Transferring to Proudmoore? FAQ thread.

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It appears the only thing Blizzard stickies are $$$$ bills. :D

Bunch of threads made unnecessarily when all questions could have been asked in this one! :D
Horde side for me (from what I've seen so far since I made my Shaman Pandamonîa here ) is not all that bad. Sure Alli does have the numbers over horde but I don't really see it as a drawback. As it stands I'm glad I xfered as is the fiance :)
I have been thinking of transferring off my realm and this seems to be the realm that I am thinking I will go to if I decide to do so. Thanks for creating this FAQ too because I was actually almost going to go in game and whisper people questions about the realm lol.
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Another nice bumpity :P I came back to wow after a year of not playing, decided to start anew on a glbt friendly server :) So glad I came here, made a bit of gold to keep me going in the AH and just having so much fun there. A lot of nice people too. It was odd just the general kind whispers, friendly advice etc I have gotten as opposed to my last server where I would have just been told to shut up. Hoping to get into some heroics and occasional raiding when I level up :) Sticky requested.
Maintenance day bump
bump cause I can. And for the fact it's 5:48am and I'm up for some reason O.o
Bumping because it is getting pretty low on the list and it hasn't been pinned yet.
New week, new transfers.

I've been considering coming to Proudmoore from the string of RP servers I've been playing on after a very close in-game friend of mine told me about the server.
I put it over my head since I wanted to remain on RP servers for the "community" but I've found it to be very cliquey and almost back-stabby in the mass with the gems pretty much buried or quitting because of it as of late.

After realizing I'm actualy doing quite decently in PvE I decided I wanted to step my game up - and RP servers will never offer me the opportunity to complete a tier while it's current content. If my current guild falls through I know for a fact I'll be leaving my current server for good as there's really nowhere else for me to go as this class.

I'm extremely shy and have massive anxiety over people. I'm unsure about transferring a fourth time because well - I've already put a lot of money into realm transfers. If I do transfer here I'd also want to go back to my roots of being Alliance on my main if I can afford it. [[I'd bring horde alts over! Eep!]]

I'd just like to be able to chat with people from the realm if at all possible as a level 1 alt strolling around Stormwind really doesn't get you meeting people.
Trade chat seemed friendly enough when I asked about the server but the same thing happened with my past 2 realms - And they didn't turn out to be as good as I thought.
02/29/2012 03:48 AMPosted by Kraai
I've been considering coming to Proudmoore from the string of RP servers I've been playing on after a very close in-game friend of mine told me about the server.

That would be me. I'm considering transferring to Proudmoore as well, mostly due to the fact that it's a friendlier server. Undecided whether to bring my Rogue, Shaman, Death Knight or Paladin though xD
How are the pugs? Do they scream a lot?
One thing I want to avoid is a realm where guilds pug people and literally do not appreciate it and blow up on a wipe over /something/.
((Heroic Baelroc stories man. I have them.))

They exist on every realm but it's just something I'm scared of.
Yeah - I'm more interested in raiding on Alliance side once I get my BSing back up to 300.
((Dropped it temporarily to add some mounts to my collection.))

I was hoping to get logs tonight but our tank is pulling early and I'm "forgetting" to pre-pot because of it - And Time Warp is being called and not being used. It's not...very pretty.
Do people take LFR logs on this realm or just normal/heroic modes?

((Edit: Oh heeey. Yor' went down...again. Hoping for Ultrax too. Gotta buff that armory.))
Every pug I've done on this server has been badass. People are just relaxed and are comfortable with just doing what the group is capable of, while maybe pushing a little into what the wall is for the group, but not losing their minds if they can't do it.
It's settled then.

I'll continue to level my little gnome warlock until things settle monetary wise on my end~

I'll most likely be bringing with me a 4/5 set of Shadowmourne items as well. No idea how well these things sell over this way but I'd imagine there's more of an economy going around just by skimming the AH~

Thanks guys! <3

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