore is a former top 100 US guild on Illidan. We are back in the top ten of 25 man guilds on Illidan looking to push even higher in Mists.

8/8 US#114 Madness 25

Our current needs include:
Ret Pally (prot offspec a plus - won't tank much just when needed.)
Holy Pally
DPS DK (both specs)
Resto Druid (boom offspec a plus)
Monk (mistweaver/windwalker)

-any exceptional apps encouraged to apply regardless of class-

Our schedule is as follows:
Sun - off
Mon - 8-11p - off until MoP.
Tues - 8 - 11p
Wed - 8 - 11p - off until MoP.
Thurs - 8 - 11p - off until MoP.
Fri - off
Sat - off

We do alt runs and BG nights in our off-time. Encore is not just a guild to raid with, it's a family where even former members are still active on our forums. We also have members playing other games in their downtime such as BF3, League of Legends, D3, and GW2.

Feel free to contact an officer for more information or visit us at encoreraiding.enjin.com
Ultraxion is a pain.
your website isn't working, can someone message me information please in game.. Exemplo..
Updated. Check the site now.
Uhh, still not working Nerz! C'MON!
I feel trolled, just punched in the address and hit enter worked like a charm.
Well, when I copy paste the address it doesn't work. But when I enter it in it works fine.
still LF pro dps and a tree

encoreraiding.enjin.com gogo
^ Legendary???
WTB a dps Warrior buddy, my old one broke up with me.
Looking for players looking to progress with us.
are you guys LF a shadow priest with the legendary still ? when would be a good time to contact officers in game ?
pretty sure we are still looking for a spriest, an officer is generally on throughout the the day, we raid from 8-11 ST (CST) so your chances are much higher around then, you can also drop an app on our site if no one happens to be on encoreraiding.enjin.com.
Venicide I should be online tomorrow afternoon - 3 or 4p server. I work the overnight tonight after our raid if you have some questions for me.
Back home from work bump
Nap Bump
Giant Purple Ball of #$%@
Working out kinks on Zon'ozz, Ultraxion should be a kill easily with the nerf.

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