Cataclysm PVP Feedback

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What are your biggest PVP related quality of life issues? (Things that are an inconvenience but don't significantly affect game play or balance)

I would love to see more buffs that persist through death in BGs. It's great starting up and getting as strong as possible, only to die and lose 90% of it, at best picking up one or two as you encounter your teammates through the rest of the fight.

As an engineer, I would also love to be able to use more of my tinkers in Arenas and RBGs.

What Cataclysm BG changes/additions did you like?

I love Battle for Gilneas. I love that it's a smaller, less bloated BG. Twin Peaks is better than Warsong Gulch, but overall isn't as great as Gilneas.

What Cataclysm Arena changes/additions did you like?

There wasn't really a ton of tweaking that I've seen that made a difference one way or another. Class balance aside, Arenas have felt very static thus far in Cataclysm.

What Cataclysm General PVP changes/additions did you like?

Much like arenas, PVP in general has felt pretty static. Everyone has ridden the buff/nerf wave the entire expansion, but mechanically it really hasn't changed much. I like the removal of Vengeance from player damage, however. That was a good change.

What are your top issues with Battlegrounds in Cataclysm?

Well, there aren't enough of them! I love random BGs more than any other part of World of Warcraft, but it's easy to get a string of the same BG and get extremely burnt out on it.

Also: As much as some would deny it, the Alliance does have mechanical advantages in Alterac Valley, Twin Peaks, Isle of Conquest, and Battle for Gilneas. Most of these would need only minor tweaks to make them more neutral.

What are your top issues with Arenas in Cataclysm?

The removal of Gladiator rewards from 2v2 Arenas is a huge shame. 2v2s, while immensely difficult to balance I'm sure, are incredibly popular and are--logistically speaking--the easiest endgame content to organize. But beyond Conquest Points, they don't offer any rewards for players willing to put the time into being highly rated in them, and that's a huge shame.

What are your top issues with General PVP in Cataclysm?

The proliferation of CC and interrupts stemming from the changes to Cataclysm dungeon theory has been a huge issue in PVP. Spells with cast times have become dangerous to use, and in general the class with the most interrupts or non-interruptable spells, or else the class with the most CC, is the class that wins.
This info comes from the perspective of a mediocre player taking PVP seriously for the first time in his 3-year career.

What are your biggest PVP related quality of life issues? (Things that are an inconvenience but don't significantly affect game play or balance)

At certain points during the seasons, I had to choose my upgrades based on which items didn't need gems and enchants because of the cost.

Warsong Gulch and Arathi Basin rep take waaaay too long to grind. I've been playing this game for three years and I *just* hit honored with the Warsong Outriders. Seeing as this was the first faction other than Orgrimmar I had rep with, that's sad. Give us some way to earn it--e.g. trading honor for tokens.

What Cataclysm BG changes/additions did you like?

I really liked the idea of Rated BGs, but so far have only been able to get into four. It's a bummer that certain classes are mandatory and some are simply not taken in RBGs. I'd like to be able to do RBGs without leaving my 10-man raid team.

I think it was a bummer that Wintergrasp didn't remain a viable BG option. I ground out 60+ wins this year for the veteran achievement, and it was heartbreaking that so few people played, and that a single player could hold WG against 3-4 others (although I did enjoy when I was that single player).

It was also a bummer that the gear available for Tol Barad points was not updated each patch. I'm sitting on a ton of TB tokens that I'll probably never spend. Now that I'm fully honor-geared and have my head/shoulder enchants, I avoid do TB either.

I like that turtling has become a viable strategy in Alterac Valley. There's so much to that BG that doesn't even matter anymore--I'd like to see it be tweaked so that zerging isn't a viable strategy, and that matches take longer. We have plenty of short-form BGs.

What Cataclysm Arena changes/additions did you like?

I miss the elevator entrance despite it being incredibly buggy. There's something awesome about that lift and being right in your opponent's face.

What Cataclysm General PVP changes/additions did you like?

I liked that I didn't have to have a certain rating to get more gear. It would be very frustrating to be stuck at a point where the only way I could advance would be to beat players that are both more skilled and more geared than I am, especially while still learning.

