[A] [250000 Honorable Kills] Premades!

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Don't have time to lead these for now, hopefully someone else takes over!
Sounds like a top idea, def be keen.

I love farming HK's. I've experienced a turtle IOC with 300+ HK's. I hope you get enough interest to get an AV farm as that would be epic. I think you'll get more responses in the Battleground forum than here though. Haven't checked yet if you have a post there.
Will cross post this in the bg forums as well, thanks for mentioning that!
Add my real id billylaar@hotmail.com i'm intrested in this and i'm in the group ran by simorae on european servers
I do like this idea a lot. I've always loved a good turtle and 600 hks would make me extremely happy. Count me in if I'm not raiding for sure. Will add you later today Brosum.
Have a good amount of interest already after a day, I'll be posting queue times in my main post and in realid broadcast in the coming days.
count me in
Add me, I sent a Real ID request :D
Request sent.
First day of queueing went well, about 2k hks after a few hours!

The bg of choice at the moment seems to be strand which is netting about 200 kills per 20 min/each bg.

AV is still a work in progress, will probably have to plan a set time for that, so as of now I am mostly running strand groups.

If your interested in getting invites add my real ID: brosumwow@gmail.com
I'd be up for this on some weekends when I have a bit more time. I'll add you.
I may be keen to do a few turtles from time to time.. so i will be watching for those broadcasts.

GL getting alot of people for this Brosum...
Wouldn't HK farming be easier in a node capture BG, assuming both teams are farming HKs. You could just beat on each other until tired.
Added you on id

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