[A] <Spark> 1/16H, semi-hardcore LF tank

[A] <Spark> is a 10 man, 1/16H guild on US-Cenarius.

Short version:

Site: http://spark.guildomatic.com/

Real ID: deansostewow@gmail.com

In-game: Slippykins


- DK/warrior/pally tank (pref. with DPS offspec)

Raid times:

Tues/Thurs/Sun - 9:30pm to 12:30am (PST, server time)

Loot rules:

Loot council

Long version:

Spark is a dedicated hard-mode guild, building up in momentum from a rocky start to the expansion. We are a light-hearted bunch, made mostly of older players, and take our raiding seriously. Currently we clear 1/6H in MSV, working on the rest of the normals before we return to heroics.

Spark's progression has included being Realm 3rd for H DS completion in T13, as well as Realm First Challenge Conqueror: Gold.

Our current recruitment needs are sparse, as we only run one 10 man group to avoid guild drama, however, we are in need of a new tank.

We raid three nights per week (Tues/Thurs/Sun), and are more of a late night guild (9:30pm-12:30am). Raids may be extended by up to half an hour if we are near a kill. We expect 100% attendance from our raiders, barring extraordinary circumstances.

If you would like to apply, please feel free to hit me up on Real ID (deansostewow@gmail.com) or in-game at Slippykins, and we'll schedule an interview. Alternatively, send in an application on our guild website.

Bumping for heroic Ultrax down! Two heroics in a week!
Currently 4/8H (Chok, Yor, Zon, Ultrax) and starting on Hagara next week.

Definitely looking for a solid Lock to round out the DPS makeup.
Hi Erth!
I wish i wouldve applied a couple weeks ago ha.
I think I remember your name from the TCR group in FUROR :p.
Bumping for nothing-to-do Mondays!
Bumping for hagara-progression Thursdays!
Bumping for 5/8H! Good job team!
Bumping for a warlock!
bump - gogo H Warmaster!
Bumping for that sexy warlock
Warlocks smell like cheese.
Still looking for a good lock?
Yep yep. Looking for someone that is a good mix of personality/skill level. Already having a legendary definitely wouldn't hurt things since we're stacked 3 deep on doing them for current members >.<
Still recruiting a lock, would make H Blackhorn a tad easier.
Heroic blackhorn down, sans a lock! Haha
don't think it's really fair to say "remnants of FUROR" :p

They were raiding the same time we were after 4.3

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