I need the 'latest' old Razer Naga Driver!

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Razer has done something stupid, and removed all links to older drivers on their support page.
The only link they have now is for their extremely useless and convoluted "Synapse 2.0". Unfortunately, I didn't think about backing up the driver when I reformatted my laptop.

I don't want extremely useless and convoluted "Synapse 2.0", I just want my old working drivers that didn't require me to log in and have a stable internet connection to use my mouse.

So if any of you who have the Razer Naga still have the installation .exe or know where I can find the file for the latest driver that is NOT part of "extremely useless and convoluted Synapse 2.0", that would simply be awesome.

Found it :D
Thank you so much for actually editing when you found them.

Both those links are useless. The downloads say "Not Found" like they just deleted the files from their servers.
Yeah Synapse is not working well for me either. If you have not deleted your old drivers you can uninstall Synapse and it should revert to using the older ones. That is what worked for me. Hopefully it will work for others that aren't very happy with the forced Synapse usage.

Update: Here is a link to the 3.03 drivers which seems to still work. This is the version that is working for me currently.


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