4.3 Enhancement Shaman Raiding Guide

Key Componenets

Searing Totem: Very large chunk of our dmg, initial dmg+DoT tick+the increase to Lava Lash comes out to a very large amount of dmg. Its a very crappy in that its targeting is based on Flame Shock if theres multiple targets but generally has an awkward "start of combat" targeting system.

Spirit Wolves: Basically the only dps cooldown we have other than gear. Timing any agility or attack power procs or cds with wolves is vital to getting the most out of them, also if bloodlust or heroism has been used getting another mag, shaman or hunter to use it again whenever your wolves come up is a large dps gain.

T10 2 set: Frost Witch's Grips+ Frost Witch's Shoulderguards pop Shamanistic Rage. If you make a macro like i did out of it you can have a nice buff at the beginning of ever fight.
/cast Shamanistic Rage
/equip [nomodifier]your gear name here
/equip [nomodifier]your gear name here
/cast Potion of the Tol'vir
Having this macro on the pull will gives you a 12% dmg increase along with your pot. If your having trouble timing it or scared to try it in fear you'll get caught in 251 gear, take the pot portion of the macro out and go mess with it in some randoms or LFR.

Shaman's casting bug: Unleash Elements>casted spell>instant cast, doing this will cause the spell casted and the instant cast to be effected by your unleash.
EX:Unleash Elements>Lava Burst>Flame Shock
EX:Unleash Elements>Chain Heal>Riptide

General Raiding Spec/glyphs: http://www.wowhead.com/talent#hhr0hZffG0s0hRGo:RkarocM

Talents-ok so talents wise there’s a couple different things you can go with. If there's no damage going out you can skip Shamanistic Rage and grab Improved Shields instead which would bring up your total damage. Also if put on interrupts taking 2 points out of Elemental Precision and into Reverberation for a 5 second cd interrupt. On heroic Hagara frost flake is able to be dispelled by Earthbind totem so giving up your Improved Shields for Earthen Power would allow you to dispel people .


Glyph of Lava Lash, Glyph of Stormstrike and Glyph of Windfury Weapon are your best bet
Glyph of Flame Shock: Good for AoE heavy fights such as Yor'sajh but weaker on single target fights.
this substitution would be made with Glyph of Windfury Weapon

Glyph of Lightning Shield Glyph of Stoneclaw Totem Glyph of Healing Stream Totem

Glyph of Ghost Wolf used for any fight where you need increased mobility or gap closing to a new target spawn point.

Glyph of Chain Lightning Glyph of Fire Nova generally on sub 1 or both in if you are on adds a very large amount and chain lightning is going to hit the full 6 targets or it’s a waste of a glyph and if you don’t hit enough targets a dps loss.

Glyph of Renewed Life is the only recommended glyph
1. Searing Totem: keep it up. it has a very large tick and places Searing Flames on the target which then buffs other abilities, it’s basically the corner stone of our dmg.

2. Stormstrike: one of the more important spells not for its damage but for its debuff, the debuff( Stormstrike ) has a 15 seconds duration and SS it's self has an 8 second cooldown, so it's not very hard to keep up. It's place at the top of our priority of abilities is from not only the debuff but its decent amount of dmg, the continuation of a fluid rotation involving Lava Lash. It also hits with both weapons which would proc more No'Kaled, the Elements of Death Static Shock Windfury Weapon Flametongue Weapon & Maelstrom Weapon.

3. Lava Lash: hardest hitting ability, its damage is dependent on how many stacks of searing flames you have( Improved Lava Lash , Item - Shaman T12 Enhancement 2P Bonus etc) the faster you hit lava lash the faster more stacks are applied and generally after LL's 10 second CD 5 stacks should be up.

4. Lightning Bolt with 5 stacks of Maelstrom Weapon: lightning bolt becomes an instant cast spell with 5 stacks of Maelstrom Weapon , same idea the faster you hit it at 5 stacks the faster the stacks come back.

5.Unleashed Flame Shock: It’s imperative that your Flame Shocks be Unleashed for that xtra dmg up front and throughout its duration.