What are your top issues with Battlegrounds in Cataclysm?

I wish it wasn't quite so easy to GY camp in Warsong Gulch.

What are your top issues with Arenas in Cataclysm?

That 2s is lol2s, and that a match can be easily taken to a draw. It'd be nice to see a stacking debuff like flag carriers get, to push the match toward a close.

Also: healers being able to heal forever without hard casting or going oom.

What are your top issues with General PVP in Cataclysm?

Blood DKs. I know we're not supposed to talk about class balance, but this is more of a general statement. Please make it so that no spec can get into that kind of one-man army state. And if a class does, please deal with it in less than three months. Trying to cap conquest in 2s was an absolute nightmare over the holidays, and still makes me think twice about who I partner with.

What already announced Mists PVP changes/additions are you most looking forward to? (here is a summary of what is coming: )

Nothing really screams at me.
My wishlists for MoP:

remove pve gear from arena/rbgs

In rbgs prot warriors are too strong with their aoe stun heroic leap intervene could we buff the other tanks to warriors level or nerf warriors?

need more frequent patch notes for pvp, there use to be a time when once every few months there would be a patch in between content patches that would improve pvp I dont remember the last time one of these has come out.

Please make more interesting pvp trinkets for arena, the ones in place are boring put different procs/on use (not talking vial or cunning but stuff with stats)

Change undead racial and human racial they affect arena games way too much
Healers. Some healers are impossible to take down. I realize that in a 1v1 situation a dps should not be able to just faceroll a healer. However you have healers running around like they are tanks. 1 Greater heal can take them from nearly half to full and they still remain with almost full mana.

Human Racial. Why does this keep getting skipped over? I cant tell you how many times I have thought about switching to human. Being able to abuse double dps trinkets is absolutely an unreal advantage in pvp

Honor points. As other people have mentioned there's nothing different to buy with honor points. It's just more of the same every single season. Add in different trinkets that you can buy with honor, perhaps weapons that have special equips, flying mounts, pets, pvp enchants. I pvp for fun now and I literally have nothing to spend my honor on except for enchanting mats every time I cap.

PVE Items. I dont have a problem with PVE items being in bg's however some items are out of control. Legendary items in bg's are getting ridiculous. Rogues with legendary daggers and vial of shadows running around dropping people with 4k resilience in 2 seconds flat is insane. It's not the class its the items. Theres nothing that you can get from PVP that can match a legendary rogue with vial. The only way to access the most overpowered pvp gear is to pve. It should not be like that.
•What are your biggest PVP related quality of life issues?
- PvE items in PvP, this is especially true with all trinkets. The human racial should be made baseline, or removed altogether and replaced with something else (a stun break, for instance, similar to WoTF). The scaling of trinkets throughout expansions makes this racial more and more imbalanced, especially with PvE gear allowed in arenas. Essentially every competitive team is alliance at present to take advantage of this. Almost every 'OMG GLOBALLED' moment occurs because of mastery stacking with trinkets, or some kind of proc trinket.
- MMR system makes it hard to arena with friends without ruining your rating. I have a few players that are great, we get 2.2k together easily on all our alts every season. I have some other more casual friends who I'd like to arena with and practice with, but it would absolutely destroy my MMR and my team rating to play with them. Perhaps allowing 2 or 3 teams per bracket with separate MMRs would resolve this, might have to be implemented cautiously but it's just a random thought.
- Class balance and fixes are way too slow. Rogues are retardedly OP, even rogues like myself are aware of it. It would be easy to fix by tweaking find weakness in PvP (similar to the CS change that gutted warriors since they have no utility outside of damage). Although I realize only a small % of players actively arena, a large percentage of your player base does random BGs and I know many who have quit because of glaring imbalance issues. Your poll after the last CoverItLive asking about which topic should be covered next showed that the greatest support was actually for a PvP discussion (it beat out raiding). The idea that PvPrs are a small minority is incorrect.

