70 Twinks Cross realm RBG / Raid List

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I can't fit all of the alliance (reached 5000 letter limit) so ill add them to the first post.
Edited it all up
Hahafear/Priest/Shadow/holy/Alterac Mountains

Add me on real id : Bayoya0311@hotmail.com

im trying to level un a rogué or tank wat You guys needing also im rolling alliance
Rur / Priest (Healer/DPS) (Frostmourne) - mail me for realid
We have a relatively new guild on area 52 and have downed content up to muru in sunwell using real id friends and guildies, we are also interested in doing rateds vs other guilds or collected real id pugs. Hit me up on area 52 in That Seventies Show or add me on real id :
ashleypannell@hotmail.com My real id is pretty full so if i dont respond immediately give me a few tries and ill do my best to get back with you. We tried queueing as a guild Monday night around 8pm, no one was popping so figured id give this a try.
So I just hit 70 on my Pally, have over 2,000 honor saved for Brutal gear. Don't know if I should go prot, holy, or ret. Real ID is ChadWickyWoW@yahoo.com hit me up and let me know what I should do. Looking to PvP or Raid!
Trashbringer - Prot/Holy Pally - Khaz'Goroth (OCEANIC)
obviously looking for other oceanic players.. are you out there?
tyrantnano /frost mage ghostlands
tyrantnanoz /brutal geared hpally ghostlands
boomy frostmane
Yo, I'm down to RBG. Peep my arena stats breh. Thanks.
Arms war / Prot FC - Mix of sunwell/brutal - 2500 Exp main war
Sub Rogue on Blood Furnace, mail me for my RealID
Death Knight frost/unholy n.benson41496@gmail.com
I have 3 toons,

Priest - banishedjr - Disc (649 resil)/shadow (resil set and pve set)
Hunter - balebear - MM (fully pve geared but i use a pvp trinket for pvp)
Mage - frostqt - working on it lol, only if needed to use

Armory me if you need to, Sunwell ftw
edited it up =]

oh u posted same time as me, let me add you
Thanks man.

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