Cataclysm PVP Feedback

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What are your top issues with General PVP in Cataclysm?

I would really like to see a feature where I can "thumbs down" some battlegrounds that i dont want to que for, and be allowed to que for the rest. Particularly, Strand of the ancients, Isle of conquest, and alterac valley just dont do it for me. I would very much like to be able to opt out of those, while still being in que for the next upgoing battleground whatever it may be.

I've always thought about starting my own thread on this but anytime I write something long and thought out, nobody replies or it gets pushed down. Hopefully this gets some views

# What are your biggest PVP related quality of life issues? (Things that are an inconvenience but don't significantly affect game play or balance)

Botters, afkers and Bad players. If Blizzard cannot/will not punish botters and serial afkers, at least their accounts should be flagged, either in a form visible to players (marked like they or afk, have their title changed to NAME, The BOTTER/AFKER), or flagged internally server side as a Botter or serial afker. Maybe make it so that a confirmed botter/afker can be removed from the game with only two or three reports, and instantly kicked out instead of flagged as afk and given the chance to just suicide into combat.

# What Cataclysm BG changes/additions did you like?

Gilneas was fun.

# What Cataclysm Arena changes/additions did you like?

Getting rid of the fire in that arena (I keep forgetting it's name, the one that had to be taken out for a few seasons). Nothing sucked more than getting feared along the line of fire and dying to that.

# What Cataclysm General PVP changes/additions did you like?

Fixing WSG map so Alliance doesn't take fall damage.

# What are your top issues with Battlegrounds in Cataclysm?

EOTS in random bgs - going for the flag means your team loses usually. The thing is the mass majority of pugs don't seem to understand that 1. the value of the flag decreases/increases with the number of towers your team holds, 2. you cannot cap the flag if you have no towers, 3. you cannot win by just holding 1 tower against 3 and running the flag. In all fairness it isn't really explained anywhere, so you just have to know, read about it or just observe. But even when you tell them they still mindlessly try to run the flag.

AV and IoC have devolved into a PVE rushfest where you intentionally avoid pvping with the other team to race to drek/vann and kill them to win. I've gone many new cata AV/IoCs with 0-5 HKs. These aren't fun bgs.

Vehicle combat - In IoC and SotA these are key - yet if the wrong person is first to click a vehicle, this could cost you the game. There needs to be a realistic way for a team to kick out an incompetent/griefer driver. So many times someone who has no idea what to do gets a glaive/tank and gets it killed or runs around with it not performing the objective. The alternative is to run bombs (slowly and inefficiently) or wait for a respawn.

# What are your top issues with Arenas in Cataclysm?

I don't arena too much, but I have to say that the lack of attractiveness for midlevel players (1500-1800). There are some people who won't reach higher than this for whatever reason, and it seems that there's no real extra incentive to compete at this level.

RBGs - they're hard to form, as a lot of them require a tank specced class with good tank/pvp gear and spec. Couple that with declining server populations for some, and a lack of a middle class mean that you're either a noobie team vs a noobie team or you face a team of 10 gladiators. They need to make it easier to form rbgs, but it's really hard for blizzard to do anything about these issues.

# What are your top issues with General PVP in Cataclysm?

The aforementioned botters and afkers. Also, not drawing a healer on a random bg.

# What already announced Mists PVP changes/additions are you most looking forward to? (here is a summary of what is coming: )

Definitely the murderball bg. That looks like it's just up rbg'ers alley, no objectives other than killing the enemy, I think the STV will not be very good for randoms as it is too complicated, things like EOTS seem too difficult for the average pugger to understand. But it might great for a good RBG teams. I'm sad there's no future version of TB/WG, those were fun.

Some Suggestions to Blizzard for PVP in MOP

Rebalance racials so they're not affecting pve/pvp performance.

Make past bgs and future maps identical for both sides. So there's no more oh it takes the alliance 2 steps less to reach the flag here, or this hill blocks the horde from moving there, or there's a choke point for alliance but not for the horde here, etc.

Allow for tanks and healers to queue like in the random dungeon finder.

Increase the amount of conquest gained for winning rbgs so that it is a viable means for getting conquest points for those who cannot/do not want to do arena.

