[A]The Westridge Brigade; the king's armsmen.

Moon Guard
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"Mark my words, the kingdom had nearly collapsed under Lady Prestor. Elwynn is plagued by gnolls and kobolds. Westfall has been overthrown by a den of thieves. Duskwood is shrouded in darkness, and Redridge is under seige by the Blackrock Orcs from the north. King Wrynn's return is a turning point for the Lion's Kingdom. At his word, we shall retake our kingdom and bring glory to the name of Stormwind and the Grand Alliance. We shall relieve those who suffer and fear, and bring swift retribution to all who would stand against our mighty people.

We are the next generation of heroes.
Let us stride in our forefathers' footsteps."

~ Lord Maxen Montclair, Duke Westridge

Recruit initiation at Westbrook Garrison, November 27th, 32 L.C.

<The Westridge Brigade>

When the nobles of the defunct Arathorian Empire made their exodus to the verdant lands south of Khaz Modan nearly 600 years ago, the commander of their accompanying Arathorian Legionnaires, Leopold Galron, swore fealty to the bloodline that was to become the House of Wrynn. He was appointed the Duke of Westridge, the mountainous land west of the newly established city-state, Stormwind Keep. Westridge became the center for the military arm of the early Kingdom of Stormwind, its rich iron and coal mines fueling armor and weapons production. Lord Leopold dedicated a tract of its land, Westbrook, to serve as a keep and training facility for the king's army.

The most decorated of the Stormwind Army's many units, the Westridge Brigade, or as many claim, "the king's first," have served the Wrynn bloodline since the founding of the kingdom. Deeply rooted in the traditions passed down from the Arathorian Legion of old, the brigade is made up of many peoples recruited from the reaches of the old empire. Its soldier and citizen personnel are disciplined and held to high standards of professionalism and chivalry - as they represent the best of the kingdom of Stormwind.

When the last of the Galron bloodline passed away, the residing commander of the brigade, Andern Montclair, was appointed the new Duke of Westridge. Generations passed. At the onset of the orcish wars, the brigade bravely fought toe to toe at the command of Lord Albert Montclair, the reigning Duke of Westridge. When the late Lord Albert fell in battle during the siege of Westbrook, his son, Maxen Montclair, took up his sword and rallied the surviving armsmen of Westridge to the defense of the kingdom's evacuation. Facing annihilation, the brigade joined in the mass exodus from their conquered kingdom. In the second war, the brigade served at the front lines from the battle of the Thandol Span to the very siege of Blackrock Spire, retaking the lands occupied by the Orcish Horde through sacrifice and determination.

In the aftermath of the orcish wars, the Westridge Brigade conducted a campaign to secure the king's realm and rebuild what was lost. It was a driving force in the fortification of the kingdom's holdings in Elwynn Forest, Westfall, Duskwood, the Burning Steppes, and the Redridge Mountains - paving roads, constructing towers, repairing bridges, and in general, protecting the people from foreign and domestic threats. Several expeditions were made into the continent of Lordaeron, where the brigade served to reinforce the efforts of Stromgarde, Lordaeron, and Kul Tiras who were gripped by war with the undead plague.

The Westridge Brigade found several months of respite after the fall of the Lich King, the war with Horde at a tentative end as nations grappled with post-war economic failings. In Westfall, Sentinel Keep rose as a testament to the freedom brought by the return of the Westfall Brigade. A glimmer of hope was felt throughout the kingdom. After completing a tour to rout the last of the scourge forces of Zul'Drak in Northrend, the Westridge Brigade settled into peacetime duties at home.

The peace was short lived, however. Blackrock orcs poured in from the Burning Steppes, overwhelming the Redridge Garrison. Propaganda spread throughout the kingdom of a rising cult. Skirmishes with the Horde broke out in Kalimdor and Lordaeron, and Alliance nations pleaded for aid. Despite every effort put forth by the king's forces, the kingdom crumbled into disarray. When the elemental invasion erupted, the soldiers of the Westridge Brigade remained vigilant in the defensive efforts - helping King Varian and the adventurers of the Alliance in pushing the rampaging elements back into their plane.

After Deathwing destroyed a large portion of Stormwind City, King Varian Wrynn issued a royal edict; expanding the size and scope of the Stormwind Army. The Westridge Brigade, refurbished with new soldiers and knights, was on the forefront in the Cataclysm's aftermath. Taking the fight to the Twilight Cult in the Wildhammer Highlands, the Orcish Horde in Kalimdor, and bringing further aid to Stormwind's allies in Lordaeron, it enacted the king's doctrine abroad, earning the trust of Stormwind's allies in the Eastern Kingdoms. The brigade marches on - delivering the king's doctrine to wherever duty calls...
Picture Gallery of past events and operations:

Guild website:

Guild out of character expectations:

What does <The First Regiment> do?

- Guild level 25.

- Provide a mature and friendly out of character community that does not perpetuate drama.

- Represent a regiment of the Stormwind military, adherent to all aspects of Stormwind Lore, supplemented with concepts from medieval culture.

- Provide an established framework for Stormwind RP to grow, for foot-soldiers and citizen workers alike.

