[H] LFM DS 8:30-11pm Sun

Myrmidon is in search of raiders for our Sunday Intro Raid.

- Death Knight, Druid, or Warrior

- Ranged DPS (Hunter, Mage, Warlock, or Priest)
- Melee DPS (Shaman)

- Druid, Shaman, Priest


Basic Qualifications:
- 4 pc t13, 1/8 h experience, and 390 ilvl min.
- Applicants should have good situational awareness, be a strong and equal contributor to the raid at their role/class, come prepared for the content, able to honestly own up to their own mistakes, underperformance, and desire constructive feedback to improve.

Contact: Join us on the web at: http://clickthelightwell.com/index.php
What's an 'Intro' raid exactly?

Because Myrmidon raids entirely without voice chat, it can take individuals a little time to get used to this environment, thus we now providing an introduction to raid in our style. This raid is also a place for deaf and hard of hearing raiders looking for conducive environment where they can also perfect their performances with less pressure.

It's an informative raid designed to help elevate players while introducing to perhaps a way they've never really raided before. A place where Hard of Hearing and Deaf raiders can raid as equals with players who hear normally.
We are still on the look-out for quality raiders.

If this is what you want.

Then what are you waiting for?

Get to it, folks.
We are still on the look out for quality players.

Step up to the plate!

We still like quality raiders. We couldn't get enough of them.

< Myrmidon > want you!

If this is what you like, then well, get to it then!
App to these guys, good atmosphere and they get !@#$ done.
Opening up the recruitment to some additional classes/specs, and updated the OP to reflect this.

Currently we have:
- Some new raiders on their mains learning DS normal for the first time, and in one case an entirely new spec.
- Some of my main raiders on alts playing the same roles they normally do.
- And a couple of very cabable and excited to return next week PUGs.

As of this passed Sunday, Feb 12th, this raid has officially started raiding. Started a little late as we had to PUG 2 healing slots, but found a couple of gems in the process, and managed to get in 6/8 before we ran out of time. The raid was "very smooth" as commented by our PUGs in attendance, and only had 2 wipes one of which was called.

The goal here is to have zero pugs and zero mains on alts, yet still raiding steadily and smoothly. If you're looking for a chance TO LEARN and expand your current raiding ability, this is for you. This is NOT for people looking to gear up an alt or looking for a free ride.
For this Sunday Reinforcement Raid, we are still looking for a tank (DK or feral), two healers (druid and paladin), 1 melee dps (rogue or enh shaman), and a ranged dps (lock or boomkin). In our second week of SRR raiding, we have gone 7/8 normal DS in one night with new raiders and people playing on their alts. We hope to make this group a full time guild raiding team soon. Please contact Lovepony or Venelsing in game for interest/info and check out our website at clickthelightwell.com to apply for SRR.
Bump for people needing to app!
Hey look a legit non-wasteoftime raid looking for tanks... and other stuff.
Are you guys still looking for DPS?

Yes we are, but currently just Ranged dps. We have 2 strong melee who always show and have great attitudes currently. So no need to replace.

I've updated the original post to reflect what we are still trying to acquire. Still recruiting for:
- Tanks (High Priority) with valid OS (DPS or Heals).
- Ranged DPS (High Priority)
- and a Healer with a valid DPS or Tank OS

This raid just cleared 8/8 in 2.5 hours and is currently 50% starters and 50% alts. We're looking to fill out the rest of it with starting mains. As soon as that happens, and if everyone works out, it is probably going to start doing heroics very soon after that point - as the starting mains are already talking about wanting to do heroics. But obviously they do need to farm a few normal farms to get geared for that. I don't even intend to raid lead it much longer, as the duties of this are slowly being given over to another guild member as part of his training to be a guild raid leader.

We just need a couple of good tanks and strong ranged dps with great attitudes looking for a legitimate chance to learn, improve, and grow as raiders beyond the required level to be part of this. Maybe another healer, but I think we just landed our 3rd one, so everything after will need to be dual spec'd. Because of the nature of DS, we also want our tanks with valid OS's as well.

I'm the MT for this raid currently, and my guild's main raids, but I still DPS in both. Fair is fair.
I see that you need a Resto Druid or Holy Paladin, I'm interested in healing for you group.

03/06/2012 10:02 AMPosted by Lovepony
but I think we just landed our 3rd one

Oops! Nevermind.
We are still on the look out for exceptional talents for our SSR and Main Raid group regardless.

SSR group are in great need for Tanks.

Preferablly DK, Prot Paladin, or Feral Druid.

That's right, you hear me, we need TANKS.

Sign up if you are it!
The group are grealy in need for tanks.

Protection Paladin
Feral Bear Druid

The group are also looking for Warlock, but Boomkin/Mage(Arcane/Fire) are acceptable.

See first post for information!

Thank you!
Bumping this thread for relevant updates to the first post for our needs in Myrmidon's second group. We are looking to get started on hardmode DS fights soon.
Bump for further recruitment and interest in finding a reliable tank as we start heroic modes this Sunday.
Updated the initial post to reflect the raid's current recruitment.
04/03/2012 10:36 PMPosted by Lovepony
Updated the initial post to reflect the raid's current recruitment.

^This and to display the new time and the current direction it's going.
This week the raid re-affirmed its desire to push hardmode content. As a result, the recruitment for the raid changed to address specifically what we need to pursue that plan of action.

It is primarily recruiting a talented Ranged DPS that can reliably pull over 30k on heroic encounters.

It is also secondarily considering a melee DPS with a valid Tank OS. As DPS they must do over 30k and as a Tank have experience and ability with tanking 8/8 normal already.

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