<Organized Crime > 5/8 H DS 10 man LF DPS

Organized Crime is now recruiting new members.

We are a semi hardcore guild looking to push through more progression with 2 - 10mans
We are currently 1/8 HM’s

Organized Crime is currently actively looking for active healers to finish off our group. We are mainly looking for a paladin healer, but will consider other applicants.
The raid times for both groups are as follows:
Group 1 - 8:00pm - 11:00pm, Tuesdays through Thursdays
Group 2 - 9:00pm - 11:30pm, Tuesdays through Thursdays.
We are a smaller guild and looking to keep it semi small but are looking for a few core spots and some casual’s and sub’s for raiding.
We have been a guild for over 3 years on this server and going back some more time on our old server before we transferred here.

The guild has a laid back attitude but enjoys raiding and killing bosses.
We are by no means super hardcore but we are not super casual as well.
If you are looking for a short term guild spot please do not apply we are looking for long term raiders / guildies that are looking for a home for a long time.
Please also have a good sense of humor when applying.

We are also looking for very active high attendance 90% + for raid nights.

All may please apply as we will love to get some competition for some good raid spots.
If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to look at our website or contact us in game. (Our Website is not really active though might be easier to contact us in game.)
Here are the officers you can contact.
Dominitus ( Dominhunt, Doominitus, Frôstitute, Elchargeo )
Frrenchy (Devilsinch, Numnumnum, Antiswallows, Hosierdaddy)
Thank you for your time.
Come join a friendly raiding guild :)
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Bump for some casuals / subs for the guild or even alt runs on Weekends
Now looking for one geared holy pally or a DK Tank for a raid spot.....

Times for this raid group are 8:00pm to 11:00pm
Still looking for one more for the raid team that raids 8:00-9:00pm

We need one of the following please be geared for HM DS

Holy pally
Ret Pally
Enchance Shaman

Please contact me in game for more info. This is for a perm spot.
Still looking for 1 more body to fill up the raids.... Please have 8/8 expereince -- also would be willing to take a Druid Tank or one of the other class's above.
LF 1 more dps to complete our 9pm raid. Would like a hunter/warrior/kitty druid. Please at leave have 8/8 experience. .

Please contact myself, Bingman, or Dominitus in game for more info. Thank you.
We are now currently 5/8 HM in DS ----

We are also looking to bump up recruitment for MOP as well as HM'sWe are currently looking at all classes but mostly a Tank and some DPS

Also looking for some casual members for jsut hanging out and having a good time for alt runs / subs as well.... Please contact Dominitus or Frrenchy for details.
Bump... Still looking for some members.... Will even consider a smaller 10man raid guild looking to maybe join up with bigger guild for more perks as a merger as well....And if Frrenchy is not lazy he will update the subject to 5/8 HM :)
What subject update...I'm seeing 5/8 heroic :)
Bump .... Still looking for a well geared tank
Bump..... Looking for a well geared tank for both raid groups now.. Whisper me in game for details.....

Also we are a smaller guild and just looking to get a few new friendly faces for casual heroics / raiding and just having fun....
Bump .. .Still looking for a few members.... May be in need of a pally healer due to some RL issues .....

Bump back to the top
Bump.... Currently recruiting a DK Tank ... We also are currently 6/8 Heroic ....

Also always looking for soem subs / casuals
Bump to the top.....

Still recruiting casuals as well.

Also in need of a DK Tank or Demo Lock / Elle Shaman for our raid group that is currently 6/8 HM....

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