Just reporting a Ninja Looter.

Shattered Hand
Picture pretty much says it all

Paladin from Worgen Freeman Ninja looted 3 items from a pug 25 BH that he lost the roll on.
Just thought community should know.

He bragged about it, but as soon as someone comes on, he's going to be a gonner. Just thought i'd let you know. Everyone in the guild wants him gone.
Just to let every one know his name is Poisone and we do not encourage this type of misbehavior from our guild members he is set to be removed from Worgen Freeman and will NOT be joining us in any type of raid or dungeon from this point on. If any member of Worgen Freeman ninja loots any items from raids or dungeons please whisper Luña (me) in game with screen shots and the guild member's name. From now on we encourage any one that knows Poisone or his alts to not raid with him.

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