[A] Impulse recruitment for MoP

<Impulse> is a newly formed guild on the server Darkspear alliance side. We consist of a small group of friends who have played together for several years. We are currently looking towards Mist of Pandaria with the intent to raid at a competitive level. While we await MoP we do intend on seeing all of the content available to us now. If this sounds interesting to you, please continue to read.

We at <Impulse> take great pride in our guild and we expect every member to do the same. We come from a long line of successful guilds ranging from a world first guild in EQ2 to Cthun, Muru, KJ server firsts all pre nerf and other various top 50 US kills. While we can spend a good amount of time on what we have done in the past what we really want to do is stress what we want to do in the future.

With MoP nearing we’re going to form a 10 man raid group capable of downing anything thrown at us as quickly and efficiently as possible. We will be running a very specific group combination and expect each player to play at the highest level.

Raid Times:

Tuesday 10pm-1am EST / Thursday 10pm-1am EST / Sunday 10pm-1am EST

Current Needs:

Currently ALL classes and specs are encouraged to apply so that we may find the best fit for each role. Having multiple characters raid ready that you are proficient in is a huge plus on your behalf.

For more information or to apply please head over to www.impulsegaming.enjin.com or contact an officer in game.
Seeking quality applicants, head over to our site for more info and to apply!

Still seeking quality applicants. Head to our site to apply today!
I just applied. I hope my application is a good read. :)
Do we need to apply, and is the PvP good? Cause I talked to a guy looking for recruits to the guild and I forgot his name so I was wondering If you could use a ret paladin
Just curious do you only accept raider and applications? because i'm looking for a guild with lil' tarecgosa that i can join for awhile in MoP in order to get the pet for my collection and i see you have it and was wondering if i'd be able to join on an alt until i get the pet?
(>.>) Friendly Bump.

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