- Immersion to the finest detail. We build bases, march for days, use ship travel, and deploy for months at a time to maintain in-character continuity and bring RP outside of Stormwind.

- Elaborate, tactical RP-PvP action organized with Horde guilds that focuses on the RP aspect of conflict.

- Regular adventuring and conflict through dungeon master events.

- Fun off-duty events and camaraderie, with engaging individual RP.

- Guild battleground, dungeon and heroic runs.

- Immediate leadership opportunities in RP events, with all rankings based on merit alone.

Ranking System

Marshal - Commanding Officer
Knight-Captain - Senior Officer
Knight-Lieutenant - Officer
Master Sergeant - Staff Administrator
Sergeant - Senior Staff
Corporal - Veteran Soldier
Private - Basic Soldier
Recruit - Soldier in Training
Auxiliary - Civilian Specialists
Laborer - Various Crafters
There are numerous roles that compliment the bulk of the army through specialization.

Military Occupations


Want to serve on the front lines? Grab your sword and fight the Horde! The infantry consist of the armored foot-soldiers who excel in melee and medium range combat. Roles include the agile spear wielding Spearman, sword-and-shield wielding Footman, crossbow and sword wieldng Crossbowman, and heavily armored claymore wielding Linebreaker.


The Siegesmiths of Stormwind are known for their tact and knowledge of both explosives and operation of the ballista - the main artillery piece of the Stormwind Army. Put your scientific background towards the battlefront!

Ranger Corps

Today's rangers of the kingdom of Stormwind hold true to the traditions and practices passed onto them by the high elven rangers of Quel'thalas. They prefer guerilla tactics to frontal assaults. They always attack from cover, using trees and rocks to cover their tracks while sniping at enemies. A good ranger is never seen in battle.

Clerical Corps

Blessed by clergymen, the Clerical Corps upkeep the faith and sanctity of Stormwind's troops. While Medics focus on healing the many casualties of war, Battle Clerics employ the Holy Light in fierce retribution. The order of the Silver Hand have lent their teachings, providing Paladins to Stormwind's battlefront. Both off and on the battlefield, the Clerical Corps spreads the word of the Holy Light to the soldiers who would listen.

Circle of Magi

Stormwind's mage circle has willfully supported the crown with their mystical prowess. Donning platemail, enlisted mages take on the role of a Battle-Magi. They wield magical flame and ice as weapons and augment their allies. To combat the increase of demonic corruption in her enemies, the Circle has taken to training warrior Spellbreakers to counter dark magics and protect their kin.

Civilian Occupations


There is much work to be had in keeping a military unit functioning. Sign on as a cook, blacksmith, tailor or leatherworker to help soldiers keep their bellies full and armor repaired. Couriers and scribes deliver important messages where needed. Miners and hunters are needed to aid in gathering materials in the field to supplement what supplies are available to the army. Foremen aid in constructing base camps and fortifying structures.


Often, the army will employ individuals with learned expertise to advise their military ventures. Historians shed light on the lore of the lands the regiment is deployed to. Professors of science point out the dangers and boons of the deployed field. Senior wizards often take on arcane instruction as their sole calling, teaching aspiring battle mages its secrets.

Morale and Health

Where there is war, experienced doctors and psychologists keep the men-at-arms ready for battle. While Apothecaries brew potions and tonics for the troops, doctors take in the critically injured to their learned hands. Morale officers and chaplains, charged with keeping the hearts of their soldiers clear, are often the only beacons of hope in a war-torn field.
We (try) to do it all!

A common misconception is cast upon <The First Regiment> that we are a "RP-PvP guild." While we do participate in plot lines against the Horde that often lead to combat, RP-PvP is by no means all the guild participates in. Dynamic and believable plot driven role-play always comes first.

Whether the plot we face leads us to arresting criminals in the streets of Stormwind City, hunting for a lost artifact for a Stormwind Nobleman, an expedition into Duskwood to quell a cultist uprising, deploying to Lordaeron to aid our besieged allies, and yes, sailing to Kalimdor to fight the Horde, <The First Regiment> is a well-rounded guild that houses PvPers and non-PvPers alike.
Recruitment Requirements:

- We accept humans, dwarves, and gnomes of any level.
- Proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation, with a friendly and mature OOC outlook.
- Willingness to RP-PvP and PvP in battlegrounds to aquire components of RP uniform.

If you wish to join the first regiment, you must complete a brief application on our guild website's forums. Link below:


Contact List:

If you have any suggestions or concerns for the guild, feel free to contact the following in-game!

Lord-Marshal Maxen Montclair (Maxen)
Sir Aliaes Lamente (Aliaes)
There is much to be said and done for this kingdom.
Enlist today, citizens of Stormwind! Uncle Lothar wants YOU!
I think that's finished, then. I highly reccomend looking through the gallery posted at the top of the page! The regiment has a long legacy that's bound to continue into the future of World of Warcraft.

The fair maiden huntress, Anamaleth, painted this lovely recruitment ad in support of <The First Regiment>.


Long live the king!

Long live the kingdom!

Long live the Grand Alliance!
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