•What Cataclysm BG changes/additions did you like?
Twin peaks is great, 10 player rated BGs are great, Gilneas is great.

•What Cataclysm Arena changes/additions did you like?
None really... Time limit on arena matches should be reduced.

•What Cataclysm General PVP changes/additions did you like?
Resilience as a baseline damage reduction instead of crit reduction.

•What are your top issues with Battlegrounds in Cataclysm?
Would be nice to match group queues with other group queues. Whenever me and some guildies queue up we simply farm the other team and it is not much fun for anyone involved, we'd rather fight some other group queues as well as I'm sure most competitive players would.

•What are your top issues with Arenas in Cataclysm?
As mentioned, being restricted to playing with people at your same skill level or losing all your MMR. Having to sit on 2200 once you get it until you get the required season earned total, we were getting 410 raid weapons long before I achieved the 15700 conquest earned.

The conquest cap from rated BGs being so much higher despite arena rating being harder to get seems flawed. I understand you've likely given up balancing in arenas and are pushing rated BGs, but the conquest cap from rateds is so stupidly high for how much easier it is. These caps should be brought closer in line.

•What are your top issues with General PVP in Cataclysm?
No world PvP really at all, can't really raid other cities. Skirmishes should be brought back so we can play around with people outside our team and practice for arenas, having to practice/test new strategies while on a ladder is kind of backwards. Being unable to play with friends because they are lower MMR/not on your current team is lame.
I didn't really PvP much at all through Lich King, but I used to do quite a bit in BC and Vanilla.

I really like how each arena win rewards the same amount of conquest, no matter what your rating is. I also like how you're able to get conquest from your first win for the day. I would like to see the system changed to how dungeons now are, where you could get conquest for 7 wins, regardless of which day or days you did them.

As far as BG's, I am very happy that they didn't add anymore vehicle BG's in Cataclysm. I really like Twin Peaks and Battle For Gilneas. Even though they are essentially the same thing as WSG and AB with different layouts.

I really like the idea of being able to exclude certain maps from a random queue. Out of the current pool, I would like to exclude IOC and Strand.

Of the Mists announcements, I am very hesitant to see what the new BG's are all about. As long as there are no vehicles, and I am able to play my characters using their whole spell toolbox, I will be pleased.
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What Cataclysm BG changes/additions did you like?

- Honestly, the PVP experience in Cata I have not found enjoyable. For instance there are some classes that really need to be brought down and better balanced (ie. Frost Mage, Rogues, Ferals (esp when they go bear), and healers are juggernauts again with no concern for mana). I’m sure it’s a lot of fun for those playing these classes to be so much stronger than everyone else, but it really ruins the experience and fun for the rest of us.

-Actually one thing I did approve of was making the Arena Gear into actuall PVP gear which everyone could farm for and get. This was a much needed and great decesion.

01/28/2012 12:57 PMPosted by Eldacar
What are your top issues with Battlegrounds in Cataclysm?

- Random BG matching could be done a lot better. It really sucks when your team has zero heals and the other one has 2-3. I would accept longer queue times if the matching could be more equitable. I’d even prefer, going all dps vs dps if no healers are available in queue for one side, but right now it’s highly frustrating having to face such an uphill battle for what seems to be time and time again. Doing this though I would assume you would have to lock out spec changing when inside the BG, or I can forsee ppl queuing as heals to get instant queue than switching to DPS.

- Like mentioned allow us to opt-out of a few BGs we dislike when queuing random. Why should I queue random than roll my eyes when I see Sota or something pop up when I despise it?

- Give some sort of gold reward for doing BGs like ppl get for doing quests.

- Award more honor and conquest points for random BGs. Increasing Conquest points for random BGs last patch is a good first step, but it needs to be alot more imo. I shouldn’t be punished for not doing arena b/c I dislike it. I shouldn’t feel that I have a mountain to climb to get geared for pvp because I enjoy random BG’s the most (or because that’s all I can fit into my schedule). This would help me and others gear alts too.

- Make PVP fun about PVP and not about having to do Arena or organized rated BGs. Take away the t2 weapon or allow it for all not just the "elite." PVP should not be about gear discrepancy.