Set a lower penalty for "leaving bg" than straight up afking out by standing there soaking up honor and a slot in the bg. If you don't want to or cannot be in the bg for whatever reason, at least leave so we can get a replacement person sooner, and you're not there not contributing or worse, griefing us. Say 5/10 minutes for leaving, 15 for afking.

Allow vehicles to either scale with gear, or increase their stats with every arena season.

Edit - oh yea, and someone below reminded me (I did make a post on it earlier and got no replies) - Have multiple BG's on the holidays, or use the Tues/Thurs period to hold a different BG as the honor holiday then. When MOP hits there will be what, 10 different BGs? That's 2.5 months to cycle through them all.
What Cataclysm BG changes/additions did you like?

Conquest Points from random BG's.

Twin Peaks is OK, even though it's just a reskin of WSG. Glad there are plans
for a wider variety of BG types in MoP... I feel as though this has taken far too
long to come to pass though and further adds to my belief of Blizzard's neglect
of the PvP community.

What Cataclysm Arena changes/additions did you like?

Wish I could say something here.

What Cataclysm General PVP changes/additions did you like?

I liked the resilience change.

I liked CP from Random BG's.

I liked the attempt to create a new Isle of Queldanas with Tol Barad, even though
it ultimately didn't turn out that way. (I believe if you wanted to recreate an Isle of Queldanas to foster world PvP, then a lot of it comes down to the terrain. People feel less willing to attack in cramped, narrow spaces with mobs packed so tightly. Queldanas was a vast, open expanse.)

What are your top issues with Arenas in Cataclysm?

The extremely slow reaction to issues, such as MMR abusing, class balance issues, map bugs and others.

Gating for weapons. The double standard on Blizzards behalf of "not wanting pve'ers to feel forced to pvp", while not at all a surprise, is still just a compounded kick in the teeth for the PvP community. When PvE items are introduced that provide a significant advantage in PvP it's alright for PvPers to feel forced to PvE... Just another example of the rampant double standards we face as PvP enthusiasts.

Class balance, on both ends of stick.

The lack of a progression for PvP gear. The incentive to push higher and achieve was created by the "carrots" at each stepping stone of rated PvP rating. As of the moment a lot of players I know (I understand this is entirely anecdotal and vague but I'll say it anyway) feel disheartened, because they can not reach T2 and it feels completely out of reach for them. This would not be so bad if they could set themselves goals with an upgrade for a reward that would provide them with a bit of confidence that might say, "Hey I just got this upgrade so the push to the next 100 rating should be a bit easier."

I understand there is an argument that "PvP should be about skill not about gear" and I just want to make it absolutely clear that these upgrades in the rating progression did NOT turn it into a case of "gear>skill". If you are a better team you will still beat the team with the upgraded wrists, etc.
World PVP is dead. (Elite Guards).
Battle grounds are extremley boring and repetitive.
There should always be an official response to a class nerf. (Dev's comments hold more water)
Classes with low arena representation are neglected for what seems like entire expansions.
When was the last time you saw a new BG added?
PVE takes priority over PVP in terms of content.
Let players know that you do "listen" on the forums instead of waiting to be asked.
Engage players on class forums. (wishful thinking)
Blues VS Players on LIVE after every major patch.

The ONE change I did like was Conquest Points from random BG's.
What are your biggest PVP related quality of life issues? (Things that are an inconvenience but don't significantly affect game play or balance)
Isle of Conquest and Strand of the Ancients: Worst. Battlegrounds. Ever. Alterac Valley follows close behind. When winning in PvP depends on how well you PvE then there's something wrong.

What Cataclysm BG changes/additions did you like?
Rated Battlegrounds. Made me suscribe again.

What Cataclysm General PVP changes/additions did you not like?
  • Tol Barad. A giant "Battle for Gilneas" where everyone runs around like a chicken with its head cut off. At least there's alot of killing involved. I bet it's worse for players who are on realms that are dominated by one faction.

  • Honor Cap and/or buying gear at earlier levels. Either increase the honor cap or allow us to buy the gear we earned. I leveled every one of my characters in BGs and I always end up with 4k honor and 4k justice points. Then I have to spend them on some honor goods that I don't need. If we take the time to get the honor we should be able to get what gear we want. That's just my opinion.