6. Unleash Elements: hits decently hard and increases melee haste by 60% for 6 swings(unleash wind) and increases the dmg of your next fire spell by 30% within 8 seconds(unleash flame)(does not affect Lava Lash).

7. Earth Shock: hits harder than FS but has no real after effect to it(that would increase our dmg)

8. Lightning Bolt with 2 Maelstrom weapon:**ONLY WORTH IT WITH 2 PEICE T13**
Entering combat: Prepot macro> Unleash Elements> Call of the Elements (with searing totem in it)> Stormstrike> Flame Shock> Lightning Bolt> Lava Lash

AoE: Using Magma Totem, unleashed flame shock on your main target, lava lash that main target to spread unleashed flame shocks to 4 targets around. Hit Fire Nova on cd and chain lightning on 5 stacks while keeping Stormstrike up on your main target and keep spreading those FS's.

Out of range: if you are out of range for whatever reason(Ex: running out for seeds on domo)you want to pop Spiritwalker's Grace and use the UE/Lava Burst/FS glitch mentioned earlier as well as lightning bolt filler.

Blacksmithing: With 2 extra slots for gems the benefit becomes 100( Delicate Queen's Garnetx2), putting it above any other profession,
Engineering: A lot of utility in eng, can do a small amount of aoe dmg at range(heroic rag seeds), belt(chance to taunt so situational), rocket boots(chance to miss fire, parachute on cloak sometimes useful(council after being gripped up in execute phase) etc. Synapse Springs many fights have burst phases, these are great for increasing burst and work out to an avg of 80 agi.
Alchemy: Mixologyor Flask of Enhancement give an 80 stat bonus as well as a nice trinket to start out with in any spec.
Enchanting: Enchant Ring - Agility gives 2 rings 40 extra agi each net total is 80 agi.
Inscription: Swiftsteel Inscriptiongives 80 more agi than the regular should enchant and you don't have to bother with rep grinding.
Leatherworking: Draconic Embossment - Agilitygives 80 more agi than the regular enchant, also have access to cheap leg enchants.
Jewelcrafting:Very good on an alt or just starting out but becomes significantly weaker that all other crafting professions. 67-50=17x3=51 agi gained from JC gems.
Skinning: 80 static crit rating as a bonus, not as good as crafting professions but the better of the 3 gathering.
herbalism: Lifeblood works out to be 80 haste on avg if used on cd, also provides a small heal.
Mining: A small amount of survivability but a poor dps profession.

Because of the up coming expansion you might want to go with BS, ENG, alchemy or JC as your profs. Your decision doesnt matter right now but depending on what happens those 4 are the strongest bonus and gold wise at the beginning of an expansion.
T13 BiS Set:

Head: Spiritwalker's Helmet
Neck: Choker of the Vanquished Lord
Shoulders: Spiritwalker's Spaulders
Cloak: Dreadfire D%#!%
Chest: Spiritwalker's Cuirass
Wrists: Bracers of Looming Darkness
Hands: Sporebeard Gauntlets
Belt: Belt of the Beloved Companion
Legs: Spiritwalker's Legguards
Boots: Treads of Dormant Dreams
Ring #1: Seal of Primordial Shadow
Ring #2: Signet of Grasping Mouths
Trinket #1: Vial of Shadows
Trinket #2: Wrath of Unchaining
Mainhand: No'Kaled, the Elements of Death
Offhand: No'Kaled, the Elements of Death
Relic: Ripfang Relic

Agility: Our best stat period. Gem as much as possible and dont be afraid to reforge for your caps out of other stats.

hit: 1742 hit rating(1639 for Draenei) because spell hit effects many of our spells(windfury procs, flametong procs, unleash elements etc) spell hit is your 2nd priority as enhancement.

Expertise cap: 541 expertise rating(451 for any class effected by weapon racials) you don't want to get dodged.

Mastery (Enhanced Elements) : Our best secondary stat out of the 3, its worth A LOT more than crit and almost doubles haste and has no diminishing returns.

Crit: 2nd to mastery its not a bad stat but its not amazing, Flurry & Elemental Devastation work sinnergistically to increase melee haste.

