<Evil Deeds Inc> [A] is recruiting (3/8H DS)

Guild Recruitment
Evil Deeds Inc is a 25 man Alliance guild located on the server Aggramar. We are currently seeking a few more skilled players to add to our raiding roster.

Recruitment Openings
Tanks: Closed
Healers: Restoration Druid
DPS Melee: Retribution Paladin, Death Knight
DPS Ranged: Balance Druid, Warlock

If your class is not listed above but you feel you would make a good fit with us, please fill out an application anyways. We are more than willing to consider any excellent applicants.

Website: http://evildeeds.guildhosting.org/

Expectations: The raiding goals of EDI is focused on progression. As such we expect at least 75% raid attendance out of our raiders. We expect all applicants to be knowledgeable of their class, reliable, and capable of doing their research on boss encounters ahead of time. To read more on what EDI's policies are, please visit our policy page on our website.

Loot: EDI uses a DKP loot system.

Raid Times: Tuesday-Thursday 7:00pm-11:00pm server (Central Standard)

Personality: During raids it is not uncommon for raid leaders to call out people on their mistakes; chat often contains "adult" themes and language. Many of our players are competitive with each other, but most are eager to help those of their class improve as well. Outside of the raiding environment the people of EDI are some of the nicest and most welcoming people you will meet. There are a few PvP junkies within our ranks, despite Aggramar being a PvE server.

History: EDI has been part of the Aggramar scene since late BC, often competing for the top progression spots throughout the various tiers of content that the game has seen. The guild was 3rd on the server at the end of Firelands (behind two very strong 10 man horde guilds) and proceeded to make quick headway through Dragon Soul, having managed to clear the instance on normal by the second week. We are seeking a few dependable, reliable tanks in order to regain some ground in the battle through heroic modes.

If Evil Deeds Inc sounds like a good fit for you, please visit us at our website and fill out an application. If you have any questions, please contact one of the following officers in game: Elmassanto, Taldara, Vatrilian, Khiro
Don't be shy with those applications!
We'd love to get some warlocks and a resto druid in here!
Could still use a few more solid DPS applications and at least another healer or two.
Updated needs.
More DPS would be excellent!
Range DPS, we like them. We'd like more of them!
Progress updated. Still looking for a few good apps.

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