can you have 2 of the same trinkets

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effect stack twice?
You can't have two of the same trinkets equipped.
what trinkets are you wanting to know about?
pvp trinkets, ruthless gladiator insignia of trinket. It's not unique equipped. check me in the armory
battlemaster trinkets share cd's
No. They will in fact work against you in the sense that when one procs (or goes off) the other will cooldown too.

So if for example your Trinket A procs your trinket and then trinket B procs right after, it will reset the cooldown of trinket A again to the 30 second mark.
is there a cooldown for my trinket? Even if there is, if i have two of the same, will i have a better chance of it activating?
The better choice is to have a proc trinket and a use trinket. The proc shouldn't put your use on CD.
Are my trinkets ok? or should i change?

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