What are your top issues with Arenas and Tated BGs in Cataclysm?

- The imbalance. Each season there are power comps, whether its true or not there is a major perception that in Arena certain classes are favored vs everyone else. I think historically, Warlocks, Rogues, Mages and Warriors have almost always been best and had some of the best syngery with making top teams. This leaves us with a few haves and the rest have nots. This perception really sucks and has kept me out of arena as much as possible.

- Allow random Arena play. This is another strike for me, with my schedule I would prefer to log on queue up and get into the game I want. I don’t want to be obliged with the organizing of teams/times/classes that work. Allow random Arena vs other random Arena matches.

- Allow Random Rated BG play (or just increase the rewards for random BG). I was most looking forward to rated BG play this xpac and to date have yet to set foot in one rated match. This is b/c my schedule doesn’t allow for it and pugging on my server has not worked out. This has disappointed me. Some peoples lives are they can only schedule so much around a game, and I feel the game should not dictate my schedule (well raiding sadly does enough of that). So again allow people to play as they want and still feel like they get a nice reward, not like they are trying to climb Mount Everest to get anywhere.

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What are your top issues with General PVP in Cataclysm?

- I feel there are way too many CCs/roots/dispels in the game right now in pvp. These need to be much more limited and more of a choice for most classes. Currently it seems they are not. A lot of CC/roots are extremely spamable. There are way too many instances where your character is just stuck in cc/roots for much too long and you just wait and wait, which gets to be boring, not fun and frustrating.

- Take out all PVE gear from PVP please. This pve gear only seems to make the already overpowered even moreso.

- I know Blizz has stated a reluctance to do this though they have made exceptions, but please for the sake of balance, give abilities one effect in PVE and another in PVP, if they are so powerful in pvp because of their pve balance requirement. I’d much much rather have balance and a sense of fair play than how things are currently.

- The human racial Every Man For Himself should be a baseline pvp ability among every toon, get rid of the pvp ‘escape’ trinket and give humans a new racial. Its much more fun gearing your toon with a real trinket than having to put in that escape trinket if you’re not human.

- Make mana and dispels matter, or make them trivial (as they are in reality now) and balance it from that. Currently I believe pvp is being balanced with the belief that mana actually matters to healers and dispels are a decision, when neither is the case. I personally feel it’s a worse experience trying to down a healer in Cata than it ever was at the end of Wrath. Yes, it’s a load of fun for the healer to be jumping around and laughing behind the keyboard while multiple dps are not denting him much let alone making him sweat, but it sucks for the rest of us.

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What already announced Mists PVP changes/additions are you most looking forward to? (here is a summary of what is coming: )

It seems to me these new talent trees are extremely PVP focused, my concern is some spec’s may be making out like bandits while others are gutted. For example, on the paladin tree it seems Holy will be wallowing in all the wealth and Ret is getting gutted. Most of the talents in the Tree come from Ret, especially the final tier. It seems Ret has always suffered while Holy has always gained.

Please change this and make things fair and fun. It may only be a perception, but it’s very depressing for those who see it like that, please help change the perception even if it’s not the reality. Some specs have been kept down historically for a long time please help make Mists an expac where this changes for the better. There shouldn’t be anymore “Chosen” specs by the Devs in the players eyes, every spec should be seen as well loved. For me this has not been the case, especially in Cata, please make Mists a difference maker.

What are your biggest PVP related quality of life issues? (Things that are an inconvenience but don't significantly affect game play or balance)
It's somewhat difficult to find entry-level Rated Battleground groups. I'd love some kind of a Lf RBG kinda of system.

What Cataclysm BG changes/additions did you like?
I absolutely love Battle for Gilneas. You got my favorite BG and improved on it. By making it smaller, people don't get lost on roads and it's all about the big group PvP, instead of getting on a mount and just moving from point A to point B.

What Cataclysm Arena changes/additions did you like?
I was never really an Arena kind of guy, just recently started doing them, so no comment on this.