What are your top issues with Battlegrounds in Cataclysm?
  • We need a solo queue for rated battlegrounds. There are players who have characters on low populated realms which prevents them from getting a rbg group together. On a good PvP realm you can get a group together in 15 minutes. On a bad (for lack of better word) realm it takes nearly an hour looking for more. That's before the group disbands.

    A solo queue will allow players to queue up and have a chance to enjoy doing rbgs so they're not just running hundreds of boring, imbalanced arenas and random BGs that only award 50 conquest points.

  • Report Player AFK has been abused more times than Tina Turner. Players who are AT their keyboard are being reported AWAY from keyboard.

  • What are your top issues with Arenas in Cataclysm?
    3 reasons why I quit doing arenas as a holy paladin: (a) Class imbalance, (b) class imbalance, (3) class imbalance.

    Overall the game is good, my main issue with PvP wasn't even covered since this isn't the place for it.

    I don't like joining losing bgs that impossible to recover.
    I don't like joining bgs that have no healers (even 1 is too low).
    I don't like joining bgs when my teammates are doing stuff they shouldn't with their gear... (ie. prot paladin with haste gems and spirit gear, mages with strength gear, crap like that. I'm really tired of it)
    AV, Isle of Conquest, and Stand of the Ancients aren't fun to me. However, single queueing for the bgs I do like provide little to no reward, so I'm stuck with either playing what I like and getting nothing for it, or being forced to play a bg and get rewarded for having a miserable time.
    Twin Peaks and Battle for Gilneas are both good.
    SOTA vehicles not allowing casters to get in as passengers was a well needed change, but it still doesn't change the fact the bg isn't fun
    The mortal strike effects being nerfed was a great change.
    The BGs that have dynamic respawn points should be redesigned so if you die, there's always going to be 15 seconds to wait until you spawn. Sometimes I'll die, wait 6 seconds for the rez timer to pop up, then wait 30 seconds for the countdown, for a total of 36 seconds out of the game. Other times I die, I'll wait 2 seconds and be back in the game again. Then there's the fact if you've waited 28 seconds and the rez point you're at gets captured by the other team, you can be forced to wait even longer when you get transferred to another node. It's very inconsistent like this.
    Suggestions :
    1) Add some fun cosmetic honour rewards to continue to motivate regular and Rated BGs :
    Companion pets that are grindable through honour, (Hey! Some of us like all of wow, not just the Battlegrounds).
    Cosmetic transmog gear that's thematically appropriate for BGs. (ie. Gnome Skull Off-Hands, Thumbs down tabards).

    2) Solo queue for Rated BGs to facilitate formation of RBG groups.

    3) A world PvP daily quest zone like Grizzly Hills had, but relevant to level 90 rather than for non level capped players.

    4) Announced World PvP events : ie. In capital city, NPCs announce that a certain town is vulnerable and a quest becomes available to kill attackers/defenders of that particular town. With some scripted events from NPCs.

  • What are your biggest PVP related quality of life issues? (Things that are an inconvenience but don't significantly affect game play or balance)

  • - Not getting gold for PvP randoms, while I can get plenty of gold for doing dungeons.
    - An inability to queue for PUG Rated BGs, so that I have to sit in Orgrimmar if I want to keep an ear out for any.

  • What Cataclysm BG changes/additions did you like?
  • - Slowing down of burst damage and combat (at the start of the expansion).
    - Rated BGs were fantastic, and the wolf mount reward is stunning and good motivation.
    - I love Twin Peaks, Gilneas less so given how much getting that middle base at the start of the game can effect the outcome.

  • What Cataclysm General PVP changes/additions did you like?
  • - Leap of Faith, very fun skill for PvP.
    - The queue system for Tol Barad leading to equally balanced games despite significant server imbalance.

  • What are your top issues with Battlegrounds in Cataclysm?

  • - Lack of variety in rulesets for BG Maps.
    - The PvE nature of attacking vehicles in Strand of the Ancients.
    - Lack of rewards/incentives for people who play for their team rather than their honour. (ie. No extra honour for defending the flags, while your teammates fight on the roads)

  • What are your top issues with General PVP in Cataclysm?

