Transferring to Proudmoore? FAQ thread.

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Great thread!! I transferred in this great realm. I am still glad I did. Great economy. You can sell almost everything. Even if you starts from scratch, profit would not be a problem. Very friendly community too.
02/02/2012 12:51 AMPosted by Clastr
Great economy. You can sell almost everything. Even if you starts from scratch, profit would not be a problem.

Yesterday we recruited a lvl 30 when he asked for an invite to the guild. He was really nice so I mailed him a 1000 gold.

The gold was back in the mail with a letter saying "thanks, but I've allready made 16,700 gold just from auction house while leveling."

Speaking from my own experience, I transferred from Sisters of Elune to Proudmoore a few months back.

I didn't realize just how much of a difference there was in realm populations. New/Low/Medium/High/Full Coming from a medium pop realm to a full realm was like night and day. When patch 4.3 hit I was standing in front of the VP vendor steps in SW and there had to be 50+ toons standing there on the steps and even more hanging around in side the building. It took me a good few seconds of adjusting my camera just to be able get the right camera position and click on the npc. Contrast that with SoE shortly after and there was maybe 5-10 toons standing on the steps at most.

In terms of raiding progression, population, activity, AH item availability, Proudmoore (full pop realm) is a good 10+ times the size of SoE (med pop realm).

The realm is active 24/7 even into the we hours of the night!

Guild recruitment on proudmoore is insanity compared to SoE. I just started a new lvl 1 banker/AH toon today and within 5 mins I was getting wispers by people to join there guilds! Trade chat is also full of raiding guild recruitment requests.

Proudmoore also has a very active pug scene, but I'd like to mention one thing about that compared to SoE. Pugs generally will ask for iLvl/achieve for the pug you are trying to join.

Don't get me wrong I totally understand where people are coming from asking for this. But in my situation transferring Leep to proudmoore this toon did not have hardly any cata raid achieves, because I had been heals/tanking on my pally on SoE. I had experience running the raids but no achieve to show for it on Leep. Making it harder to get in. I have yet to see a pug in trade that does not ask for ilvl/achieve so keep this in mind.

Also latley I've been seeing alot of Naxx/Ulduar/ICC pug requests for achieves and transmog runs. (I don't spend a lot of time in cities so there probably always were alot of wolk pugs :P)

One thing I have not seen a lot of is BWD/BoT/To4W Pugs!

Over all I have nothing but good experiences coming to proudmoore. If you are thinking of transferring proudmoore is a great choice.
Bumpity bump.

I transferred from Dreadmaul-H to Proudmoore-A last week and think it's the best thing I've ever done. The people on this server are awesome and the economy is stable.
Hmm, I have to be the Melancholy Mary in this situation. I think that Proudmoore is a tough realm to he a Horde member on..

Remember Cataclysm launch? Remember how awful the starting areas were those first few days, flagged alliance and horde running around using AOEs on everything? Who-blames-who is irrelevant, but it was an obnoxious time.

Sure, there economy allows you to make great quantities of money, fast, but the overabundance of farmers in popular areas makes farming a slower, more tedious process.

Yes, both factions are quite welcoming, and we have even worked together to great success in the past for things like Halaa farming.

If the population was more balanced it would be a better place.
Requested Sticky... this will answer a lot of questions in one thread instead of 100 threads. Thanks Max

Also, Long live proudmoore! LOL
Thanks for the post Max! Hopefully we'll bump up that Server ranking a bit!
PM is by far the best server I've been on so far. Less jerks than your average server, lesser-than-Alliance but still decent Horde population, just all around awesomeness in general.
01/31/2012 09:05 AMPosted by Maxdps
4. Most guilds are GLBT friendly. i.e. [G*y / L*sb*an / B*-S*xual / Tr*nss*xual Friendly]

thanks for your answer and helpful response Realsteel!!!
I just turn 85 like 3-4 days ago, ask i just turn 85, i transfer to proudmore. What a realm. Trust me when i say that cause where i came from (dunemaul A) was dead.

It is only being 3 days, since transfer, i am already 375 ish for my druid tank, 360 ish for balance. There is so much items in AH that you can buy and so much BOE pst on chat. However, the only bad thing is the prices are higher than other realms and of course, if you are trying to camp rare spawns, there a other who are also camping.

I didn't need to look for guild as there is always some guilds ask to me to join them which is very nice and a nice change. I finally join one after i ask them a couple of question regarding progression, lvl they are at and stuff.

BTW, i got the Reins of Poseidus in dunemaul and transfer it over here, I was very surprise to sell it on AH for 70k ish. I have to stick to my guns to seel around 70K to 75k as you recommended. When i PST in trade chat, people are low balling me for like 40k to 50k. I decline and i even go as low as 65k, but they won't buy it. So put in AH, it sold the next day. Can you hear it now? Cha Ching!!!!!

I also grab the Bracer Agility enchant for like 3k and sold it for 9k which was a good start since i have gold to spend on gear and such, so I wasn't press on selling my Poseidus cheap.

I have being pugging and gearing up, people are pretty nice overall. Hopefully willl be doing DS soon.
Great post, thanks!
Everyone that I've met on Horde side so far has been cool. Friend of mine made the suggestion if I ever xfer again this would be the server to goto. And I do agree so both of my 85's and the fiance's toons will be coming over here this coming week.
This thread was one of the biggest reasons I decided to bring my happy dwarf !@#$ over here. So far, I haven't been disappointed!
I'm looking to reroll a toon on this server, but is there any EST guilds? Sadly I'm on the east coast. I hear so many good things about this server just want to make sure I can find a decent raiding est guild though.
Planning on getting a server transfer here, seems like a great community!
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Welcome to Proudmoore! <3

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