Haste: significantly weaker from wrath, because of mastery's straight up dmg increase and crit increasing melee haste from flurry it falls very short.

Red slots: EX: Grips of Unerring Precision
Delicate Queen's Garnet doesn't matter what the bonus is.

Blue slots: EX: Erupting Volcanic Grips
10agi SB- Delicate Queen's Garnet SB not worth the lost agi
don't match for blue sockets unless it is 15-30 agi which is extremely rare

2 blue slots/20 agi SB:
slot #1: Delicate Queen's Garnet
slot #2: Delicate Queen's Garnet
10 agi gained per socket, essentially the same as 1 socket with a 10 agi SB

2 red 1 blue/20 agi SB:EX: Cord of Dragon Sinew
#1: Delicate Queen's Garnet
#2: Glinting Shadow Spinel
#3: Delicate Queen's Garnet

Yellow slots: EX: Erupting Volcanic Spaulders
10agi SB- Adept Lava Coral

2 Yellow slots/20 agi SB: EX: Legguards of the Raging Elements
slot #1: Adept Lava Coral
slot #2: Adept Lava Coral

2 yellow 1 red/30 agi SB: EX: Rended Earth Leggings
#1: Delicate Queen's Garnet
#2: Adept Lava Coral
#3: Adept Lava Coral

1 Red socket/1 Blue(or yellow)socket/20 agi SB: EX: Cuirass of the Raging Elements or Erupting Volcanic Cuirass
slot #1 Red: Delicate Queen's Garnet
slot #2 Blue(or yellow): Glinting Shadow Spinel or Adept Lava Coral

Head: Arcanum of the Ramkahen
Shoulders: Greater Inscription of Shattered Crystal
Cloak: Greater Critical Strike
Chest: Peerless Stats
Wrists: Agility
Hands: Greater Mastery
Belt: Ebonsteel Belt Buckle
Legs: Dragonscale Leg Armor
Boots: Major Agility
Mainhand: Landslide
Offhand: Landslide
--->A tool i use and that i was recently introduced to is http://www.wowreforge.com/Import most of the settings are correct, expertise value should be reset to 2.2259, set your 2 caps(hit & expertise) based on your race and set it to "close to" from the drop down menu. Over cap value for hit is 0.9078 and if you have a racial and only 1 weapon that's effected by your racial your over cap value is 0.8777. Other than that it should give you a very good estimate and template. It works better than any simulator I've ever come across and is very simple to use. Also http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/reforgelite does a very nice job as well and can be used in game.
You can find me on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/user/DownpoursMB i'm going to start making more and more videos, maybe touch base on some pvp.

If you like what you see here i also have a guide up on wowhead @ http://www.wowhead.com/guide=730/4-3-0-enhancement-shaman-guide

I raid Sunday, Monday, Tuesday 8pm-12am EST

My Twitchtv page is http://www.twitch.tv/downpours

if mine isn't up my gm's will always be up at http://www.twitch.tv/devolore

If you ever have any Q's put them in the comments or whisper/mail me in game i'm always more than happy to help. ty for your time i hope you enjoyed the read, gl :)
01/26/2012 10:32 PMPosted by Downpours
Entering combat: Prepot macro> Unleash Elements> Call of the Elements(with searing totem in it)> Stormstrike> Flame Shock> Lightning Bolt> Lava Lash

I haven't tried this, but are you 100% certain this is a dps upgrade on the initial pull over the normal rotation?

Or is this based on using the 2p t10 and maximizing LL damage with ST stacks for the initial LL?
You have the stats section up twice ;)

Other than that it's nice to know I've been raiding correctly this patch.
You should really do a spelling and grammar check before posting a guide if you want people to take it seriously. The more intelligent you seem the higher the probability that people are going to trust you.

Also, those other sites that claim a different rotation than you have math to back it up. That is why the community accepts them. You provide nothing of the sort but claim, "i base my decisions on weighing streight up and over time damage, debuffs, buffs and other factors such as cooldowns, stacks and durations."

