Who else doesn't have a Vial of Shadows yet?

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Stopped trying 2 months in. Pve gear is unnecessary anyways.
Won vial first week and havent been back since! TY Blizz :D
i have it on 3/5 of my rogues

no heroic vial though :(
Seen it drop once. Lost by 1 to the feral tank who rolled for his buddy.
Still not seeing it drop, but meh... I've decided it is another dragonspine trophy. In other words, a myth.
12 weeks of full clears and haven't seen one yet. Not to mention it will probably go to our enhance shaman or hunter before me. I did see one drop in lfr today, but it went to a Feral druid who somehow managed to pull 20k dps on warlord zanozz (maybe he was just auto-attacking?)

You sir, are guilty of a necro.

Edit: what the hell? this was in the rogue forums? Damn I need to get better sleep than this. I thought this was in the general.
it dropped the other day and ele shammy won it and a few weeks earlier a boomkin won it along with CoC(was on my lock)and it has yet to drop on reg ds.......this would make the 3rd month that we haven't seen one in reg...........
04/15/2012 02:36 AMPosted by Sayir
Dragonspine Trophy 2.0


The memories.... Never ever dropped across all of tbc for me. Now every time I solo gruuls for occasional transmog runs on alts where it drops every time.

Simply infuriates me >.>
Only one my guild has seen drop was heroic. And I was lucky enough to get it (2 weeks ago I think?). Now Wrath of Unchaining on the other hand...
I've yet to see it drop in normal or heroic, but I haven't exactly cleared DS a lot. At least compass dropped this past week for me, finally got to replace the VP trinket.
04/15/2012 12:33 PMPosted by Gyroscope
Only one my guild has seen drop was heroic. And I was lucky enough to get it (2 weeks ago I think?). Now Wrath of Unchaining on the other hand...

You really should get one of those, even if it was only an LFR Version. EJ puts only the heroic vial and heroic compass over even the LFR Wrath of Unchaining, so it should be better than your normal compass. Shadowcraft doesnt show it like this, but its been known to have a couple issues before.

It's not for lack of trying.
Seen it drop twice.
Both times a hunter won it...............................................
I think I have worse RNG then you. We have never seen that drop yet and I still haven't seen the agility trinket drop off of spine ONCE. We have a hunter, feral, enhancement and me that all want it. We did have to DE about 5 caster dps trinkets though.

Oh and last week we had dual agility daggers drop from madness. LOL, and it was the exact same kill that gave me deathwings jaw for the legendaries. My guild was not very happy with me for some reason.
i got vial of shadows on first ds10 reg run yesterday and got bonelink fetish on ret pally on first run last week rofl.
I saw it drop in the same DS lockout twice lol, first one i got and the second one off hagara got d/e'd since i was the only one who could use it.
Like many, I've never even seen it drop. Bit of a pain to have a BiS be a random drop that is rarely even seen.
People need to stop giving Vials to hunters. The proc chance isn't that great for them (so I've been told by a hunter with Vials)
this is where everyone looks at the date for my dragon soul achievement, then looks at my trinket, and sighs.

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