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Well I found myself a nice place In Ironforge, a two floor home in the Mystic Ward. Not too bad, although I might have a little of a rat problem. But hey, at least the rent's cheap!

After settling into my new digs, I went and picked up my new blueberry, Zhar'kath(great, a blueberry that thinks he's a troll) and headed out to find some work. I made my way to Loch Modan, where I found some Dwarves that were having Trogg problems. Seeing as how killing Troggs has quickly become one of my favorite things to do, I was more than happy to help out. After taking care of a few things for my new Dwarf employers, I decided to just have some fun killing more Troggs. Actually, I think I might have found myself I nice source of income; Trogg loin cloths seem to sell like hotcakes back at the Ironforge Auction, and this particular group of Troggs all seem to carry more than one! I Also found myself some new clothes out there, which is nice cause my old robe was getting kinda raggity.

Now back here in Ironforge. I decided to get myself a haircut with some of the extra coin I picked up. Needed to make this little body of mine look a little tougher. I gotta tell ya, Headdie was right. I'm starting to get quite comfortable as a gnome......

Well I'm gonna go lay down for a bit; the borboun's starting to catch up to me! Probably head out a little later for some more Trogg killing. Plus, I gotta remember to make a stop at Thelsamar. My employers asked me to deliver some news to the guy in charge over there. Maybe he'll have some use for 'ole Mikey here. Can always use the money!

Ironmikey.....the Gnome!
lvl 14 Warlock
Wyrmrest Accord(Ally) - /join iron to chat!

Can't hurt. And, honestly, for raiders, you will learn some things about your class that you have skipped learning when you level with boa's and dungeons....careful pulls, paying attention to your surroundings.

what is the highest you've gotten to in this challenge?

13, with a mage

I want to do a warrior again though, so I made copperiron

I love human females, they have huge weapons compared to their size haha
Once again, spiders from Deadwind Pass gave me a good scare (some of you may remember that Ironic made an early visit to Deadwind Pass, had a close encounter with those spiders).

Right now, they are in the bank in Stormwind. And.....I was there, but you can bet I'm not now!! Feels much safer in STV.

and ding 29, /played 21H 39M
Well, died on my first warrior, I suppose I'll try priest now, nobody's done that one yet it looks like from the list :)
Dear Uncle,

My sincerest apologies for not having written to you for some time. When last I wrote, I was completing my tasks in Blood Watch culminating in that celebration attended by the Prophet Velen himself. Rest assured that I am keeping well and have some modicum of success in this quest I have chosen.

Since that time, I have seen two other capital cities, along with the Exodar, that represent the Alliance our people have pledged to support. The Night Elf capital of Darnassus, with its tranquil glades speaks of peace and sadness. The human capital Stormwind is a bustling center of commerce, full of activity and urgency and promise. It has suffered from a direct assault by Deathwing itself. I have kept my dealing as brief as possible in Stormwind as the city's appeal was lost to me. My meeting with Hunter Wulf was less than satisfactory. However, Darnassus held me in rapt attention as I took time to fully explore the surrounding lands.

I write you from the inn of Lor’danel in Darkshore. Auberdine, as you had described to me in times past, is gone, destroyed by cataclysmic forces that caused the sea to rise and take what had been here for thousands of years. There is much devastation and sadness here, and I have resolved to help in any way I can.

Of some concern is the rumoured presence of Orcs, our ancestral enemies, far to the north. To the south and west are stories of cults and of maddened and corrupted wildlife that pose an ever present danger. The land itself is rent with great fissures, open wounds upon the once wooded land you had described in my youth. Into this land I step willingly.

I must keep this post brief as more casualties from the disastrous wave have been found and need attending. The gift of the Naaru will be used well today.

I end this post to you, uncle, with the warmest thoughts and regards.
I remain, your nephew.

TLDR. Darkshore quests should be straight forward. This is really my first time looking around here after Cata. That all these changes make me somewhat sad means the Blizz is doing something right. The story arc continues, a bit behind with the actual toon level, but hoping to catch up Soon(TM).

TLDR. Darkshore quests should be straight forward. This is really my first time looking around here after Cata. That all these changes make me somewhat sad means the Blizz is doing something right.

I completely agree.

I started working through the zone on my new warrior today. It was heartbreaking running down the beach searching for survivors and stumbling across the corpses of familiar Auberdine citizens.

Getting Grimclaw patched up and back to Volcor only to have him pass away shortly after was just too much.

Ironbraids, did you move the spredsheet? its empty now or was it vandalized?
For any fans of this challenge, you may enjoy its Pokemon equivalent, the Nuzlocke Challenge:
01/29/2012 06:03 PMPosted by Neverdied
Ironbraids, did you move the spredsheet? its empty now or was it vandalized?

Yup, looks like someone wiped the sheet, whether on purpose or by accident. Doesn't matter though, I've got backups so its restored to the last revision before the wipe.
I made a lock. Confident I could get pretty high in levels.

I died to an elevator in undercity.
Personal Journal update:

I just ventured through the dangers on the Jasperlode Mine, stealing all the kobolds' candles and gold dust as I went along. In addition, I took my first flight on a gryphon today to deliver a crate to Limited Immunity in Stormwind City. As it would turn out, I seem to be afraid of heights and intend to limit my flight experiences.
So far so good in ashenvale, although maestra's post gave me a bit of a scare. Only 60 levels to go.

