[A] Nephilim - Recruiting for 25m Normal

Burning Legion
Hello Burning Legion!!!

I am the GM of Nephilim on the Alliance side of Burning Legion.

Currently/Previously Nephilim has been raiding Dragon Soul and is sitting at 5/8 right now. I blame the slowness of our progression on trying to fit different people into a single 10 man raid.

...So as of right now we are recruiting so that we can switch to 25man and push the rest of the instance out.

We are cool and level headed and I will only except people who are the same. Keep in mind that I do run fair loot rules so that the raid can get boosted as a whole and not just a single person. Also keep in mind that I will not allow anyone to take advantage of guild repairs until I see activity.

We are level 25.

We came to Burning Legion after transferring from Gurubashi about 2 years ago. Most of us are good friends and we welcome anyone willing to be a part of our team.
What's schedule?
Most of Nephilim is cool. Skullbright on the other hand... the jury is still out on him. :)
Our Raid times are Friday and Saturday 8pm server.

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