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Ironaria’s Letters (Level 60)

Dear Father,

This will be my last letter for some time.

As usual my assistance was most welcome by Dreadmaul Hold, an outpost far beyond the reach of the Horde’s armies and beset by both ogres and Alliance. Indeed, fortress of Netherguard Keep dwarfs our tiny installation here. Unable to challenge the Alliance directly, I was ordered to disrupt their mining operations and assassinate Chief Prospector Hondo, a task that was not particularly difficult. However, I doubt the loss of their foreman will stall the Alliance war-machine for long…

There was also some concern among the officers about the arrival of a worgen mystic in the southern woods. This Marl Wormthorn had somehow managed to meld the druidic and fel arts together into a powerful magical abomination. As I slaughtered my way through his twisted creations I realized just how limited the Sin’dorei are in their knowledge of magic. By neglecting the natural magics we have handicapped ourselves in ways that the other races have not. Unfortunately for him, Wormthorn could conjure up nothing to protect himself from my trusty BKP 42 Ultra.

Most recently I have encountered a pair of Bloodmages, hiding out from persecution in the caves here. I know that you will not approve, but I believe their powers are too invaluable to dismiss on mere prejudice.

They have offered to help me unlock a great strength within me and I have accepted their offer. I go now to take part in their ritual, if their stories are to be believed my spirit will re-experience all its old memories as it prepares to awaken my sleeping potential.

Please wish me well, and do not attempt to recover my sleeping body. I am told that any interruptions from the outside world could be disastrous.
Journal of the Bloodmage Lexa’veil (Level 60)

Subject has:
- Abstained from all food & drink, sustaining herself from the Sunwell alone
- Abstained from all consumables
- Abstained from use of First Aid, all functions of the blood are thus-far natural
- Abstained from all constitution enhancing items
The subject, Ironaria, is an ideal candidate for our ritual. Having abstained from any constitution-altering items, her body is in perfect health and so she has the greatest chance of survival of any subject we have yet trialed. That is not, however, to say that her chances of survival are high. Any misstep in the mind will have dire consequences for the living body.

She is likely to relive most vividly those memories which have held the greatest significance for her in life. After thorough questioning, it appears that these memories are not her own but the memories she holds of the stories her father told her of his adventures in Draenor, his discovery that his prince Kael’thas Sunstrider had succumbed to demonic corruption and betrayed his people, and his exploits in Northrend fighting back the Scourge. It is likely that she will have to overcome all these memories if she is to emerge from her comatose state, but if she does, if she survives, she will be much stronger for it.

((OOC: I couldn’t think of a good way to make Outland/Northrend work as RP so this is my attempt))
02/02/2012 11:45 AMPosted by Aberzombie

I think it's Hunters all the way. Our pet is a Tank, and we're DPS and Healer. Thus we are an entire group in one nice package.


Not trying to stir up trouble, mind, just an observation from the Peanut Gallery, but...

This is what has me a little bothered. One of the "rules" both in letter and spirit says "no groups". The intent is to solo everything without aid, yet Hunters and Warlocks both get "pets" of various sorts that give them a distinct "group-like" advantage over all other classes.

I'm not saying we need to reevaluate, change, delete or otherwise tinker with the rules...leave things as they are. I just want it made clear that -- to me at least -- use of Hunters and/or Warlocks does water down the impact of success in this Challenge.

More power to everyone, of course, I just can't help say that non-pet using participants are acutally functioning closer to the concept... doing it the harder way... than pet users. Yes, yes, each class has some "edge" the others don't, whether it's stealthing, self-healing, whatever. But haveing two actual bodies to utilize is so little different from grouping that I hardly see the difference.

Just my 2c.

My only concern with the classes was really the shaman.
The rest seem viable. I think it really comes down to play style and knowing your terrain\enemy.
My first IronXXX was a Druid, that I thought would be almost unstopable. I was wrong, I am not a druid player - which was clear when I died at level 9.
My favorite class is a Mage, and I am having a blast with it.
I am not sure how much of an edge a hunter really has, because thier weapon choices will be interesting after Northrend. (meaning there are none in the white/grey area)
I am not real sure about a warlock, given that fear is thier only crowd control, and the voidwalker will not tank much at all at lvl 60 and above.
just my 2c <3
Chroniron has passed away due to a bad use of Frost Nova during a conflict which caught a passive mob and then proceeding to back into a third mob.

