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01/28/2012 12:57 PMPosted by Eldacar
Bots are also a huge player concern right now, it may be time to add a captcha to BG queueing to help actively prevent bots from entering.

This has to be one of the most horrible suggestions ever made in regards to battlegrounds.

#1 Make multiple option maps/areas/fields for WSG!!!, and if youre competent enough all BGs need multiple fields to change it up more.

#2 Make EMFH a racial that everyone has, make it a 1min cd and at Lev40 make it x2 so that you can EMFH back to back or just 2times every min and perhaps at Lev80 give EMFHx3!!!

more brilliant ideas to come....repost if you agree please!

i dont wanna be at the bottom of the page hence my requote
Not enough rage.
I can't do that yet.
Not enough rage.
Not enough rage.
Miss. Miss. Dodge. Parry.
Not enough rage.
Berserker Rage!
Not enough rage.

I would love it if you made Warriors Cooldown-based and not so dependent on rage. Mana users essentially have no restrictions in Cata. They can just spam whatever the hell the want whenever the hell they want to. Mana Regeneration allows for them to bypass the requirement of a resource for their class abilities making them nearly entirely based on their spell cooldowns.

Imagine a Warrior in real life. Does he need to be really mad to swing his weapon? No, being mad just makes him swing HARDER. Does he need to be mad to shout profanities wildly into the air? I certainly don't. Being mad simply makes my words MORE PROFANE.

Numerous other examples point to needing Rage to do anything as a silly silly mechanic. I would love it if you instated something like building up Rage as a means to increasing your damage output depending on how much rage you have. You can even cap it if you want. Have abilities have predefined limitations on how much damage can be put out.

For example: Raging Blow [0 Rage - (100% Weapon Damage + 2% attack power)] [100 Rage - (140% Weapon Damage + 3% attack power)] Or whatever. It really depends on how strong you would like to see the currently gimped Warrior class become.

Arena just start? Oh good, you have about 15 rage when the gates open. (or if you're smart, you shout before charging in, but most don't do that.) With that, there are many places on the arena floor that "obstruct" your "ability to find a path" there. The Orgrimmar Arena comes to mind. That silly platform that locks LOVE to teleport to, I can not charge or leap to. Nothing. I have to run there unless my partner is in the right spot just outside of the platform. So that means I have about 10 rage to actually do anything assuming I can't charge in to generate rage. That's not even enough to Rend a target.

Warriors will thank the gods for their blessings.
I pretty much agree with a lot of what has already been said everyone seems to have hit the nail on the head.

but I would just like to reiterate on this in particular:"

PLEASE bring back arena skirmishes! I loved being able to hop into a fun and no pressure arena and just work on basic skills like target swapping and LoS'ing just to give me some practice! I hate trying to get into arena teams as of right now because I simply feel like a burden on the rest of my team because I am just lacking the experience and several important techniques. Because of this I find it real hard to just keep a consistent team to work with!
Please - skirmishes. I don't see why you would remove it, they are exactly the same layout as competitive arenas and it shouldn't use too much of blizzard's "resources".
It really did make it fun to just log in for an hour and have a couple fun arenas without making a commitment! You'll really bring back a lot of the casual PVPers in my opinion.

Just my two cents.
look up /wargames, they aare the replacement practice arena/skirmish, although the skirm queue was easy cus it would make the teams for you unlike /wg
Fix class balance on a 1v1 basis. I know WoW PvP ins't balanced 1v1s but every class should have a fighting chance vs another. There are so many lopsided match ups on live that if you see a particular class you just turn around and go the other way. This ruins one of my favorite past times in WoW.. dueling.

Back in the Vanilla days it was so much fun to see dozens of people out in front of Org dueling. Balance was not perfect, some match ups were harder then others but 1 class couldnt just steam roll another.
I wouldn't mind seeing an ilevel requirement for bg's. If you even dare to do dungeons/raids in pvp gear u get totally flamed for it. So why not bg's? I do realise the grind for gear is essential so what I propose is maybe a lower ilevel bracket and a higher one. Not that I mind the carry, that's cool with me its just I've seen a lot of people get abused for having low gear yet thats what they have to do to get it. Also I find when you finally get to 85 u get absolutely butchered. I can see how new people to the game are totally put off it.

