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Journal -

I awoke this morning in a haze of strange dreams. I had thoughts of fighting forsaken while struggling between beast and humanity. Earthquakes surrounded me and it was a constant struggle to find a new home. Next the dream shifted to a world of small, green creatures. I was having a party and celebrating with a fine car and threads. The dreams felt so real as if it almost was a past life. Alas, that cannot be true as I am and always will be one of the Sin'dorei, the greatest of all races. As my clarity returned, I felt energy flow thru my veins - Magic the lifeblood of my kind.

I have been tasked with running errands, gathering magic from wyrms, finding lost items, and so many menial tasks - way beneath my station if you ask me. I assume it is punishment for my attempt at using my ultimate power of summoning denzions of the lower demonic plains and trying to take over the world - but it was such a minor infraction. The council will learn that even though my power has been stripped to a bare minimum, it will be found again. I will play their game.

As a side note, my imp seemed to be trying to break away from my dominance so i vanquished him to another plane and have found a blue demon as a replacement. He seems to be working much better at bending to my will and even willing to die for my survival. Always a good trait.

Ironkam the third
Hey, which server/side has the most people playing? I'd like to start.

This sounds awesome! I've rolled up Ironfrey on Alliance-side WRA. I decided to crib from the EU version and randomize my race, class, and appearance and got a Draenei hunter. We'll see how this goes :)

Lucky roll!!

Yeah, I wasn't complaining when the dice pulled that up :)

Doing well so far. I hit level 8 before my annoyingly constant disconnects forced me to do something not internet-related for a while. It'll be interesting to see how things go when I get into content that isn't geared for new toons in whites.

And I know some people are anti-guild, but I joined for two reasons: 1) Easier chatting, and 2) I *hate* getting guild spammed by random people. I hated it when people shoved guild charters in my face pre-Cata, and I hate getting guild invites shoved in my face now. Being in a guild with everyone keeps me happy, lol.
copperiron, dead at 16, from a gnoll and a kolbold

4th down

I have no luck with this challenge
Dear Uncle,

My first week in Darkshore has been eventful. I helped our night elf allies with the heartbreaking task of rescuing the few survivors from the tsunami that struck their home and salvaging what little else is left. Too much has been lost. Too many have died. The funeral pyres seem to burn continually both night and day. Mixing with the smoke is the elf Song of Lament, mournful yet hopeful. Their sorrow reminds me of our people’s flight and all that we lost when we fled Draenor.

Another hunter with some obvious ability mentioned to me of a creature that may be of tremendous interest to me. She proceeded to describe a feline creature that possessed the ability to bend light around itself rendering it practically invisible. Following her instructions, I journeyed north to where jumbled ruins lay being worked on by trolls and patrolled by night elves. I had no quarrel with the trolls and they none with me so we left each other be.

After a bit of searching, I was able to find the object I was looking for: a small cat figurine, barely visible in the shadows of a tumbled column. Working quickly, I prepared myself as I whispered a short verse. The figurine transformed into a saber, sleepy looking at first but quickly gaining life and energy. Following what Hunter Shaniri taught me, I began a rhythmic hand motion drawing the animal’s attention and locking my eyes to his. The animal protested, sensing the battle of wills. I suffered many deep scratches as the animal clawed at me, resisting my will.

Finally, it acquiesced. The air around its head glowed brightly for a moment, and then the glow was gone. As I bound my wounds with cloth, it circled me twice sniffing at me as the nearby trolls continued their pick work on the ruined stones. I sat down to be at the same level as the cat. I have never seen such a wondrous animal as this. It stared back at me, seemingly expecting an action from me. I reached out and rubbed its fur below the chin eliciting a contented growl as it vanished right before my eyes, like a ghost. It was then I knew what to call it. I have named him Prizrak, which I am sure, uncle, you will recognize to mean “ghost” in the old tongue. We have been companions since that day.