Eagiron, the Night Elf Druid, has taken up the challenge.
For some reason the forums won't let me post on my brand new level 1 blood elf hunter, Ironithus on the Moonguard Realm. My husband picked the class and my daughter picked the race. :)
02/02/2012 03:25 PMPosted by Ironaria
Ironaria’s Letters (Level 60)

Huge huge gratz!!!!

and go team go go go, don't leave her to go through Outland all alone!
02/02/2012 04:56 PMPosted by Shockbroker
For some reason the forums won't let me post on my brand new level 1 blood elf hunter, Ironithus on the Moonguard Realm. My husband picked the class and my daughter picked the race. :)

Welcome :) Often it's impossible to post on a brand new toon, seems to take a day or 2.
For anyone questing in Stonetalon Mountains... be very afraid of the quest Back to the Depths (at Stonetalon Peak).

The tentacles <insert Zheleznyi joking about similarly named male anatomy here> throw you much higher than similar ones in Ashenvale. Very nearly met an unfortunate end.

Edit: Just noticed on wowhead that there are two kinds of tentacles. Invading Tendrils will throw you if you're in melee range, but apparently Invading Crushers will not. May give it another try when I'm feeling less terrified.
Day 2 / Part 1,

I woke up today in an Inn located in Falconwing Square, a small village near Silvermoon City. One of the locals mentioned that I had received mail and that my package would be in the village mailbox. Who would be sending ME mail? I checked the mailbox and found a rather large crate with my name on it. It didn't say who it was from. My curiosity got the best of me so I decided to open the crate. To my surprise, out popped a very small and ridiculously cute baby penguin. After checking the tag that was around his neck, I discovered that his name was Mr. Chilly. Maybe having a companion with me on my adventure is exactly what I need... This seems like a nice enough village, good people and a friendly environment. However, there are quite a few guards in town, more than I see necessary. Perhaps I'll see if they need any assistance.

Day 2 / Part 2,

Upon further investigation of the village, I've found out that some large robotic guards known as Arcane Patrollers have been corrupted. I couldn't promise the guards of the village that I could save them all, but I didn't mind whipping a few of these Patrollers back into shape. To top that off, I've also discovered that the village was recently raided by a group of crazed men that they call "Wretched". These Wretched have stolen some Unstable Mana Crystals. I know not what these crystals do or what kind of power they posses, but the guards of the village made this sound very urgent. I told them that I would get the crystals back for them and put a stop to the leader of the Wretched, Thaelis the Hungerer.

02/02/2012 05:18 PMPosted by Aguantar
For some reason the forums won't let me post on my brand new level 1 blood elf hunter, Ironithus on the Moonguard Realm. My husband picked the class and my daughter picked the race. :)

Welcome :) Often it's impossible to post on a brand new toon, seems to take a day or 2.

Thanks Aqua. :D
I will accept this challenge as well!
From days long past did they toil in the time of Vanilla... when the world was dark... when all was full of challenge and woe... but lo! did those who remained steadfast prevail, and the fallen before them did they wipe tears of remembrance for. The iron men, and the women of steel. Battle hardened by their own merits. Always a hero's life and a legend's death.

Now the challenge calls to me. To put aside my childish ways, and to embrace the call of the iron-borne.

Ferrica checking in. So far things have been going well, i'm learning to take my time and be cautious. Not something i'm used to by far. Having so much fun, rediscovering the game almost.

Congrats Ironaria!! Our first Vanilla capped IronChallenger!!! /bravo

Welcome to all the new challengers! So nice to see so many interested in such fun!

Sorry this is not written as a journal entry.. i'm just not that talented with words, though i've loved reading all the journals! They really highlight the experience for me. :)

I went to update my info on the spreadsheet, and all of the info is gone. :( Not sure if this was vandals, or something else....
yeah someone had put a nice message up there stating that we had all given up due to lack of interest (lol!) I erased it and I'm currently trying to remember how Ironbraids said to restore it.
You see, I am but a simple caveman...
I just restored the last good revision. Vandals...
well someone figured it out lol. Spreadsheet is back up.
02/03/2012 05:59 AMPosted by Magnetite
I just restored the last good revision. Vandals...

Thank you kindly!

You see, I am but a simple caveman...

Cavewoman over here. I couldn't figure it out either! lol
Magnetite's Journal (Level 27)
I awoke this morning in an inn in the Wetlands. I'm surprised they manage to stay open despite the wet conditions. It's also a marvel of architecture how the inn's basement stays dry despite flood waters all around. I was sent to fetch some strong drink to comfort a gentleman outside and was surprised to find it still intact in the basement.

I spent yesterday and last evening fighting the marauding wildlife; sharks, crabs, raptors, and crocodiles. I wonder what today has in store.

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