On another note I realise there are rated bg's but I like to do bg's when I want to do em, not be forced to follow a schedule.

Oh and PLEASE buff WG up to 85, I never see any people under 85 doing wg and I know everyone would do it when it came up. TB is a tad lackluster and having to wait 2 hours kind of isn't fun. I think we should be able to do TB then, an hour later WG. It definitely gives us pvpers more to do and I like to take a break from bg spams for an epic TB/WG battle.

What are your biggest PVP related quality of life issues? (Things that are an inconvenience but don't significantly affect game play or balance)

I feel like the gear is too easy to get and has no meaning. In previous expansions pvp gear meant something. If you saw someone with shoulders on you knew they knew what they were doing. I like the idea of pvp progression and rating requirements of some kind on gear.

What Cataclysm BG changes/additions did you like?

At first I really liked RBGS, till comp became such an issue.

What Cataclysm Arena changes/additions did you like?

Honestly, cata kind of felt like a step backwards across the board.

What Cataclysm General PVP changes/additions did you like?

I really enjoyed zones like the tol barad peninsula and the molten front for world pvp. I've spent countless hours pvping in these zones against other people on my server, and hope blizzard includes zones like this in the new expansion that foster world pvp. Just last night I spent a long time in tol barad fighting other players.

What are your top issues with Battlegrounds in Cataclysm?

Some bgs SUCK. Others rule. I love it when AB is the CTA. I hate it when strand is the CTA. It seems like in general the playerbase does not like strand and IoC.

Also, I was really into rated bgs for a while. I ended up getting phased out of the team because they wanted to bring the class not the player, and wanted to run "dot cleave". It really frustrated me that nobody wanted to bring me because of my spec (feral).

What are your top issues with Arenas in Cataclysm?

Getting counter comped. It sucked to run into a team that you knew you had a very great chance of losing to just because they had a certain class or a certain set of classes that countered your team. When I was trying to get high up in 3v3 arena, we would literally stop queueing if we ran into certain comps for a while.

What are your top issues with General PVP in Cataclysm?

Gear homogenization and lack of gear based pvp progression. Getting multiteamed and having no skill based way to try and take on multiple opponents through the improvement of your character is very frustrating to me. It also feels like in some cases the cc on me lasts literally forever. I don't like dying in a stun from pretty high hp either without anything I can do about it.

What already announced Mists PVP changes/additions are you most looking forward to? (here is a summary of what is coming: )

I'm really hoping that blizzard truly delivers on the world pvp like they've been suggesting they will.
05/28/2012 02:44 PMPosted by Beelzebonz
Bots are also a huge player concern right now, it may be time to add a captcha to BG queueing to help actively prevent bots from entering.

This has to be one of the most horrible suggestions ever made in regards to battlegrounds.


Why do you feel that way? Can't type in random letters? Never learnt to red?
Not just Cata pvp was missing this but the WORLD of warcraft needs some attention to world pvp. I have put together a list of suggestions that have been implemented in the past, are currently implemented, or are new suggestions from many players who enjoy world pvp. I hope at least one of these suggestions can be helpful and I believe all would lead to more FUN world pvp. : )

Suggestions that could all possibly improve world pvp:

1. bring back world raid bosses

2. bring back zones like the isle that matter and plenty of players will go to daily

3. Eliminate flying mounts in a lot of zones

4. Eliminate LFG finder and raid finder for max levels (it's almost impossible to get groups together at lower levels so leave it at below max level)

5. Add meaningful weekly quests that give rewards worthwhile to do world pvp objectives such as kill 50 players in the 1k needles and like wise for the opposing faction

6. Eliminate gaurds that spawn in towns or greatly decrease their spawn rates

7. Add a wide variety of world pvp achievements other than just raiding cities (and have the achievements give some type of tabard/mount/title/pet ect...)

