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I`m not sure if anyone experiences this.
Prior to the current patch, i had no issues, but recently, my wow has been crashing whenever the DS cinematics load.
Is there a way to get around this? Any help is welcome!

thanks in advance!
Prior to the current 64bit version (4.3.4 (15505)), I can not recall experiencing any issues whatsoever with the previous 2 patches and 64bit updates. As of late, the occasional minor stutter (frame jump) is my only concern. This is mainly noticeable whilst flying across a continent, such as Kalimdor. It could also be related to the patch, but who am I to speculate.
Where can i find DW link?
Been searching every way I can think of, can't seem to locate my answer... so, in WoW-64 my mouse wheel does not seem to be recognized. I have had this issue with my Razer Mamba and my CYBORG MMO 7. These wheels work fine in 32 bit version of WoW. The mouse wheel is the only issue I can find anywhere... all other buttons and features are recognized as expected.

I have verified that it's not an issue of the keybinding as I cannot even get the keybinding interface to recognize a scroll. I have been playing around with this both in live and in the MoP beta and getting the same issue, and that is a clean install, no addons, only game settings changed.

Is there a fix or a workaround for this?
when i try to download the 64-bit client it gave me an error
i changed my viedoe settings from ultra to something extra and i forget and eevry time i turn on wow my screeen goes black and my screen gives me a error message how do i reset my viedoe setting to original. i tried deleeting and reinstaling and nothing changes
what's the link to the 4.3.4 patch and why is there no download center on this website?
after installing and patching to 64 bit .wow exe wont log into server
05/02/2012 10:31 AMPosted by Trirhodia
what's the link to the 4.3.4 patch and why is there no download center on this website?
The first post has links to the current 64 bit client.
I'm running a low end laptop, win 7 pro, intel x3100 on modded drivers. it pushes to give dx11, and i notice an fps increase using the x64, but i'm trading it for input lag.

basically x86 = low fps/low input lag
x64 = higher fps/input delay (very noticeable...)

also on x64, while i have higher frame rates, it doesn't, well, look right... it SAYS i have 16fps, and its not choppy, but its the transitions aren't as smooth as when i see 12fps under load (before it stutters)
it doesnt exit game?
any reasons because it plays the game very smoothly
Starting yesterday, Avast anti-virus keeps reporting the following file as suspicious -


The acer.exe file is dated 8/6/2008 and is 7,899 kb. Apparently it is periodically being run even though I haven't played Wow for several days. Is this a bonafide Wow file?

The Avast message box reads -

avast! has finished analysis of the program.

We did not have enough evidence to identify the file as malware.
However, you should still use extreme caution when accessing it.

File: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\acer.exe
Reason: Generic heuristics / suspicious content
Duration: 0:00:15

The program has now terminated.
For the next execution of this file do the following -
SysWOW64 is a Windows directory, not a World of Warcraft directory.
Thanks, Clawdius. The name of the folder (C:\Windows\SysWOW64\) made me wonder if perhaps it had to do with installing the Wow 64-bit client.
64bit client was a nice upgrade. Now getting a range of 190fps down to 40 being the lowest I have seen.
how do i change it im retarted
It keeps saying its not the same version!?
The next step is full multi core utilization for wow, you can do it blizz!

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