  • - The allowance of 'Kill the Healer' mods that make me even more focussed than usual.
    - The prevalence of silences and stuns leading to frequently disappointing fights were I am stunned/silenced/dead with no possible intervention.
    - Lack of significant immunity to silences over time.
    - Tol Barad just felt flat compared to Wintergrasp. The visual aesthetic was nice, but just running in circles didn't feel as epic as breaking down walls into that Keep in Wintergrasp. The balance issues at the start of the X-Pac certainly tarnished it a bit too.

  • What already announced Mists PVP changes/additions are you most looking forward to?

  • - The hopeful return of World PvP.
    - The possibility of daily quest areas focused on PvP.
    - Lack of flying till 90 and hopefully a zone that is no flying permanently.

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  • What are your top issues with General PVP in Cataclysm?

  • Too. Much. Crowd. Control.

    Life as a healer on PVP is all but painful. Melee classes have a ridiculously amount of crowd control. Half of my time during BGs as a healer I'm stunned, silenced, feared or rooted. Since every class but priests can lock a whole school when a spell is interrupted, you either learn how to juke or completely give up any forms of PvP. Not only that, but more than 80% of my healing during PvP matches comes exclusively from instant cast spells due to the amount of interrupts.

    Resilience is simply ridiculous on the way it currently is. Right now, random battlegrounds at 85 are winning conditions are determined by the side with more ppl on PvP gear, not the better players. Resilience has become such a mandatory attribute on current form of PvP that if you don't have AT LEAST 3k, you're basically useless. Good luck trying to do something when a DK can crit you for 50k and your health is 140k.
    This makes the transition experience of PvE -> PvP very, very frustrating, although the contrary doesn't happens: I can do raids in PvP gear and still have a good performance, although it's inferior if I was in proper gear. If I want to PvP, however, I'm completely useless unless I have a high amount of resilience.

    Also, no "random rated battleground". I'm a casual player that does PvP almost all the time - I don't have time to look for a BG core or arena partner. I'm condemned to do random BGs forever. I really wish I could go into rated battlegrounds with a random team, and maybe form an individual ladder for "random rated battlegrounds", separated from the current BG ladder.

  • What already announced Mists PVP changes/additions are you most looking forward to? (here is a summary of what is coming: )

  • Players on PvE gear on random battlegrounds will actually have a chance no fight, and will not be completely, utterly useless like the current form of PvP.

    World PvP to, hopefully, stop 85 scrubs from camping low lvl players.

    New talent system, so we will actually have customization and not 31+ mandatory talents and 5~6 talents to put wherever we like.
    Disappointed with the way Rated BGs turned out.

    Was hoping they would have been geared to the solo BGer instead of having to form teams.

    So remember when the stated goal of Cataclysm pvp was to have such huge health pools that people would spend more time somewhere in between topped off and dead? Well now we are back to insane burst damage and people literally getting globaled. How much fun is it to take unhealable damage even during the duration of initial immunities such as bubble, AMS, and cloak, when no peels are possible?

    Two main issues:

    First, PvE gear. It just needs to be banned from rated PvP. Period. The only PvE gear that should be allowed should possibly be 5 man dungeon gear to allow people without any PvP gear to get started. As it is now, legendary staffs, easily obtainable legendary daggers, vial of shadows, tentacle swords, cunning, etc, are a big part of why people are getting globaled in arena and RBG's.

    Second: resilience sucks. First, because it's always a tradeoff between resilience and more damage, which could be fixed by banning PvE gear. Second, it just doesn't scale well enough. I realize there's a problem that if resilience is too good, then healing becomes too powerful. The solution is this: buff resilience damage reduction, but also make it reduce healing received by a certain percentage. That way, people will die slower but they won't be easily topped off either.