What are your top issues with Battlegrounds in Cataclysm?
I loathe AV and Isle of Conquest (and to a minor degree, SotA). They just don't feel like the huge PvP battles they're supposed to be. On AV, you rush forward, stomp the little parties that are standing on the towers, and then kill a PvE boss, while the other side is trying to do the same thing. On Isle, it's PvW (player vs. wall) while you just get in a vehicle, move it against the wall, die, rinse and repeat so at the end you're up against a PvE boss! In my opinion, remove them from the Random BG queue. Leave them in the game, hell leave AV weekends, just don't force people trying to PvP in there.

What are your top issues with Arenas in Cataclysm?
I can't kill Frost Mages, but that's a personal issue ^^

What are your top issues with General PVP in Cataclysm?
I miss the world pvp that used to happen in BC. What WotLK and the cataclys lacked was important daily quests hubs that aren't sanctuaries, like Ogri-la and the Sunfury Isles

What already announced Mists PVP changes/additions are you most looking forward to? (here is a summary of what is coming: )
World PVP mattering!
Please, Blizzard, please remove School of Hard Knocks from the Children's Week meta achievement.

WoW Insider voted this as the second most evil achievement in the game (, "So I don't say this insultingly, but boy, do I mean it: there's no defensible reason for this achievement to exist."

Here's a great summary of reasons why this achievement should be removed from a Wowhead user (

"Blizz took the opportunity to continue to ruin two different facets of the game yet again this year. PvPers get their BGs ruined for one week, and achievement hounds get to face the realization that an entire year's worth of work has been made wasted for most people. I set a goal for myself late last year to get seeker and finish all holiday titles (with the mount and master riding). Safe to say this lone 10 point achievement may stop me from reaching my goal. I don't play WoW for PvP; in fact I detest PvP. My gear doesn't have resil on it for a reason. Don't get me wrong, I will try. However, I don't know anything about any of the battlegrounds, and after doing it for some today it's clear the "pros" take pleasure in preventing the rest of us from getting this achievement. PvPers QQ about stuff like this, and I support them. They don't want cheev hunters in their BGs, and frankly I don't want to be there. But for some reason Blizz insists that I spend hours and hours dying and rezzing just to "try" to get an achievement.

"I'm profoundly disappointed that Blizz would make an achievement that another player can actually prevent you from getting.

"There are a lot of great things in this game, but this is perhaps the lowest point in the entire affair."

What Cataclysm General PVP changes/additions did you like?

- Wargames
- Additional Battlegrounds made available for lower brackets

What are your top issues with Battlegrounds in Cataclysm?

- I like the change to WSG GY but it didn't really seem to fix any problems except preventing the FC from quickly getting back to Flagroom.

What are your top issues with Arenas in Cataclysm?

- I think that Arenas removed at lower level brackets was a mistake. Wargames is a nice replacement but very limited compared to original Arenas.

What are your top issues with General PVP in Cataclysm?

- Balance from brackets below level 70 is completely out of wack since Cata was released. The XP-OFF PVP community for 19-59 have all suffered because of this.

When it's common place for players to two shot another player then something is seriously wrong. I would like to see a slight reduction in healing, large reduction in damage, and the addition of resilience in MOP as a base stat will help quite a bit.

What already announced Mists PVP changes/additions are you most looking forward to?

- Resilience as base stat (Great Idea)
- Talent trees help prevent stacking of abilities which become unbalancable in battlegrounds.
- DOTA style BG
Things I liked:
RBG's were a great addition, however I wish there was an option to queue into it via lfg for people that don't have enough time to dedicate to finding a group to play with.

Conquest from randoms is great.

Things I didn't like:

CC has become ridiculous. More things need to share diminishing returns.

This isn't new, but it is high time horde gets a racial that is the same as the human freedom trinket one. It is flat out unfair and completely unbalanced to reward players for choosing one faction over the other. Better yet just make it an ability all classes have.

The fact that blizz was very fast to nerf arms warriors in season 9 when we were op, but let frost mages, blood dks, and rogues faceroll the entire xpac.

