IAC - NZ/East coast Aus times LFM 5.2

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Bump for tanks!
Make that eroka guy tank. I hear he'd make a gud savior.
Did Cancer tell you the story about the little dk who tried?
Ahh yes the story of the little DK who tried...

Once there was a DK named Eroka. All he wanted was a heroic madness kill and he would do anything for it. After being beaten to server first and second the little DK rage quit to another guild called One. There he was put through the tough times know as "trial night". After being subbed out when One killed Madness heroic Eroka reached the point of gving up, his young mind new to the pressures of 25 man raiding (the only real raiding there is). So ends the tale of the little DK who tried.

Needs more tales of lichborne and how it saves lives.
I have heard this tale
Niyan could be flooded!
Slept in the boot of my car, and dreamt of potatoes. True story.

Evac hall smells of old people and fat guy b.o.
Mhm dat fat guy b.o
You in WW Niyan? I just spent the last 2 nights sleeping in the back of my ute after being evaced, nerf rivers
He's still going on about potatoes
Potatoes you say?
Bump for tanks and less potatoes
Needs more potato, and less tank.

do you even potatoe?
Bump for Valdin//Carried sxness.

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