    Lastly: leave the healing to the healers. DPS self-healing on certain classes is out of control. Rogues are the biggest "offender" here, although warlocks and a few other dps classes have insane self-healing. Rets with 100k WoG and Blood dk's get an honorable mention. DPS self-healing needs to be on a long cooldown and/or clumsy to use. Evocation is a good example of this: it's a 4 minute cooldown that will only heal you for 40% IF you get a full 6 second channeled spell off.
    I am relatively new to PvP. All of my other toons have been primarily used in Dungeons, I have avoided BG's and Arenas like the plague. After reaching level cap with my new priest and hitting a terrible brick wall with overly geared players leaving heroics because of my iLevel or getting zoned into ZA when I didn't even make the iLevel (I was 1 or 2 points below what the finder said I needed to be to get into ZA). Nobody would explain the fights and I wiped over and over again, so I decided to heal in BG's. Even after realizing that until I had the resilience, I'd die and die and die again, I loved PvP on my Gnomey Priest more than I ever did leveling almost completely in dungeons.

    A few of the problems I have with PvP (that I've encountered) are CC, interrupts, stuns, and fear. There should be diminishing returns on them if they are spammed continuously. Blood DK self-healing is a little ridiculous at times when healing the FC or tanks in AV and I'm lower on the healing charts than DK's.

    As a priest, I know that I have plenty of heals and shields to keep myself and the tanks/FC alive in a fight (sometimes for far too long), but there are times when I've encountered problems with have little to no offensive capabilities. I think shadow form should be a stance or a presence that I can jump into so I have a little more offensive. I was in a TB where I was the only one on my side against a warrior/mage combo. There is no way, even though I am (foolishly) specced Atonement, could defend TB.

    Some addons like "Healers Must Die" need to be blocked and I completely understand the PvE trinkets and weapons need to be blocked from PvP. PvP weapons should be made easier to get (for the stats) or allow crafters to make PvP weapons, off-hands, or shields to make the entry into end game PvP easier.

    I know Blizzard has gone to great lengths to make adjustments between PvP and PvE in terms of damage, length of CC's, cooldowns etc. but one suggestion I'd like to make, give all classes a new type of PvP shield that activates their PvP stats, damage number, length of CC, cooldowns and spec. In BG's and Arenas, the new shield would automatically activated. On PvP servers, players would be PvE shielded (even in contested areas, but they can be attacked because it is a PvP server) until attacked by an enemy player, than their new shield would automatically activated with their PvP stats. Those into World PvP would activate their PvP shield to fight enemy players or it would automatically activated when they attack and enemy player.

    I'm looking foward to getting a resilience rating high enough to join my RL friends Arena teams so I can try Arena, so for now I have no knowledge or comments for Arena PvP.
    What are your biggest PVP related quality of life issues? (Things that are an inconvenience but don't significantly affect game play or balance)

    Not being able to run multiple 2s/3s teams at once! For example I never really play 5s, I usually have a 2s/3s, I'd love to be able to use my 5s slot to play casually with people in 2s/3s when someone asks.

    What Cataclysm BG changes/additions did you like?

    The two new BGs (gilneas/twin peaks) were nice - They were actually about PVP, not PVE (i.e. sota/ioc), and they lowered the chance of me getting the BGs where my individual abilities coul dactually significantly sway the tide (i.e. 40 mans where my abilities are drowned out by the abilities of the rest, vehicle ones that aren't even PVP)

    What Cataclysm Arena changes/additions did you like?

    Cross realm arena wargames are great allowing player run tournaments now. Other than that I can't recall any significant arena changes. Getting rid of skirmish sucked though. Used to be so fun/relaxed, let me play the game even when I didn't feel like doing serious arena for whatever reason.

    What Cataclysm General PVP changes/additions did you like?

    The new higher health/lower damage+healing model feels far far better.

    What are your top issues with Battlegrounds in Cataclysm?

    Hated rated battlegrounds. Boring as hell to me. Most of my friends who play them, do so for rewards (points, titles), not because they find them fun.

    What are your top issues with Arenas in Cataclysm?

    Toooooo damn much instant CC on differing DRs. It is very easy for certain comps to lock down players for long stretches without using a single avoidable CC. Why doesn't dragons breath DR with poly for example? Between silences, stuns, horrors, random-crap-off-dr-schools (DB, scatter, clone etc) random stuns (impact needs gone.), too many teams can keep you in a chain of 3 second CC after 3 second CC without ever even landing a 'real' cc such as poly or fear, or worse, deep -> sheep, blanket -> sheep, blablabla, getting off your real CC with minimal effort.