8. Add one world event every major patch like the old AQ world event

9. Keep pvp zones such as wintergrasp/tol barad, however update the rewards for max level so they don't die every expansion

10. Add controllable quest hubs similar to Halaa in some zones, and not just for max level but some in questing zones too

11. Have every leveling flagged zone to have some kind of pvp objective giving a +leveling buff/rep (not just a select few)

12. Offer world pvp GUILD achievements (with good rewards/perks) to encourage organized world pvp among guilds

13. Explore the idea of some kind of server wide bounty system that offers some kind of non-game changing awards or maybe server titles that you can gain/lose depending on server rank or something (the very least players/guilds would participate for bragging rights)

I realize some of these ideas are already implemented now or in the past. But I believe all could possibly encourage more world pvp and bring back more pvp guilds. Obviously everyone wouldn't want ALL these ideas but hopefully there are a few players would like.
What are your biggest PVP related quality of life issues? (Things that are an inconvenience but don't significantly affect game play or balance)

How available gear is. Pvp wise. I don't like how there isn't a requirement for anything except weapons. Braindeads shouldn't be safe running around just missing a tad of damage.

What Cataclysm BG changes/additions did you like?

Nothing. The old battleground graveyards were sufficient.
Rated Battlegrounds being real ID capable or LFG even is absolutely retarded.

What Cataclysm Arena changes/additions did you like?

MMR working as intended...Just kidding. Maybe next year.

What Cataclysm General PVP changes/additions did you like?

I really enjoy Twin Peaksong gulch.

What are your top issues with Battlegrounds in Cataclysm?

Playing horde vs full Tichondrius, Kel'Thuzad or Sargeras Premades.

What are your top issues with Arenas in Cataclysm?

KFC, MLP, !@# 2.0, Legendary RLS, Ferals, TSG, Vanguards Cleave.

What are your top issues with General PVP in Cataclysm?

DK's and Ferals. I play cloth wearing fear abusing caster classes. And a rogue.

What already announced Mists PVP changes/additions are you most looking forward to? (here is a summary of what is coming: )

I love PVP its the only reason why i play this game.
i think @ max pvp pvp is good...but at low lvls its terrible, nothing is balanced. hunters 1 shotting ppl? mages ice lancing ppl twice then dead? WoG heals 90% of HP.

Slow lvl pvp sucks... lol
this whole thread is a moot point. when cata launched, things were dramatically different than they are now. a good example i guess would be colossus smash. 100% armor to 50% armor.

now if this thread took place at the end of LK, what ppl would be talking about then is alot different than what ppl talk a bout now

with that being said, even if MoP looks perfect to every subscriber to warcraft, do u REALLY trust the devs to make good calls in the FIRST patch? or the second patch? how many patches does it take to bury the center of pvp?

do u REALLY trust the ppl in charge of this game's development to make good choices for each patch taht will dramatically change what we see in MoP now?

i dont. i have given blizzard enuf of my money and not gotten in return what was promised or desired. and based on that i feel that MoP will be a flop. not that it isnt good but....

if u let a child drive a bently and then he crashes, u dont blame the car u blame the driver. i feel the "driver" in this case is incompotent and no matter how nice the car is they wont be able to drive it properly. so to speak
Lets be real. Blizzard isn't going to fix anything. Everyone has complained about PvE gear in arena since its inception whether it be Naxx gear in s1, PvE trinkets/weapons all through BC, Wrath and Cata and so on. Blizzard will never remove PvE gear from arenas sadly so can we all go back to not pretending like these posts matter?
What are your biggest PVP related quality of life issues? (Things that are an inconvenience but don't significantly affect game play or balance)

i am mostly a solo random bg player, i reside on a pve server. gathering conquest points is very tedious, as well as the minimum earned required to purchase items such as weapons when fresh 85.

i would like it if some conquest points were given even for a loss, just like honor points.

