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I'm having this same problem, but I've, literally, let it go for hours and it's still not budged. \: I've tried repairing it about 4 times now, still nothing. I realize people have said repairing doesn't really help the issue. I figured it might help it move faster at least. :(
i stopped playing wow along time ago and uninstalled it from my computer. now i come back and try to download the game and it just stays at " reconfiguring game files please wait " i ahev left my computer on for a day, and its moved 5%... and now it wont move. can anyone help please?
I left my running overnight and did not move past 5%. I just used a scroll of resurrection and at this rate I wont get any free game time.....
I have the same problem. Tho, I have gone to the background downloader thing in the wow files. It is currently downloading 9.31 gb. I guess I'll see if this helps much.
i have the same problem but i have been trying to "reconfigure the game file" for 4 days now and it is still stuck at less then 5% and not moving, if anyone could help it would be really appreciated.

i launched wow through the wow folder. it bypasses the launcher. when i logged in, it told me to restart wow because i needed a patch. when i clicked ok, the reconfiguring zipped through in like 5 seconds and now i am downloading the patch. not sure if this will help anyone else but it worked for me. i was at this for a week, trying to get this going. good luck everyone!!
I'm having the same problem as everyone else, "Reconfiguring Game Files" stuck at 1%. I know this thread is about 3 months old, but has anyone run into a solution that works (I really don't want to download 9.9 GBs)? I'm surprised by the lack of a blue post.
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I'm having the same problem - can anyone tell me how this was resolved?
I believe I may be having the same issue, any idea on how this was fixed?
Please don't necro old posts, especially when while it looks similar, this patch is quite a bit different than previous.

Current thread is here:
why why why do they always break something by trying to prevent it from breaking.

riot tried that once... and a week later the servers stabilized.

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