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I say bring it on. Blizzard has never been much of a risk taker, so it's nice to see them taking a varied approach this time.
and dont forget to buff 25m raids please.. :(
It'd be nice if I could be as enthusiastic about MoP as other people are. I don't think I'll be getting the next exp. Still very disappointed with how much potential Cataclysm had that was thrown away.
With the money Blizz is making off of us, I'd expect at LEAST one person (8 hours a day) to be making serious responses on the forums, nonstop. Not "Thanks for saying we're awesome" or "you're being stupid" but that's all we actually seem to get.

I WANT to know answers to my thoughts (I know they've been read). There hasn't been a SINGLE response, in any of the forums, to the state of the proposed rogue talent selections since they were released during Blizzcon. Just garbage like "Prep and shadowstep are too OP to be had together" like they never even played in wrath when the ONLY viable rogue pvp spec didn't have shadowstep. THEY WON'T COMMUNICATE, WE JUST GET IGNORED. But stupid stuff/bootlicking gets addressed.

There's a difference between ignoring someone and having nothing to say to them at the moment. The CMs can't just come out and say "Oh we know what we're going to do to fix this!" without first

- Checking with the dev team to see if there is something in the works
- Checking with the dev team's supervisors to make sure that their fix has a good chance of making it into the game
- Checking in with their own superiors to make sure that they have permission to release said information

That's all assuming that there is a solution in the works for a given issue. On top of all of that, even if they do have something to post, it's almost always met with a tidal wave of questions, QQ, digging and hounding for more information, and people typically wind up more upset and frustrated that their follow up questions aren't being answered, beginning the cycle anew.

Put short- Sometimes they don't respond to something simply because they literally have nothing they can say on the issue atm. Sometimes they don't respond just so the conversations and debates can occur naturally without their influence, as, I believe, Neth has stated in a topic elsewhere.

Just because they aren't responding to topics and concerns doesn't mean they aren't reading them.
02/02/2012 01:29 PMPosted by Zarhym
breathtaking new lands to explore

1? Right? The turtle island looks like Pandaria... so... 1?

a slew of new dungeons

Uh wasn't it 5 announced at launch? Seriously? Slew?

5 = slew

Got it.

I mean I like the new talent system, I like how monk looks, I've been waiting forever for Pandas, but hyperbole, hyperbole everywhere.
No you aren't going to re-invent the wheel like stated. You are finding new ways to USE the wheel.
a slew of new dungeons

Uh wasn't it 5 announced at launch? Seriously? Slew?

5 = slew

Got it.

I mean I like the new talent system, I like how monk looks, I've been waiting forever for Pandas, but hyperbole, hyperbole everywhere.

I think there will be 9 dungeons planned, though 2 of them may be their "revamped" scholo and strat, and I'm not sure if raids are included in that number. So likely 7 new dungeons.

Compared to Burning Crusade which released with 15 brand new 5-man dungeons, I'd say "slew" is on the hyperbole side.

Hell, Cataclysm launched with 7 new dungeons? And only ended up introducing 2 new dungeons before MoP will hit (unless they have more planned, which is unlikely).

On an interesting note, Cataclysm has a total of 27 raid bosses, I think. Burning Crusade had around 52.
I challenge you to fnd ONE post, pre-expansion release, where a blizzard employee was not 100% thrilled at what was shaping up for the incoming expansion. Whether it was Cata, wrath, BC or whatever...they always tout that this next expansion is simply amazing and the best one yet.....but let's be realistic here; Vanilla and BC were amazing, Wrath was good (in some books the best), Cata in most people's eyes is the bottom and MoP in most people's eyes (yes, blues included) doesnt appear to be moving towards the BC archtype so much as Cata's casualness. After MoP's release people will be looking back at Cata and talking about how good it was compared to MoP. Trust me on that one....but I'm sure you'll have to wait and see for yourself. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of nice improvements coming....but those would all have been welcome back in BC/vanilla/etc. As a story, MoP has pandas....yea, fluffy little bears, compared to werewolves, goblins, blood elfs, draenei, etc. If that isnt the biggest indicator of carebearness (panda-pun intended) I dont honestly know what is.
I dont even log into the game anymore....and the only real reason I still have this account is for Diablo III access and beta access......which as time progresses feels like more and more of a mistake. But when I do log in...I get this overwhelming sense that 'this is as good as it's gonna be for a couple years now' and I log off after 2 minutes in disgust.
Wow, I didn't anticipate this thread to turn into a flame fest.

Thanks for the reply, Zarhym.

It shouldn't have.

But in defense of the flamers, there are a lot of outstanding issues that haven't been addressed for a decent amount of time.
I agree with OP on almost everything.
My opinion differs about the upcoming talent system. When I look at what is given to us so far, and what is given to us about Diablo 3's skill system... I find similarities a bit disappointing.

Now I don't think that it is exactly the same system, but one looks a hell of a lot like the other. And while I don't find it (either one really) a bad system as far as I can see, it feels a bit like they are working on only one game mechanic of the sort and applying it to 2 IPs.

No doubt in my mind the MoP and D3 will both be great, that is besides the point. I just have that nasty feeling that we will be some sort of WoW with the classes of D3, or the other way around, whatever.

Just so it's clear: I have no info beyond what I've read on the official sites to come to these conclusions. My speculations are my own.

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