Dearest Orto

I am sorry that Aven got grounded and isn't allowed to use the computer for two weeks, but please don't come yelling around Stormwind in the wee hours of the morning.

Soon, he'll be back to love you and cuddle you and give you all the attention you deserve for being so good at Feral PvP.

Stay tough, big guy.

Orto #1
uhh.. what does this post even mean?
talking about what xaver said

<3 you though
After chillin' in Org for a little while, a group of about 11 decided to evict us. Directly afterwards, a lv 1 mage named "Ortomustdie" showed up and started telling us how bad we were for getting beaten 4v11. I figured it was him.
It isn't that I was taking them to heart as much as it was that I know they do/did frequent the forums and "Ortomustdie" never gave me a chance to reply to him between his /yelling spam.

Also, if you guys "quit for good" and claiming that rl > WoW, wtf are you doing on the forums?
who wants a body massage?
Body massage machine, go!
Ortomustdie is some rogue on horde named Urogekmei.. he made that toon a while back to try and troll me one day

hi dernn
total lack of respect, dernn, how you just walked in to this thread without wiping your feet, look at the mess you made...
that wasn't from my feet, morg...

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