Since joining me, Prizrak has been a remarkable companion; very capable in battle, amiable in company. He does have a tendency to disappear into the foliage at times prompting me to wonder if I had advertently dismissed him. At times, his aggressive nature draws more attention from the local wildlife than I would wish, but he responds quickly to commands given him. Yes, I see him and me traveling far and wide together for a very long time.

We continue our tasks here, which are not unlike those completed in Bloodmyst Isle. I continue to test my skills against foes, some terrible, some not as so. In particular, I have encountered the rumoured Orcs as I freed night elf warriors kept as prisoners. I was not able to save one night elf in particular, but I was able to save another in time to warn the rest of the settlement. While doing so, I was able to exact revenge on the brutes. I took especial pleasure in dispatching the leader who displayed extreme cruelty on his prisoners. I have a feeling that this will not be the last time that I will battle Orcs. May I always vanquish our ancestral foes!

I am making my way south towards the larger elf settlement at Astranaar in Ashenvale as I help in any way I can. There are stories of furbolgs in the forest having been corrupted by fel influences. I think back to my friends in the Stillpine tribe. How will they view me if I have to battle against other furbolg tribes? I will be on the lookout for other members of the Explorer’s League, whose members Prospector Nachlan back in Bloodmyst told me are operating somewhere in the area. I look forward to meeting them.

I end this post to you, dear uncle, with the warmest thoughts and regards.
I remain, your nephew.

TLDR. Tamed the ghost saber as is my tradition on all the hunter toons I play. The special ability boost will be helpful given the lack of item buffs. Taming beasts and being able to name them is one of the abilities that make it so much fun to play hunters. The story arc continues, slowly catching up to the present levels.

(Welcome to all the new participants, and a shout of encouragement to all those already in!!)
01/30/2012 07:15 AMPosted by Aguantar
The European version cited above has added an interesting twist as a suggestion.....race/class/appearance is by "roll of the dice". I believe they mean you simply take what you get when you hit "create new character". And those poor folks have decided they can't have bigger bags. I'm glad I'm here.

I think class is a huge determining factor as to whether the game is enjoyable or not.

I have learned that there are certain characters I do not want to play, although that would add to the challenge.

I'll think about this once I hit 90 (because the next expansion will probably be out by then).

IronWorgen V, level 24 Night Elf Druid
For all those Hunters, I've noticed something that really may cause us problems as we get to higher levels.

At level 31, we have access to BKP 42 Ultra which does 23.1 damage per sec. But it's not until level 60 that we get access to another ranged weapon that will up the DPS to 50.2.



Yes, I'm worried about that large, weaponless span, too. Polish up your kiting skills!

Level 31 Draenei Hunter
Wyrmrest Accord
This sounds like a great idea! I'm going to talk to my friend about it later and see if he is interested as well.

Needed something that would make me want to try playing again :)
they're some grey guns though that do drop in that span, good luck

also, if anyone ever makes it to wotlk, here's some interesting items to consider

Brunnhildar Bow a white bow with frost damage?

The Fire Extinguisher a blue with no stats?

I will looks for some more weird items later
The Bow looks great. Why are you listing a blue item? You know we can't use those, right?


Think he was listing it because it had no stat attributes at all, only thing I can think of why you wouldn't use it is that it has a lot more base damage then gray/white items.
it was just an odd blue item I remember was around, im sure you couldn't actually use it

but anyways <<< vendor with frost damage whites in wotlk

Abandoned Greatsword <<< highest dps weapon without stats I could find that isn't blue

Sorry to hear that, now go roll a Hunter :)


might have too haha, no good with any other class so far

also, more stuff!;minrl=80;maxrl=85#50+1 CATA GREYS!!1!

Laminated Scale Cloak BIS cloak
Gonna start this tonight, as soon as I get out of classes :P think I'll try a Dwarf Pally.

Sounds. Interesting. Sadistically. Interesting.

I may have to join in on this!
Just checking in made it to lvl 45 today and off to the Badlands

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