No Mobile Armory audio.

Mobile Bug Report
I am not getting any audio on the mobile armory. I reinstalled the app (which solved my last problem of not being able to buy/ sell) but I still have no audio. Any ideas as to why? I have the audio turned on in the options of the mobile armory, I have tried turning the audio in the settings off and on, exiting the app and reopening it and reinstalling the app as mentioned above. The audio on my phone is turned all the way up. I can not seem to figure out why it is not working. I know I heard audio once before I actually paid for full usage of the app, but I no longer have any sound. I am on an Iphone 3g using ios version 3.1.3 and prefer to not upgrade ios if at all possible since it slows my phone down dramatically when I do so.

Ok, I figured it out:) There were no clicking sounds on my phone when i pressed keys. Did a hard restart and it fixed it.

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