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Weird. I jump 99% of the time I'm online and never have this issue. Maybe it's all of your guys's isp's being crappy at the same time. :o
I've got the same thing (dc every so often) happening to me mostly in bgs, but it involves jumping for sure. I thought it was related to my deadly throw (which some rogues have seen as well) but I think the jumping/movement while using deadly throw is actually the cause.

Maybe some of us jump too much in game ....

Hopefully they can reproduce and fix it since that video from a poster above appears to show it quite easily.
05/01/2012 09:29 AMPosted by Alyvia
Weird. I jump 99% of the time I'm online and never have this issue. Maybe it's all of your guys's isp's being crappy at the same time. :o

I can say with 99% certainty that it's not ISP related, it's a client issue. The "proc rate" so to speak varies from client to client. My raid leader is able to invoke a DC by spam jumping into a wall in <30 seconds where it can take me minutes to do it.

Since 4.3 I disconnect randomly when jumping (or disengaging, which is extremely frustrating in arenas and rated battlegrounds), running, or flying near a wall or down stairs. For example, I hopped onto the fence at the farm in AV during an RBG and disconnected.

I can force it to happen by jumping down the staircase in front of the Violet Citadel. But otherwise it is usually pretty random.

I am able to log back in IMMEDIATELY. I do not lag at all. When it happens, everything stops for a literally one second and I am back at the log in screen seeing "YOU HAVE BEEN DISCONNECTED FROM THE SERVER" for the 500th time. It is NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT my internet connection. I stay connected to my calls in Skype, my vent/mumble servers, and my streams to not pause or buffer.

I KNOW for a fact that MANY other people have been having this issue as of the last patch. The frequent "randomly disconnecting" threads being created in this forum makes it clear.

PLEASE help me pinpoint the REAL issue here as it has become beyond frustrating and I am finding it extremely difficult to "just deal with it" as severely impacts my performance in the game, especially in PvP.

Everyone vote this thread up. Maybe we can get some attention from Blizzard.
Agreed it's definitely not an ISP related issue as I work for the NOC of my ISP.

I have been unable to pinpoint where the issue is coming from.

It could be one of several things.

1) Same type of issue that occured with the Death Grip off the boat in stranglethorn bug. The server doesnt know where to put you, so it dumps you. I have logged back in several times and been at the GY in the barrens, which is the default GY when wow doesnt know where to stick you horde side.

I think the above is the most likely.

2) It could be an issue with a graphical bug of some sort. I am less inclined to believe this though.

I am going to start posting in this thread, each time I DC, and where I was at when this occured. Hopefully I will get a response, as this is very annoying, specially during the middle of a Heroic attempt.
Mouse turning against walls causes this too.

Go jam your character against a wall, hold down right click and wiggle. You'll get DCed soon enough.

Doesn't work on every wall, but 90% of the time I can force a DC.
It is annoying as an avid jumper to get disonnected if I mouse turn into a wall or touch a surface.

Whoever said this will be fixed by the time Half-life Episode 3 comes out is probably correct.
Mouse turning against walls causes this too.

Go jam your character against a wall, hold down right click and wiggle. You'll get DCed soon enough.

I am surprised this isn't brought up more. It practically ruins pvp. Starting to wonder if most of the player base are keyboard turners.
again, this dc bug is directly related to moving against z axis environment like wall or an object like a box when you attempt to jump around on it
Posted this vid in another thread.

It isn't necessarily only jumping but rather terrain based.

See this video for an example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZImtgz0XYM

Jumping might seem like the trigger but its really the terrain that you are jumping on that causes it. In some parts of the world I can jump 5 billion times without a disconnect. On a rocky surface though even walking across it or dropping off a small incline will cause the disconnect.

Here is the other tread in case you are wondering:
Still happening to me on a daily basis.
Happens to me at least twice a day, usually in arenas and usually in key moments in arenas, such as when I am LoSing to recover health.
If you want to LoS properly, you need to hug the wall to cut down on the distance required to run. It is simple physics. Good players have learned this and adapted their playstyles around it. With this bug, this playstyle is immediately threatened by disconnecting, which is basically an instant loss in arenas. I cannot stress the detriment caused by this bug. Please fix this now.
As others have said, not only jumping causes this. Rapidly turning near the midfield bridge in Twin Peaks instant DCed me today. Can always log right back on and is no lag whatsoever before the instant kick happens. Has been happening throughout 4.3 for me on all characters, mainly in PvP. Deleting WTF, Cache and Interface files and all the usual solutions has not remedied the situation. It seems to be related to moving with your mouse near certain types of terrain (particularly walls or inclines). Thinking there is merit to suggestions that this is related to anti-hack measures taken by Blizz since 4.3.
happens to me also..but its got to be jump and spin. also happens walking on steep inclines.
turned off dx 11 and its fixed
my fps tanked..but i no longer disconnect.
it is 100% a collision bug, when you hit an object after jumping.
Jump into wall. DC. Walk into wall. DC. Doesn't happen all the time but its so freakin annoying.
I was just doing the cooking daily in Tb and keep getting dced.

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