where can i get these please? who crafts them if thats the only way?
so should i give up on ghost dye to lvl up Tailoring? im lvl 275
Try to find someone who has both alchemy and herbalism. Got tired of the ghost dye problem. So I lvled both alchemy and herbalism on alts. Now I came make them myself. :o definitely one of the biggest pains for tailoring at lower levels.
Make Runecloth Belts and Gloves instead. There's no need for fancy reagents if you're just levelling tailoring.
The recipe spawns at the alchemy supply vendor in feralas, I had to camp him to get the ghost dye recipe. There are other things that spawn on him too so be patient and you will be rewarded with the recipe.
Gee, a 4 year necro. Unbelievable.

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