It seems to me that in bc and wotlk, there were more hotfixes/adjustments to classes in order to balance pvp more frequently, where as with cata if your class sucks you have to wait for the next major content patch and pray they do things to help.

Going to comment about Cata PVP:
Over all I have had a good time in Cata PVP, I have a few issues though for example some classes very greatly need a buff examples Warriors, Hunters and Resto Druids. While other obviously need a nerf DKs, Mages, Rogues and Locks. Blizzard doesn't seem to listen to anyone about these issues even high end arena players Rank 1 Gladiators and such say these things are out of wack blizzard seems to just ignore them or give a politician answer like "We understand your concerns and hey look over there its a puppy!" One last thing Rated Battlegrounds is very class based and the amount of cleave some classes can do is astounding. Examples: Frost Dks, Moonkins and locks AoE damage just blows everything else out of the water in terms of cleave and it just devastates the opposing team.
Now, for arena in MoP:
I am concerned with the amount of CC mages will get double polly and a few other things have me nervous and the DK talents especially the level 90 DK talents seem very very powerful more so than other melee classes like the warriors.
So much excellent feedback from people who understand exactly what they are talking about, but is it enough? We have the community coming down on Blizzard's necks, a rampant PvP system that is spiraling out of control due to neglected balancing and nerfs implemented to the wrong classes, while 4.3.2 comes out soon with no sign of the necessary changes. Are we really being looked after or ignored?
More thoughst.....

Running random battlegrounds seems to generate guild rep very slowly. Joined a new guild at 85 after I'd geared up, so I've mostly just done battlegrounds since. Even with the +100% guild honour cloak, getting guild rep has been very slow. Leveling toons always build guild rep slowly, but the one that I've leveledmost in BG has a real pittance of rep. Something seems off here.

The new BG proposed for Mists all look intriguing. But I'd rather see one that was well developed at launch than three that were not well developed. And if any are not working well....please just drop it, rather than throw in a fallback like Battle for Gilneas.

With the addition of potentially three new battlegrounds, I'd love to either see some older ones take a vacation, or something. Already there is the issue that you can get just about instant queues at 85 for a random (or CtA weekend) BG, but quite a bit longer if you target something specific. With more battlegrounds this factor is apt to get worse, and the odds of randomly hitting your favorites will be a lot lower
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  • What are your biggest PVP related quality of life issues? (Things that are an inconvenience but don't significantly affect game play or balance)

  • *My biggest quality of life issue was fixed with letting me farm conquest from regular battlegrounds. I think this was needed as an alternative way to earn weekly points.

  • What Cataclysm BG changes/additions did you like?

  • *I love Gilneas, and like Twin Peaks.
    *The new GYs in WSG were smart and effective fix for RBGs.

    01/28/2012 12:56 PMPosted by Eldacar
  • What Cataclysm Arena changes/additions did you like?

  • *New Ring of Valor Starting areas helped that map, I still think it needs a consistent LOS (central pillars never drop, back ones continue to raise and lower)

    01/28/2012 12:56 PMPosted by Eldacar
  • What Cataclysm General PVP changes/additions did you like?

  • *Resilience as a base damage reduction, and especially the feel of resilience in season 9; it was the hottest secondary stat, no class could go wrong by having more resilience.

    01/28/2012 12:56 PMPosted by Eldacar
  • What are your top issues with Arenas in Cataclysm?

  • *Healers don't go oom, in season 9 when healers had to wear more resilience it was less of a problem. But really there is little hope of oom'ing a healer in arenas, so burst damage or gtfo.

    01/28/2012 12:56 PMPosted by Eldacar
  • What are your top issues with General PVP in Cataclysm?

  • *Comparative toolboxes across classes can be improved a lot. Not that all classes need exact same number of cds, ccs, etc, but there are significant swings in 'skill caps' between some classes that can be best mediated by reducing utility for some and improving it for others.

    *The arms race of Interrupts vs casting. I believe there are far to many instant spells in the game now, especially for healers, but I understand that this is a product of almost every dps class now having an interrupt. You can't fix just 1 side of this, otherwise someone will be shafted, but this has been an evolving problem since BC.

