Too scared to Arena...

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03/04/2012 09:20 AMPosted by Protosk
kill the rogue

03/04/2012 09:20 AMPosted by Protosk
idk wat comp ur running tl:dr but if ur resto, just trinket totem and kill the rogue that is tunneling

SLT doesn't work when SMB is up.
rogues are the !@#$ man not much you can do about it :) haha
03/04/2012 08:16 PMPosted by Anardris
rogues are the !@#$ man not much you can do about it :) haha

sadly yes since blizz wont admit it like they did with mages
03/04/2012 05:58 PMPosted by Nicetroll
kill the rogue


01/26/2012 03:26 PMPosted by Pyromaniac
Rogue burst without vial is already very high. Rogues are supposed to be a utility class but now they do more damage than warriors on top of having utility.

wont matter even wit the vial nerf
still waitin for blue post
i used to think rogues takes skill but now every1 facerolls bg arena or world pvp
Since the expansion is still in development, these updates represent a snapshot of where we are at any given moment and not a final design where we step back and say “Ladies and gentlemen, we have achieved perfection. Let us not change a thing.”

Too bad they seem to feel that way about PvP...
The excuses are empty and hollow at this point.

If you can code a spell such as the one previously in my spell book (Curse of Doom) to not be castable on players, which was the way that spell worked from the time I began playing this game until Cata, you can make that same change or a variation thereof to ALL spells and attacks. Then there was a time when the "Blue" said that it would be too confusing to have that separation in the tooltips. Contradiction much? It didn't take long to figure out "I can't cast this spell on a player" back in Burning Crusade it sure as heck wouldn't take long to figure out "if I cast this spell on a player it's going to do X damage compare to Y damage from casting it on an NPC and even if you do get the headscratcher, reading the tooltip will enlighten you".

Draught of War: can only be used in Non-Rated BG's. Hmm you managed to code that but you can't do the rest of the job?

Excuses = old and tired. You said Cata would fix it, the health pool increase meant virtually nothing at all, I could be at around 50k health from the scaling of WOTLK to now and it would've been the same difference as having 150k and getting globalled or 2globalled.

If you're going to scale damage and health pools and not scale them correctly then the only real solution is to inversely scale damage in a PVP environment. If we're balanced around killing an NPC with 80m health as a group and individually able to do 30-50k dps, just HOW do you expect that not to be virtually the same in PVP? Resilience is nearly useless when the capability of damage output is virtually the same as me not wearing any armor at all. Resilience as a stat was a great idea but the implementation is absolute crap, then having it DR as it scales is just horribly stupid, it should scale even better the more you get or what's the point? Besides you're going to hit a cap eventually due to only having a given number of seasons in an expansion. I can only realistically add X amount more of resilience via gemming, otherwise it's capped with the highest tier of gear.

Now you're trying to take the Star Wars route and add "Power" to MOP PVP like SW uses Expertise. I'm still not sold, while it sounds like a good idea it really sounds like resilience reskinned unless you actually do something relative to how damage affects players vs. how it affects NPCs. All of this could've been done going into Cata, but no. Now all of it could be done going into MOP, but again, no, we're going to try to 'fix it' by adding yet another stat.

The simple solution is: code it correctly. You cannot enter this instance in PVP gear; You cannot queue for this BG/RBG/Arena in PVE gear. Then, you provide a starter set for each at a fair cost to alleviate the barrier to entry. PVE'ers that quest 85-90 get their quest rewards but have some options at cap to maybe fill out to all blues of an ILVL just shy of the level 5m's will grant and then your tiering is fixed. PVPer's do the same except that they get a starter set for JP or Honor or a combination thereof and maybe even a modest price of gold to start, then they go off and do their PVP'ng and get their first tier of gear for that season. Then you also have the craftables as options. You do that and make at least some separation on the way spells affect NPC/Player and you've come as close to balance as you possible can.

When balance is a lil whacky, you adjust either the player affected damage or NPC affected damage and wala, now a class isn't nerfed into uselessness in both forms of content and balance can be tuned much more easily rather than picking some talent that inadvertantly affects a class in PVE for PVP or vice versa. The ability is already there as evidenced by my toon alone and the way certain spells interacted with the environment from the Burning Crusade era. Excuses at this point only show laziness, disdain for one aspect of the game over another or just ineptitude, or a combination thereof.

dont do it i will giv u reasons y

this list of reasons u shouldnt do arena has been carfully compild by experts

reasons are



holy pallies

in conclusion u shud nvr do arenas becus of the before mentioned examples

lets see how many more subs blizz will lose =]
So many rogues everywhere...
and its funny how the only one who thinks rogues are fine are
receiving end of such a coordinated attack

Blizzard seriously needs to stop this arms race with the classes. Yes balance is a factor, PVE gear is a factor, scaling is a factor. What bothers me the most is the commonly used "1v1, 2v2, 5v5, wpvp, your mothers maiden name doesnt matter"

If PVP is supposed to be a team effort and we are to rely on each other to be successful in its highest forms, why are certain classes given such ridiculous toolsets to deal with practically any situation possible? And its only some classes, maybe even only a spec of a class but still it creates a massive imbalance that we are seeing exposed more and more.

Back in vanilla, you knew that enhance shaman was praying for windfury crits. You knew that mage was a POM Pyro 3 min mage. You knew that Rogue would stunlock you. And paladins... they just didnt die =P Point is everyone didnt have Counters to counters to counters back then. the team play felt more important even though we were all less skilled then we are now, then it does now, due to everyone being good and having a certain trick but not having an answer for everything.

There is a plethora of things wrong with PVP in this game but I feel these issues should be given some consideration. Im sure some of you would balk at the idea of losing abilities and that it would dumb down the game but I feel it would be best for the health of the pvp community overall to actually stop blowing CDs or just waiting for your enemy to blow all his multitude of CDs before anything can be accomplished and actually create more unity between teams and players all.

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