Jumping disconnects players

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For the love of God, fix this. It happens all over the place -- I appreciate your effort to get me to stop jumping and thereby reduce my carpal tunnel, but it's not gonna work. I believe this started a patch or two ago and everyone I know has to deal with it.

Most. Annoying. Bug. Ever.
I never DC from jumping.. Might need to be more specific?
Ah yes I've had this and seen this happen a lot. It is triggered by jumping I believe. It mostly happens in arenas which is bad.
I disconnect when I do Feral Charge sometimes (most times) in combat. Could this be the same issue? I've had no help so far on the issue.
As a fellow incessant jumper I know what you're talking about. I am unsure if it is jumping specifically that causes it as I am always jumping, though I have found several areas where it happens very frequently, suggesting it is a terrain issue.

In Nagrand arena, jumping into either of the back corners often DCs me.

In the Ring of Valor arena, jumping into a pillar that is moving often DCs me. I have also been DC'd while standing on the edge of a pillar as it began to ascend.

In the Dwarven District of Stormwind, jumping on the stair rail of the inn often DCs me.

There are many other instances of this occuring, but these are some of the most frequent offenders in my experience. Hopefully blizzard can use these areas to figure out what the underlying problem is.
I think this bug usually occurs when jumping around walls, which would explain why it happens so much in arena (running around pillars). There's a grassroots arena tournament going on right now called NAO, and matches are getting decided by this disconnect bug. It's really dumb.

That said, this definitely occurs outside of arena. It often happens to me in cities when I'm jumping around and talking to friends. I believe the reason more people aren't complaining about this is raiders don't jump as much and are usually in more open spaces.
What operating system are you using?

I have Win 7 64 bit, and when I started using the new 64 bit WOW client, I stopped DCing.

Just sayin'.
Yup, this is pretty terrible for us jumpers. It has gotten significantly worse since 4.3, specifically 4.3.2.

It happens to me at least twice a day, probably because I jump constantly. It almost always happens when I jump and my model would be about to collide with something (usually a wall, but I just had it happen on a fence in Caverns of Time: Old Hillsbrad near Tarren Mill).

The game basically says "WOW STOP JUMPING GTFO".

@Blizzard: Are there any logs I provide that are relevant to this scenario? Would FRAPSing my play for a while until I get a disconnect and then posting that help? Would coordinates/area locations be of use?
I find it happens most when jumping/running into a slanted surface it seems to be triggering the speed hack detection.
I've been dc'ed when feared into walls in arenas, it sucked but it wasn't often.

Lately leveling this toon has been horrible. Zones like Arathi Highlands and to some extent the Hinterlands have me dc'ing right and left. Trying to ride up hills/mountains (lvl 20 grnd mount) is where it always happens. I think it's more to do with the inclines than jumping. Most people just fly these days... but for low lvl players stuck on the ground, this is pretty gamebreaking.

PS: yes i disabled all my addons and confirmed it still occurred... (within the first 20 seconds of trying to ride up a hill...)
It's not just jumping, it's a terrain thing with walls. Apparently walking into a wall or near one has a high chance of disconnects. Happened to me in Dalaran walking up the stairs next to the railing to the AH, MC hugging a wall to avoid mobs, in Mana Tombs clipping the corner of one of those tombs, autoflying into the wall of the bank in Shattrath, against a rock outcropping in Nagrand trying to kill rock mobs for a quest, and obviously in EVERY ARENA.

I could list more, but I think Blizzard just wants us to have a healthy claustrophobic fear of the world and to stay away from walls that might confine us, and is reinforcing that fear with disconnects. Just sayin.
I disconnect randomly when I turn my camera and there are walls, walls are involved, turning is also involved

It happens constantly

Using 64 bit client.......I'm sure this bug will be fixed once Half Life Episode 3 comes out
Happens to me all the time. Seems to happen most when I jump over something, or from a platform to a lower/higher surface, such as say from atop of the mailbox, or a fence down to the ground. Or from a ledge over a gap to another ledge that isn't of the same height. it doesn't happen however if I am say jumping up and down from the front gate to Garrosh's mansion.
Yep still happening!
I am having this issue as well.

Here are some notable places that I have documented

Hill in Molten Core next to Lucifron
Hill in Hour of Twilight, leading to Archbishop, next to the last trash pack of Old ones
Various Hills in Arathi Basin, and WSG
Other random areas in the world.

When I am disconnected it boots me to the sign in screen, and sometimes when I go to log back in it tells me Character not found for a few minutes, and sometimes when I log back in I end up in the Barrens

DCs are @ 0:23, 0:56, 2:07
I've already ruled out addons, graphics drivers, and all of the usual suspects.

Very very annoying issue.
No response yet ?
Have had the same issues since day 1 of 4.3.

It has lost me so many arena matches where I will jump over the coffin and get dced. So annoying.
I can confirm this. The disconnections only appear to happen when colliding with objects mid-air. I've been unable to rule out the cause, none of my guildmates seem effected, but it happens fairly consistently. At least every time I play for a decent period of time.

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