    What are your top issues with General PVP in Cataclysm?

    Blizzard seemed to consistently address arena issues as an afterthought. Lack of MMR resets, ridiculous imbalances (lol priests on release "we think they will be good if not great", did you even log onto a priest during beta?), PVE gear dominance this season that won't be adressed it seems (Vial is still going to be ridiculous as a pure continuous damage item next patch), warlock shaman dominance for 2.5 seasons. Basically my problems are not the imbalances, its the fact that even the very obvious ones take so long to acknowledge or fix that pvp feels like such an afterthought to absolutely everyone. The morale levels of PVPers in terms of feeling cared about is incredibly low, and perhaps it is actually justified.

    What already announced Mists PVP changes/additions are you most looking forward to? (here is a summary of what is coming: )

    What has been said so far in Mists indicated that they might care about PvP a bit - I feel like with some time and effort, PvP can easily become great ACROSS THE BOARD, so since I got this message from things like blizzcon, I am honestly looking forward to EVERYTHING being better. Nothing specific is as good as knowing that blizzard will be paying attention.
    bg's at low lvls are imbalanced. not fun having to play wsg against a team with 8 rogues and 2 heals.
    First of all, great thread!

    Second, I'll respond before reading other replies as I don't want to get influenced. My answers purely relate to the BGs and TB/WG:

  • What are your biggest PVP related quality of life issues? (Things that are an inconvenience but don't significantly affect game play or balance)
  • As this seems to address the 'small' stuff, my biggest gripe here would be repair bills. They definitely seem to have gone up a lot.

    Another is one that has been addressed in the forums over and over: rookie players that have no clue what the objectives are of each BG. Now, I understand that we all start at the beginning but surely there has got to be a way to show new players (in game) how each BG works.

    A tie is ok in the flag games... enough said.

    I wish WG would be relevant again as I'm missing 2 achievements there... I fear that short of 'cheating', by having friends play their Horde toons and co-coordinating things over Vent, I will never get a chance to do those the right way.

    Finally, that bubble in EOTS... That simply has to be replaced by something else. It makes it so hard to put down a mage table.

  • What Cataclysm BG changes/additions did you like?
  • I'm not a huge fan of the new BGs. Then again, I'm not a huge fan of WsG and AB either. I like the larger, 40 man, battlegrounds. SOTA was more fun when I could be a passenger on the demos - ha ha.

  • What Cataclysm Arena changes/additions did you like?
  • I don't Arena.

  • What Cataclysm General PVP changes/additions did you like?

  • What are your top issues with Battlegrounds in Cataclysm?
  • Personally, I feel that healer balance is an issue. It doesn't matter how many there are in each side but it's not much fun to be in a 10 man BG where the opposing team has 5 healers and yours has 1 or none. Surely this could be resolved by a system similar to dungeon heroics where you sign up in a certain role which would lead to more balanced teams, imo.

  • What are your top issues with Arenas in Cataclysm?
  • I don't Arena.

  • What are your top issues with General PVP in Cataclysm?

  • The reputation grind in WsG and AB has become absurd. In fact, I now firmly believe that those that get it these days have a greater reason to be proud of it than those that got it in the days of mark turn-ins. What a piece of cake that must have been when once a month you got even extra rep on the weekend...

    As a glass cannon, I feel that currently I'm more glass than cannon. This is - partially - due to both extremely well geared players in random BGs (why are they in there anyway?) and the excessive number of snares, cc's, silences, etc. I will admit that being just a casual also has something to do with that as I do not know (nor wish to put in the time to know) how to counter all that stuff.

  • What already announced Mists PVP changes/additions are you most looking forward to? (here is a summary of what is coming: )
  • The - possible - new BGs look interesting.

