*** <Encore> 8/8HM Druid DK MoP US 114 ***

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I am extremely interested, but am having issues registering to your site.

I'm 8/8-Normal, 396 Resto/Bal. I've been Resto on this same character since Vanilla.

I'm 525 Enchanting, Alchemy, Cooking, and Fishing. I'm willing and able to drop cauldrons and feasts.

If you can guarantee me I'll be raiding every raid night, I'll transfer servers tomorrow. Laughing Skull is slowly dying and the only decent guild on here won't be needing applicants anytime in the near future.

I would love to be your guys' Tree! =P
It's working now, I've submitted an application.
Up you go 7:30 is real early.
Still looking for sexy raiders who play naked from 8-11st!
Naked drunk raiding, see what I deal with.
still LF pro dps
Nice Hat Smokesz
Doesn't the ^ mean bump. Why doubling up?
Zon'ozz down.
Ultraxion down too.
Can you say 5/8 HM?

LF peepz!
Warmaster progression night 1
Still looking for Shield/TANK?
I am interested in your guild, currently i am on a !@#$ server Gorefiend but i have 6/8H DS experiance my main spec is resto with a elemental offspec. I see that your looking for a resto shaman, is that still true if so i would like to talk with you guys to see if i would be a good fit for your guild.

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