    *PVE gear influencing PVP. PVP gear doesn't result in a positive effect in PVE encounters, why should it work the other way around? I think the OP's idea of just straight banning PVE gear is a broad way to go about balancing it, but would be effective.

    01/28/2012 12:56 PMPosted by Eldacar
    [li]What already announced Mists PVP changes/additions are you most looking forward to?

    *Talents, best talent change blizzard has ever attempted.

    *Of the new maps proposed, my rankings are Murderball>DOTA>Payload. But really I think they all could turn out well. (Really looking forward to information and discussing these!)

  • What are your biggest PVP related quality of life issues? (Things that are an inconvenience but don't significantly affect game play or balance)

  • - I can live with the increased stuns, fears, and general crowd control. My only concern, and it's been around pre-Cata, is being feared into walls, through walls, and even through the floor dropping to your immediate death. As a healer it's usually happened to me at the most inopportune times, and has quite often seen what would have otherwise been a successful flag return / keeping flag carrier alive / etc turn in to a failure as the DPS / flag carrier die while I stand there unable to do anything about it. I like the "report character stuck" option but fixing the original problem would be appreciated.

    - Having to use honour to purchase greater celestial essence to then auction away to receive money to pay for repairs, enchants, gems, etc. In the PVE world you complete a random dungeon or raid and not only do you receive gear if you're lucky on rolls, but you receive money upon completion. I'd like to at least see a monetary reward for the successful completion of a battleground in the PVP world.

  • What are your top issues with Battlegrounds in Cataclysm?

  • - It's virtually impossible to queue for and successfully enter Tol Barad. On the rare occasion I do manage to get in, it turns out to be a 4 vs 4 event which to me seems like a waste of a all the time and effort that went in to designing it to begin with.

    - I don't like the fact you need to be in a rated bg team to earn your titles. Rated or random, I'm still putting in the same amount of effort to achieve the goals of the battleground and should be rewarded as such?
    What are your biggest PVP related quality of life issues?
    The biggest PvP QoL issue that I faced with PvP was the confusion of pvping wih friends. If I choose to enter into a battleground with a friend, but my friend didnt hit the enter button, I would be unable to leave the BG to reque with my friend. A sorta "role check" akin to LFD, but only allowing ppl who que as a group to enter the BG when all have pressed enter would be helpful.

    What Cataclysm BG changes/additions did you like?
    I enjoyed the introduction of Tol Barad back when it was fresh. PvPing with players that one will eventually meet again was very interesting.

    What Cataclysm Arena changes/additions did you like?
    There were no Arena changes that I noticed/liked.

    What Cataclysm General PVP changes/additions did you like?
    The change of Resilience to allow DoT/Crit based classes, such as fire mages and a few others more riegn was very nice. Previously, in WotLK, crit was a relatively useless stat in PvP as the opponents resilience increased, you needed more and more crit in order to have the same effect. Thus, it was signifcantly better to gear-budget towards either more haste, for casters, or ArP for melee. The current balance, where most secondary stats are more or less equal to the other secondary stats is a great improvement.

    What are your top issues with Battlegrounds in Cataclysm?
    The front and foremost issue I have was the lack of "battle/war" in battlegrounds. A system akin to old Alterac Valley, or Wintergrasp, where, over the course of the battle, you could call upon NPC allies in order to obtain an advantage, or the addition/loss of a buff.

    An idea I had, for Tol Barad, was allowing the control of various structures to provide buffs to the controlling faction. For instance, control of the 3 towers would grant a 10% damage buff per tower, stacking. As the defending team destroyed the towers, the offensive team would loose thier damage buff, and the defending team would gain a smaller buff, such as 5% damage boost. Control of each base would also earn a buff. Control of the Garrision would provide a 20% HP boost to the controlling team, due to the availabity of supples/troops. Control of Wardens Vigil would provide a haste buff, as a vigil would provide one with more information on enemy movements. Control of the Slagworks would provide a damage reduction buff, as one would be able to manufacture better armor. Similar things in other battlegrounds, where control of a node doesnt just mean extra points, but can turn the tide in a battle (In AB, for instance, a team who controlled 3 nodes first would most likely take the last 2 due to the extra buffs)

    Another issue I had was more with Wintergrasp, but it was more due to the faction balance on my realm. It was extremely annoying to join WG as the only Horde, but have 5+ alliance members, and not have even a single stack of Tenacity.

    b]What are your top issues with Arenas in Cataclysm?[/b]
    I disliked the change to the Ring of Valor. I enjoyed obstacles that one had to watch out for, like the fire!