    World pvp: whatever... I enjoy the controlled environment of the BGs with their GYs, etc.
    A few issues I have with Cata Pvp are thus

    a.) the human racial is allowing for the same double trinket popping that we saw in vanilla with casters. I think it would be best to scrap its current effect as diminishing it would make it very similar to will of the forsaken.. or you could choose to go that route and give a horde race the same racial.

    b.) In normal bgs botters and afkers are rampant, much much more than I've seen from vanilla through every expansion until now and its becoming a problem that directly affects the outcome of the battleground. When one team has 3 bots in a TP those 3 slots could be vital healers or tanks for flag carriers. I report them often and will continue to do so but you need to make a statement (do something visible) about bots.

    c.) Speaking of the need for healers, after bging in Cata for a long time at 85 I've come to notice that games without healers on your team are much more likely to end in a loss. This resonates in games where you only have 1 healer, or an undergeared healer that just flops at the sight of damage. I would much rather have your spec locked right when you get in to the bg and then the queue could be made smarter. It doesn't have to be perfect but, you know whatever helps.

    You could also give people more incentive to heal in pvp as I can tell you not being able to kill anyone, being targeted all the time, and never getting peels from your uncoordinated teammates is a frustrating trifecta in random bgs. Perhaps you should tone down the amount of healing that goes on in bgs but also give healers abilities that discourage people from attacking them. not that their doing damage but something else perhaps a cc effect at the end of a bubble or a tidal wave when water shield runs out.

    d.) Being undergeared. You guys are correcting half of the issue by letting resil scale with level instead of gear. However once you reach max level you still won't be able to do much damage or heal through much damage without going oom, and your hp will still be far lower (with the scaling that goes on in each tier its just crazy!). When my rogue hit 85 she had like 100k hp and now its around 153k in bgs.

    Altoholics have suffered enough. (ty for the heirlooms though but 85 alts is a different issue im getting at)

    maybe you should make the gear in previous tiers become very cheap to purchase. After all if its about skill and not gear why not make gear easy to get (at least the last tier and not the current one)

    e.) The queue system is antiquated. It's either random or the holiday. Lets face it, to optimize the amount of honor you get, these are your only 2 options. It discourages people from playing the bgs they enjoy unless its on holiday which is once every 8 weeks.

    Combine some low pop servers and allow people to queue for whatever bg they want and get the honor/cp reward.

    f.) Pvp avoidance in "PvE bgs". Strand, IoC, and Av are notorious for complete avoidance of the other team. All of the alliance, always goes docks. Only horde stealthers meet them, everyone else is taking hangar and workshop maybe seeing 1 or 2 alliance passerby. In strand its about the Demos and nothing more. In Av pvp is absolutely discouraged, its so awful that in such a huge bg both teams just try and zerg to the finish without meeting each other because fast wins and losses in this bg are worth more than long drawn out battles.

    So the most obvious solutions to me for Av is to reward time spent in the bg, to award raid wide honor for recapping towers and bunkers, to award honor for having at least one tower or bunker from your side of the map still in your possession at the end of the game.

    you can even award a lot more honor for killing people in the field of strife, I mean why not whatever gets people killing each other again. You can even give bonus honor for having Balinda/Galv up.

    You need to encourage people to defend.
    Hated: Rated Battle Grounds were a good idea that I enjoyed and then was rendered literally unable to play when Blizzard removed the 25v25 bracket and I was told there wasn't room for me anymore because I don't play the right class for RBGs now. I literally quit the game for nearly a year over my favorite PVP activity being lost to me.

    I know it isn't Blizzard's fault that I lost my spot over other players. But I do blame them for having the bracket, letting us form our groups and get attached to playing together, and then suddenly taking it away from us. The group being torn apart was a nasty process that was difficult on everyone and was messy on a number of levels.

    I still consider RBGs a dismal failure in the sense that I'd like to play them but find it impossible to find or join a group for. The one that I ran 25v25 with ended up, a few weeks after I quit, dissolving completely because of the drama that took root when Blizzard initially splintered enough. I really don't have enough words to say how dissatisfied I am with the way this was handled.

    I also still hate Arena combat. I like an objective to my PVP beyond being stuck in a tiny room and told "Enemy in front of you, kill them".


    Liked: I think the Battle for Tol'Barad and unlocking a raid through it like the way we did this and Wintergrasp is a fun model and I want to see something else like this in MoP.

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