Who is still on Ravenholdt?

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Just started playing again and thought it would be nice to transfer back to my starting server of Ravenholdt. Who still plays on this server that used to play back in TBC? Guilds such as <No Quarter>, <Twilight Empire> and so on and so forth were pretty big. Oh and is Cefka or Scrye still around? Can't forget about them.
I believe Cefka transferred a loooong time ago. Mainly, because every time he opened his mouth, he showed his !@#$ and then someone would verbally kick it for him.

Scrye, no idea.

I came back and wound up re-rolling Ally so I could hang out with names I recognized and liked.

So far, it's worked out awesomely.
I'm still here.
Lots of people are playing SW:TOR right now, but they may trickle back.

If you're going to play an Alliance rogue again, there's a pretty great gank squad that roams around Tol Barad harassing the pants off of people who are trying to do their dailies.
I See. But just so you know, I ganked Peeks. I wasn't by his side. :x
i'm still here, and my fat, lazy elf, too.
good times....
I've been here since TBC, this character was made at the end of TBC though. I remember, Tokyo a Night elf priest. Zalhera a dwarf hunter. Greyfox a human lock etc.
Scrye calmed down on his own and fell into raiding before he either transferred or quit. And Cefka...well we ganked him into a nerd rage that resulted in his mouth to lose its ability to stay shut; eventually he crossed the harassment line. He was then systematically removed like any termite or roach.

The <Twilight Empire> is still around and working on promoting RP on the server however we can =)
The <Twilight Empire> is still around and working on promoting RP on the server however we can =)

Shout out to the kindest person on RH! We were just recollecting in vent about Z's 100,000th kill on WOW. You playing SWTOR? Miss you.

D'aww, thanks. ^_^ That was quite the little event. There are a lot of fond memories on this server. I'm still around here and there, for some of TE's events and raiding.

Along with WoW, I'm spending some time playing SWTOR. I rolled with some great TE people on the Jung-Ma server. We're Empire side (trying out evil for once!). Our guild is a mercenary coalition called Elite Venture Enterprises (Eve).

I know that several RHers are on Jung-Ma too. Are you all there?

Edit: I'm definitely not trying to derail the thread into SWTOR talk. I just wanted to hop in and say that TE is still around!
Well just transferred back. If anyone wants to hit me up in game the name is still Sparus
A good chunk of Rend Fate is still around, thought the guild is basically dead. Technically exists, but most of the current roster doesn't play, the small handful left have their mains and most of their alts in other guilds. I've got a rogue and I think a hunter left there. Most of us just moved all our characters out when we closed up.

The largest concentrations of Rend Fate alumni left on Ravenholdt are in Riskbreakers and Iridium, and a few of us scattered across other guilds. Most of the rest that still play MMOs seem to be in SWTOR.

If you were around in TBC, you might remember me as Linaran, blood elf paladin. Mainswitched in ICC because I hated paladin healing but was ok with druid healing.
Blood Born is gone. For like 3 years they basically were the biggest guild on the server.
02/11/2012 09:34 AMPosted by Oldwizard
Blood Born is gone. For like 3 years they basically were the biggest guild on the server.

Never heard of them, and I've played here since classic.

02/13/2012 03:42 PMPosted by Dazbekzul
Also, did SnD really transfer off?

Yes. Mains moved to Mal'Ganis. Some of their alts are still here, and they still run their drunk raids using the new LFR raiding feature.

02/13/2012 03:42 PMPosted by Dazbekzul
Bigger than LotS or SnD?

LotS lost several people when Cataclysm released. We only have about 90-100 or so accounts in the guild.
I've been here since nearly day 1. Lots of friends are now playing SWTOR, but plenty of us are still here.

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