[H] (8/8HM) Your Math Teacher Is recruiting!

Your Math Teacher is a mature guild that loves to push their characters to the limit and down bosses. We are currently expanding our list of raiders and are looking to build a second 10 man team.

Some of the great things this guild has to offer are:
*A clean and mature raid environment that goes for hard progression.
*Full gems and enchants paid for by guild for all raiders.
*Assistance in acquiring BoEs/VP items.
*Epic gems provided for any heroic gear that is won.
*Fully laid out strats for every heroic fight.

Due to the fact that we are a heavy progression we ask that you have a min ilvl of 394 to apply for a spot on the new team. Having 3/8H min progression is expected when apply for the team.

New 10man team Open Slots:

DK: Blood/Frost
Priest: Shadow/Disc/Holy
Pally: Holy/Protection/Ret
Druid: Kitty/Bear/Resto/Boom
Warlock: Demo/Destro
Rogue: Combat
Mage: Fire
Shaman: Resto/Ele/Enhanced

Raid times: *Raid times are subject to change depending on the RL needs*
Mon: 9pm-12am
Tue: 9pm-12am

If you have any questions or would like to try out for a spot feel free to contact haxzors either in game or through our website. Our website has been updated to include an application process for the team and all players seeking to be on a team will be required to fill one out before the trial process begins. If you like a good sense of how our play style feel free to check out our logs on worldoflogs under My Math Teacher. `HaX`

Looking for a dps this coming week for our Hmode progression. Loot will be council and we will be going 6/8HM. Make sure to contact me for a chance at progression raiding!
Now looking for a healer for our bench, feel free to contact me in game or via our website for more info! `HaX`
Now have a core opening for a healer position, only looking for a priest or pally.
Still have a core position open for healer, must meet the requirements.
We are recruiting for our bench once again, new farm raid day added. Even if your class is not on the list still feel free to apply. `HaX`
Blanket math terms incoming!
Current formula for working out Power Word: Shield (Patch 3.2)

(base_absorb+(0.8068+0.08*BT)*sp)*(1+0.05*IMP)*(1+ 0.02*FP)*(1+0.01*TD)
how come ur a 10m guild and always keep recruiting like 7-8 ppl lol

i normally stay away from such groups honestly ;)

Aww. Someone's gotta troll. Such a cute baby ....orc? I think you're doing something wrong, bro.
I understand your core is 2-4 ppl, everybody else will sit on many fights.

why are you misleading in your recruitment message?
02/28/2012 08:08 AMPosted by Eirynia
Aww. Someone's gotta troll. Such a cute baby ....orc? I think you're doing something wrong, bro.

I know seriously, if your going to take the time to create a low level alt just to attempt to troll us at least make it a troll and not an orc. :D

If you'd like to say something about my guild or about how it is run please do it on your main or you will be ignored.

Healing % per jump of chain heal:
Non glyphed total 196% (100+60+36)
Glyphed total 217.6% (100+60+36+21.6)

Today's math lesson is inspired by recent news of layoffs by blizzard. Hope you all can follow along.

7300 <-- Total # of Bliz employees in 2011
600 <-- Total # of reported layoffs
10,000,000 <-- Number of subs rounded down
$15 <-- Amount of money each of those subs pays blizzard.

10,000,000 * 15 = 150,000,000 <-- Rough estimate of what blizzard takes in monthly not including any thing taken in from mount sales or special items.

600/7300 = .08 or 8% <-- Total % of workforce that was layoff.

A company that takes in 150,000,000 monthly still has to layoff 8% of total workforce to stay competitive. I hope I am not the only one that feels that something is wrong at blizzard after todays math lesson.
Core spot open for a mage/ele shaman! Feel free to post here/on our forums/or contact me ingame to try out or get more info!!

Rogue (Combat with Sub Off-Spec Tier 2 Daggers / Legendary is a bonus)

Warrior (Arms/Prot)
Shaman (Ele/Enhanced)

Druid (Feral/Moonkin)
DK (Blood)
Hunter (Survival/MM)
Heroic Spine DOWN!
There has been some question as to if we are a server transfer or not and I wanted to put it to rest. NO we are not a server transfer guild and have been here since T11 when the guild was first created. We have not been high ranked until this tier because we like to make small steps each tier up in terms of rank and where our goal is.

For T11 it was just getting started and simply building up the guild and the rep on server. For T12 the goal was top 20, and I believe we did that prenerf (though my memory escapes me and IDK if we quite made it to top 20 or if we were 21/22nd). For T13 our goal was top 5 and as you can clearly see we have accomplished that goal. Next tier goal will be number 1 and as such we are expanding our raider ranks so be sure to contact me or Nafta in game to apply!
Lulz. Server transfer guild. That's funny.
Math will begin recruiting for a second 10 man team which will run mon/tue later server. Also we have an opening on the core team for a healer. Make sure to read changes to the OP to find out how to apply/learn more!


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