[H] Kasual 8/8 H Now with WEBSITE!

Need tank to replace ^ that guy
Starting recruitment for raiders for Panda's will have one guaranteed melee dps spot. All exceptional players may apply.
Grats on your 8/8HM!
bump for kasual, i like u guys
Bump panda applicants. Due to our lack of a website, please send mail in game to myself and 1-2 of the other officers. Because we only really raid we are not on as often but i will make it a priority to check my mail daily. In your mail, please include frequent online times and/or your real id info and we will get back to you as soon as possible. If you are on a different server make a level one and send us mail with your real id AND play times so we can reach you easily. Post on forums with any questions or just add them to your mail.
Panda applicants, Kasual is most likely retiring until pandas where we will come out blazing and rested. I will be on several times a week leveling alts and what not so send me mail to Brakein or send mail to Ionization with whatever questions you have. I will keep in touch with all applicants as well as evaluate them if they wish to join during downtime, if you wish to stay with your guild until right before panda release that is fine. Once again follow directions send mail with what class you plan on playing and play times or real id so we can reach you.
Bump for pandas
Sup nerds which one of you is Shamlarie
05/21/2012 05:47 AMPosted by Xertdfsagh
Sup nerds which one of you is Shamlarie

Ok then. Shamlarie is Ionization, he is currently busy...playing Diablo 3 he will be on at about 6:30 hyjal server tomorrow or find me in game and ill relay him your question later tonight. Later nerd.
That was my question, good job.
bump for start up on raids need to replace people who left during retirement.
Strafe, mate, did I see Reiss in there?! Well throw another shrimp on the barby!
Need dps preferably good dps send mail in game
Come raid with Kasual and you too can hear exciting Reiss-isms like "I hate you" "I hate your face" "I hate life" "Australia is full of huge spiders" and many more!
bump for website
Anyone can apply just dont suck

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