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I am currently Holy/shadow. I heal holy and quest in shadow. I love to quest which is why I OS shadow.

my question is does disc have enough damage output to solo quest? I want to OS disc so i can be viable in any raid situation when I come time to raid. I just feel shadow and dps in general is too competitive.

If the answer to my question is yes, can a disc priest just give me the basic rotation for dps?

At lvl 85, solo questing in Disc is slow, just not as slow as in Holy.

Rotation: equip Glyph of Smite... cast Holy Fire on cooldown, and spam Smite in between.

You can get fancy and throw out SW:P/VT/SW:D/Penance in whatever order seems best... but... won't speed it up enough for you to think of it as anything but "slow".

Edited to add - if you like Holy, and are comfortable and happy as Holy... be advised that Holy is now viable for any raiding situation unless I guess all that's needed from you is tank healing. Even then, I suspect that talented Holy priests can manage as tank healers.

Holy went through a bit of a rough patch for a while there, but is back in full force in 4.3.
Thanks for the reply!

And i was thinking that to myself because I wasn't going oom as much as I was back before 4.3. I left for a while and I can see a change.

I do like holy, I'm comfortable with it and I know how to play holy. I always thought disc seemed fun to play. You obviously prefer disc over holy seeing as you have 2 disc specs. Would you recommend the switch?

I levelled the 2nd priest as Disc because I levelled this priest as Shadow though Cata/Wrath, and wanted to see what AA/A would be like for levelling in LFD. Now that 2nd priest is 85, my idea is to run the her Disc/Holy so I don't have to constantly be switching my main's specs around to learn it (I swap regularly between AA/A and non-AA/A for raiding on this priest).

I doubt I'll ever prefer Holy over Disc, altho... Blizz changes classes/specs around *so* much each expansion, who knows how I'll feel about it in MoP. *So* *much* is going to change.

It doesn't hurt to have the knowledge to play both healing specs; every raid group has its own strengths and weaknesses and this means some fights your group could be better served by running one or the other spec. Most commonly, Disc is chosen over Holy if you're needed as a tank healer for raiding, but honestly, both specs are wonderfully strong in most situations, when played by someone who's taken the time to learn the ins and outs.

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