Gemming/Enchanting a Ret Paladin?

Just wanted to get a few opinions on Gemming/Enchanting my Ret Paladin (this character). Before anyone jumps to any conclusions, I am not planning on Gemming/Enchanting my Ruthless gear.

My main question is whether it is more beneficial to stack Str/Resil or just go all out on the Str gems.

I also want everyone to keep in mind that this is my first char after a 2 1/2 year hiatus, so I am kind of light on funds, but gathering funds shouldn't be a huge issue as I can just farm honor to get the enchanting mats and sale in the AH.

Thanks for any input on the matter.

There is a reason you have like 80 games played at 1340. LOL

Yeah, it is called 6k hks. It is obviously a new toon and he has valid questions.

OP go to pally forums, they will be more helpful than posting here.
Yeah, obviously. This is the first time I have ever done Arenas. Not to mention the first 15-20 I was wearing quest greens, so I actually don't feel as if I have done too bad.
Oh, you're hilarious! I'm not a bad player, I have never done Arenas until now and it is a STEEP learning curve especially being behind everyone in terms of gear once I had started. This is a newer character and getting good in arenas takes time.

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