About the so-called Shaman's Casting Bug. This is not specific to our class, as a frost mage can get similar benefits from Fingers of Frost.

TLDR; Don't name drop Lore in a thread that makes claims contrary to accepted theory without providing math. He would be ashamed of you.
ok so #1: yes it's a dps increase, if you have a macro that pulls it all in together than it’s the same key stroke as hitting a pot, starting combat at range with Unleash elements and dropping totems gets you into combat for your searing totem to beginning casting by the end of the 12% buff you should have gotten a 5 ST stack LL and all your other abilities in.

#2: saw that tyvm and fixed my bad, i did this at 12am last night lol

#3: again did this late at night should have probably run it through word since I’m a terrible speller, as for rotation i can/have changed my guide several times since i hit submit. If there’s something wrong with it or you guys want something more, you are my audience which means i want to give you what you came here for :). It is "the shaman casting bug" in that it works with unleash elements. Lore is my guild leader and me spending my time to do guides like this would actually please him that im doing something like this in the community, I really don’t think he would care if someone thought my guide wasn't that great :)

i have never done a movie guide, but im working with indiegarona on getting one made, turns out its a lot of complicated work XD

tyvm for the constructive criticism :)
We are all ashamed of him. Mostly because he's melee and he's blue.
Nice guide, gives me some things to look out for as im starting to raid, however i do have a question, in the Bis armor parts, would it not be better to have the heroic t12 2 piece over some of the ones mentioned. It just seems the t12 2 piece has more value than getting a full t13 set.

Now like i said Im just starting to raid, all my gear is looking for raid or HoT gear.
Also would it not be more convinient to get the spiritwalker gloves over the one you mentioned (i am fully aware it has a blue slot while the other has 2 red.) and get the valor 2200 397 helm due to the stat advantage allowing you to get much more mastery or other stats?
2 pc T12 heroic is a dps increase over the normal T13 4 pc
01/27/2012 11:21 AMPosted by Pâtéchinoise
2 pc T12 heroic is a dps increase over the normal T13 4 pc

You are actually geared as i want to end up. Im trying to get the t13 shoulders to reuse my 397 valor helm. Guild im in is doing ds but they will have plans for firelands which i hope i can get that cape drop since the valor one sucks.
01/27/2012 11:21 AMPosted by Pâtéchinoise
2 pc T12 heroic is a dps increase over the normal T13 4 pc

This is incorrect. At best, t12 heroic 2 piece is ~200 dps less than 4 piece t13 normal.

I've ran enhsim with every combo of 2/2 t12/13 and that's the best I could get. If you want to claim that 2pct12 heroic is better, which pieces did you use? Did you run it through enhsim?
I also ran the OP's priority through enhsim and the result in reg mode gear is 36,736 dps. The standard rotation is about 300dps higher with 37,019 dps.

The standard rotation:

1. Searing totem (if 0 ticks left)
2. Stormstrike
3. Lavalash
4. lightning bolt (mw5)
5. Flameshock(if unleash elements buff is up)
6. Unleash elements
7. EarthShock
8. Lightning bolt (mw3)
9. Spirit wolves
01/27/2012 11:21 AMPosted by Pâtéchinoise
2 pc T12 heroic is a dps increase over the normal T13 4 pc

My work says otherwise, but the difference isn't overwhelming. We're talking about 2-3% of overall dps. That's enough to justify going 4pc T13 normal.

It certainly is better than the 384 pieces, however.
As nice and compact as this is it doesn't look to really go into depth for enhance. It's also fairly sloppy, and you jump right into the content.

Personally, I believe in writing guides that are in-depth and are for all readers. Know your audience is what I'm saying I guess. Since a wide variety of players will be reading the stuff stickied here you can't really take anything for granted. Assume you're dealing with a brain-dead player who gems for strength on his priest.

WoW forum guides are typically a stepping stone for learning your class with other off-site forums being for more mathy/hardcore players. If you're going to write something here it should be broader, and introduce the player to the class and mechanics. It basically looks like a TL;DR version of a guide, and would be something you could throw in at the end for people who know how to play and just want the outline of the class because they're smart enough to figure out the rest.
Since this thread is a nice guide i would actually like to ask about the glyph of chain lightning. It seems to be good in the old heroics, however from HoT heroics and also ds it seems i can get away with getting a different glyph.