Its odd not pulling everything in sight without fear of dying.
Things are going well in Loch Modan so far.

Never thought I'd find six rare mobs in a single day though, that was quite a treat.

Dumb forum tag won't update. As of this post I'm level 19 and climbing.
I made a lock. Confident I could get pretty high in levels.

I died to an elevator in undercity.

oops, lol. R.I.P. and come back stronger and wiser
Love the tingling sensation of throwing frostbolts from your hands immediately followed by a fireball!

Made my way over to the Farstrider Lodge and wanted a little change of scenery so i went over to Elwyn for the day. Boy did those quests go fast... back to the Loch I go...

level 19, 8 hours 36minutes, 30 seconds.
Another day and Westfall, and what a day it has been! On the agenda was more gnolls. Dispatching Gnoll mystics and other unsavories along with their leader Jango Spothide allowed me some excellent gear. While I was in that part of Westfall, I was to report to Agent Kearnen to learn about someone named Helix. Armed with an invisibility potion provided by Kearnen and proceed to whack on a couple of guards. Thanks to Kearnen taking care of the guards, I sip the potion and make my way to the top of the tower. Again, there is this shadowy woman that had talked to Glubtok. Helix, however, is not an ogre. He is a goblin riding and Oaf. They discuss what the call a failure of the gnolls. She says that with her talking to the homeless in Moonbrook, the dawning comes. There is that troublesome phrase yet again.

With my oath of poverty for other than my immediate needs I must either sell or donate the goods received. Having gathered up a fair number of these, I find a buyer and I do have some coins to rub together to help repair my armor and enough for some "wistful" thinking on obtaining better weaponry. After selling the gear, I return to Stoutmantle and he orders me to Moonbrook. Upon arrival I am ordered to obtain propoganda materials. Within these propoganda materials it was implied that a "female paladin" was responsibe for the death of upstanding citizens. As enraged as I am by this, I must turn the other cheek per the Light's instruction. While gathering this information I have stumbled across more red bandanas and have collected more as proof of trouble brewing. Apparently there has been an "assembly" planned and I have been ordered to attend.

"The Dawning!" How I have come to hate that phrase. The shadowy female figure has rallied the homeless against Stormwind. After the rally I was ordered into the Deadmines in order to see what happened five years ago. Turns out Edwin VanCleef had a daughter. Upon my return to Stoutmanle to inform him of the news, Hope Saldean ventures out of the tower and it turns out she is really Vanessa VanCleef(!) and she witnessed her father's demise. She let me live as a witness to inform King Wrynn that the Defias are still a threat to the safety of Stormwind. Unable to help the restrained Stoutmantle, I go to King Wrynn and explain the situation (I do not stay in Stormwind long, as it is a pure business trip). The king tells me to inform Stoutmantle that help is on the way.

I use my "hometrip" stone to get quickly to Westfall and inform Stoutmantle of the King's appreciation and that help is on the way. After this serious turn of events, I am eager to leave Westfall to the army of Stormwind, but I found a treasure map that I intend to follow to garner more gold for the poor and enough to outfit myself properly.

Level 15 as of 01:35 EST January 30, 2012

Ironmikey.....the Gnome!

I'm the most brutal and vicious, the most ruthless champion there has ever been. No one can stop me. Lennox is a conqueror? No! He's no Alexander! I'm Alexander! I'm the best ever. I'm Sonny Liston. I'm Jack Dempsey. There's never been anyone like me. I'm from their cloth. There is no one who can match me. My style is impetuous, my defense is impregnable, and I'm just ferocious.

You a fan of Iron Mike? =)

It's been a busy few days since I came to Stranglethorn Vale. Hunting with Nessingwary Jr and friends, I learned a lot....not the least is, the newcomer does most of the actual hunting!! But they gave me lots of hints and rewards, and I slaughtered panthers and raptors and more. Got a new crossbow during this time, very exciting!

I just now came into Booty Bay, which promises to be a great deal of fun! In some ways, I wish I had learned to fish when I was younger....there is a fine little fishing ramp underneath the main boardwalk. But I was inspired by my vows, which require me to forgo fishing among many other things. vows do not require sobriety!! So I will spend a bit of time, and silver, at the local tavern, and perhaps will find something to purchase from the auction house as well. This one is special, as it serves even our "enemies" the Horde. There are only a few places on the planet where we are allowed to trade with the Horde. I do fancy a snake for a pet, which only the Horde have normally. Sadly, no snakes for sale today.

Walking past the various shops, the leather shop in particular catches my eye. Upstairs is a cow. Yep, a cow, and she is standing at the top of the stairs, looking down. Her name is Bossy, and she talks to me. A talking cow? Indeed. Now what would a talking cow have to say? She tells me she is trying to figure out how to get downstairs. Wondering whether perhaps I overindulged at the nearby inn, nevertheless I desire to help her out of her plight. I try to help her get her downstairs. I beckon her, I prod her, I poke her and I even tickle her, all to no avail. Still she stands at the top of the stairs, trying to figure out how to get down. If I were her, I'd also wish to get down the stairs and out of the leather shop. But there is nothing I can figure out to do that will help, so I continue on my way. I hope Bossy finds her way out of the leather shop before the owner makes a move on her.

/played 23H 10M Lvl 30

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