i would like to see a "heroic" flavor of bg queue, something a solo player like myself who has spent a lot of time and effort on gear can play without the commitment of grouping in guilds or RBG's. surely there are other people like me who have rl matters that make scheduling and and such difficult to plan with groups but who do make an effort to improve their characters.

at least xp boas should be allowed to run through 85.

i would like it if something was done about premades, especially the cross realm ones run by "gaming services" companies. i have no problem with premades from same servers/guild that are obviously friends and grouping in the spirit intended.
- i've been in bg's with horde premade going as well and i have to say it just feels icky. there's no fun in it. i'm really more for the good fight.

as someone mentioned in a recent topic, if one exclusively pvp's, earning gold is difficult and it is necessary to do dailys, craft/farm, or other things other than pvp. not an issue for some, but to others who it is their fun to pvp and their game, it is an issue.
- it is especially bad on an unbalanced population pvp server where those gold making options are not viable if you are on the minority side.

75-79 bracket is really bad due to 77-79 cataclysm gear, and people spamming "buy cat gear on ah." i personally do not like to spend gold on 3 levels worth of pvp, and yet it is an inconvenience and does impact quality of life if only for that 5 level bracket. 80-84 vendor gear does not match up to cat greens. however, more healers are playing so it is stimulating for game play. but it does necessitate a pvp player to quest and pve for the cat greens, which may not be fun for their game depending on the player.

What Cataclysm BG changes/additions did you like?

battle for gilneus, tol barad

What Cataclysm General PVP changes/additions did you like?

conquest gear, 5 level brackets.

What are your top issues with Battlegrounds in Cataclysm?

premades as mentioned above, mainly.

What are your top issues with General PVP in Cataclysm?

i mostly play on a pve server, but am recently trying pvp ones. the population imbalance is really bad and the conditions of the ah are also bad as compared to a pve server. it makes it hard for someone new to a pvp server to get a groove on sometimes, especially if they are casual or just checking things out.

also culturally these servers are suffering under the imbalance with apathy on the minority side and bots. these servers could use an infusion of spirit and bolstering culturally. i would entertain the thought of transferring to one if the environment wasn't so dismal. so blizzard might consider some ways to make people's moods better about this.

what makes my mood better on a pvp server is:

- not being ganked, and i define gank as being killed by a player much higher level than me in a clearly unfair fight, and
- being able to buy basic things, to have hope that i can earn enough to purchase flying
- to not be spammed to buy gold constantly
- to hear people planning pvp raids and groups rather than pve ones. it just feels wrong to hear people soliciting for ds on a pvp server a lot more than pvp related things.

well about ganking, perhaps there could be a "murderer" curse like there is in age of conan when people gank lower levels than themselves. the murder curse makes it difficult for them to get things from npc's, and there could be other consequences.

What already announced Mists PVP changes/additions are you most looking forward to? (here is a summary of what is coming:

i will go read and digest it, thank you.
I think for me, most of pvp during Cata was fun when it came to maps and the fights. What wasn't fun was how much tweaking of everyone's skills that occured during the entire expansion and I am not speaking soley on the warrior nerfs (because if you killed an ungeared or underskilled player), but on all classes as the nerfs and buffs were more so for the sake of raiding which made some classes and specs more stronger in pvp which wasn't needed.

For what I just said that is why I hope the new talent system works in that regards and that skills truely get noticed what are more OP or UP comming in Mists.

The CC, or the huge amount of CC some classes can chain or could chain was over the top. CC was being removed from the raiding experience each new tier, but in PvP it was just to much. This was also compounded by the lack of CC removal abilities on some classes and specs compared to others who could escape every situation at the hit of a single button.

Skills I despise the most were the Knockbacks and Lay on Hands. Knockbacks were a very cheap kill on some maps and should have been tuned down or on those maps you just weren't able to be pushed off the enviroment. We shall see about the warrior's dragon roar on how often warriors spec into it for maps like AB and EotS. Lay on Hands I belive is the most hated heal in the game and is a very big game changer in heated fights. Classes with a healing debuff skills have no effect on these kind of category heals.

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