Also to Rocksteady. could you do a test of heroic 2piece t12 (gloves/chest) and 2 piece heroic t13 (shoulders, leggings.) and see how it compares to the 4 piece t13 bonus.

The t13 4 piece does seem a bit hard to get those mw5s out as soon as they show up. I prob need a few more addons. While i do some decent dps i do find myself not getting my mw5s out as soon as they plop up. I know i can preform better.

Also why not add a few nifty macros to this thread.
01/27/2012 02:04 PMPosted by Tsuji
Also to Rocksteady. could you do a test of heroic 2piece t12 (gloves/chest) and 2 piece heroic t13 (shoulders, leggings.) and see how it compares to the 4 piece t13 bonus.

So I assume you mean to test heroic t12 2 piece with reg t13 2 piece. (heroic t12 2piece vs heroic t13 4 piece for sure comes out on top purely due to stats)

I used normal mode BiS gear and simulated the heroic t12 2 piece(gloves and chest) with t13 2 piece(legs and shoulders).

t12/13 combo: 39967 dps

t13 4 piece: 40360 dps

As we see, even with access to normal mode t13, your damage is higher than combining with 2 heroic t12 items.

I tested over 10,000 simulated hours (A pretty high number, variance becomes less than 10dps at this point)

This is of course using the standard rotation, which when simulated produces maximum dps.
tsuji: agility>spell hit(17%)>exp(26/26)>mastery>crit>haste, the more agility you gain from heroic pieces/off that have more gem slots outweighs the mastery you would gain by taking another piece. 2 piece tier 12 would be better than raid finder if it were head and shoulders, however heroic rags isn’t exactly open to everyone and i haven't gotten it to drop for me. It is however slightly worse than a normal mode t13 4 set.

Rokksteady: i am working on the math and what not and sifting through logs but with sims stormstrike is set higher than lava lash and lightning bolt based on its debuff+its dmg but I’m basing my rotation on straight up dmg because the debuff lasts for 15 seconds and the cooldown is 8 seconds so there is no reason to use stormstrike over lava lash since it does more dmg. And as for spirit wolves it’s a cooldown and shouldn’t be in your rotation, in most fights in current content there is a window where you want to set up and time your wolves to that to maximize dmg or to increase a burst phase such as spine on the tendons.
01/27/2012 03:22 PMPosted by Downpours
Rokksteady: i am working on the math and what not and sifting through logs but with sims stormstrike is set higher than lava lash and lightning bolt based on its debuff+its dmg but I’m basing my rotation on straight up dmg because the debuff lasts for 15 seconds and the cooldown is 8 seconds so there is no reason to use stormstrike over lava lash or a 5 mw stack LB since they do more dmg. And as for spirit wolves it’s a cooldown and shouldn’t be in your rotation, in most fights in current content there is a window where you want to set up and time your wolves to that to maximize dmg or to increase a burst phase such as spine on the tendons.

Enhsim takes all those variables into account. The stormstrike debuff, wasted maelstrom procs, total ability dmg etc.

I can prove the standard rotation is correct via simulation, which I have, as well as empirically:

You have better gear than I do and run in a 25man group where I assume every buff and debuff is provided. Despite that, from looking at your logs, I do ~2k dps more on Madness.

Here is your last Madness kill: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-0gceuipk1af5e86y/sum/damageDone/?s=11493&e=12195

You pulled 45.8k dps

Here is my last Madness kill (as enhance): http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/tj93j6mdpst9gor8/sum/damageDone/?s=21670&e=22373

I pulled 47.6k dps.

Next week try the standard rotation and see if it makes a difference for you. Couldn't hurt right?

PS: I love your tip about the 2 piece ICC gear. I didn't know about that. I'll be snagging those pieces asap thanks!
The biggest reason why SS > LL is because it causes less cooldown conflicts over the course of a fight (i.e. you have to delay less abilities).

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