RiP <Viral>

Area 52
Thanks for all the apps, Holy paly soit has been filled. Also all dps apps should really have some kind of logs or they wont really be looked at
Still LF hunter? been months since i raided but im down to app. i've raided with tormented and perplexity before. bout to swap to pve gear since i logged after arenas
^ Badass hunter.
haha thanks brah =-)
^ agree with conradicalz very good huntard
haha thanks flex =-)
Recruitment is temporarily on hold, thanks for all the apps!
Sorry to hear it. BEst of luck to all of yall. =-)
Noooo, not you lol, come talk to me

also need a Healer again, priest or paly
Noooo not you. Lol come talk to me

Grammer Fix't
Back and bumping for a good Ranged dps, Warlock or Boomy! All dps apps please have logs!
Same thing^
bumping for a good dps
good morning, all
is the hunter spot filled?
Bump for an epic ele shaman!(Parses or gtfo ;-)
Bumping for a plate tank plZ!
Bumping for a Ranged
Bumping for a legit hunter!!!!

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