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**in immediate need of a boom kin and hunter!!**
realid contact: doeethewarrior@gmail.com, madorius1@yahoo.com

<Astoria> of Azuremyst - Alliance
12/13H - Server First Nefarian Heroic, Sinestra, Al'Akir Heroic.
7/7H - Server First Ragnaros Heroic
3/8H - DS

Raid times:
Progression Raids
Wednesday 7pm-10pm PST
Thursday 7pm-10pm PST
Sunday 7pm-10pm PST

Development Raids
This raid will be a combination of raider alts and social players
who want to gear and/or learn. Priority will be given to social
players on their mains, unless adjustments need to be made to
allow for proper experience present in the raid.
Tuesday 7pm-10pm PST Dragon Soul
Friday 9pm-1am PST Firelands
Saturday 9pm-1am PST Dragon Soul

Applicants for both raids are welcome!

About Astoria
We are a 10man heroic progression guild. We are currently looking for serious players who can pull their own weight via throughput and raid awareness. We have all raided together for many years, cleaing most content in 25man only to switch to a 10man play style. Some of the more recent kills we share together are things such as Heroic Nef 25man, All of firelands Heroic 25man with 10man rag, and currently 8/8 normal DS with a H. Morchok 10man kill.

Our raid comp is what ever will benefit a kill and the groups entirety. We expect our raiders to be ok with sitting and still staying active through out the week during non raid time activities. We offer our true raiders full repair costs, flasks, food, gems, and enchants. These things do not come without perilous effort on the part of the raider. We are all close friends and talk with one another about aspects of fights and altering one anothers play styles. We expect everyone to be fully vocal on vent during raids and to annalyze situations during encounters to take information and pass it to others. We expect full awareness from each and every person. In a ten man raid environment the allowed error percentage is very low and we expect everyone to put survivability over max output. There are many situations where tunnaling will hurt the group more than benefit the group. As one person, there are very few situations you a lone can do something so significant it will save a kill. We do not rely on moments that may allow for these things to happen. Overall group perfomance assures and allows for total maximum throughput with every raider.

Know your class and know your cooldowns. We ask that you know what is beneficial to us as a group. What do you offer, what are the things that make your class a significant class to bring to a 10man. Outside of the class, what do you as a raider bring? How well do reiterate thoughts into actual game play or action? We have raid leaders and officers, but we enjoy everyones oppinion. Sometimes you may see from an angle we do not, and we need you to voice your thoughts.

questions? Whisper Adenosine, Epinephrine, Teamjacob, Acezup, or Madorius in game.
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