    What are your top issues with General PVP in Cataclysm?
    I would go into more detail, but doing so put me over the 5k limit by at least 10k

    What already announced Mists PVP changes/additions are you most looking forward to?
    While there isnt a change I am looking forward to beyond changed to how classes are and the implications in PvP, I am torn at the idea of the new Arena/Battlegrounds. If I remember correctly, one of the new Arena would be "Extremely Similar to the Nagrand Arena[Sic]". While it would be refreshing to see a new arena background, having an arena that is merely a square room with 4 large pillars would be discouraging. Having it to where, say, parts of the room filled with sand over time to create LoS ramps, and then having a NPC Tol'Vir crew come in to clean it up, effectively blocking off parts of the arena for short periods of time would be very interesting. My favorite arena is currently Dalaran Sewers due to the waterfall in the middle (Ring of Valor was my first favorite before they removed the fire)

    One thing I would like to see in ALL battlegrounds would be more enviromental factors. In Twin Peaks, I would like to see the river made deeper, and cause players that go a certain depth into the water to be pulled into the deepest part by angry water elementals, and slowing the players speed by a very large amount (say 80%) and pacifying them until they get out . However, while in the water, players are under a "smokebomb" effect, meaning that non-AoE range attacks couldnt hit them until they surface, allowing a flag carrier a quick bit of breathing room while they wait for reinforcements. Having similar, active enviromental effects, such as passing Nether storms in the Eye of the Storm, ect would be very interesting.
    I would also like to add that having greater monetary earnings for PvPers would be very nice, such as a small gold reward for completing Battlegrounds. PvE players earn a substantially greater amount of gold, even taking into account that PvE players have a much higher repair bill. In a no-wipe dungeon run, I often earn around 100-200g, depending on drops. Raids are even greater.
  • What are your biggest PVP related quality of life issues? (Things that are an inconvenience but don't significantly affect game play or balance)

  • Enough gold from PvP (either arena, RBG, or just random BGs) to at least pay for repairs. As it stands repairs from a full day of play can weigh in at 50G. Looting the occasional 50s from a player before the rez is no where near sufficient.

  • What Cataclysm BG changes/additions did you like?

  • Twin Peaks is a great BG. It makes WSG look terrible by comparison. RBGs are amazing fun. Battlegrounds haven't changed much overall which is good because they're fun as is.

  • What Cataclysm Arena changes/additions did you like?

  • I'm not a fan of Arena and almost nothing changed so... yeah.

  • What Cataclysm General PVP changes/additions did you like?

  • General PvP has stayed more or less the same.

  • What are your top issues with Battlegrounds in Cataclysm?

  • Battle of Gilneas is not terribly successful in my view. The game is all about who can get two bases first and hold it for the remainder of the game. Trying to come back from being down 1 to 2 is extraordinarily difficult.

    Glaives in IoC need more health and deal less damage or need a defensive cooldown. As it stands a Rogue or Druid can global them.

    Twin Peaks cap bug is really annoying by rare.

  • What are your top issues with Arenas in Cataclysm?

  • They're still inherently unbalanced. I don't think there's getting around this though.

  • What are your top issues with General PVP in Cataclysm?

  • Certain classes are still too powerful (it's obvious which ones). Damage has overall gotten out of hand in comparison to resilience.

  • What already announced Mists PVP changes/additions are you most looking forward to? (here is a summary of what is coming: )

  • The new BGs are very exciting. The new talents look amazing. If those two things make it in to MoP it will be a great expansion.

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