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Hi, I'm a WoW player.

I like Wow and I think Blizzard is doing a good job.

That is all.
On a somewhat related note, has anyone noticed a lot of lapsed accounts returning to the game recently?
Wrath > BC > Cata...

I am eager to see where this falls (The above is obviously my opinion).
02/01/2012 07:44 PMPosted by Vreivai
Too bad recently released content is in direct contradiction of your theory.

I love Cataclysm, so I disagree here. to me, recently released content only solidifies his point.

But you know, opinions are like a$$h0l3s and all that jazz....
And Z keeps responding to 'silly' posts.... Never seen a single Blue response to valid concerns about 5.0 talents and the direction of the game.

It's like those of us who carried Metallica through the early-mid 80's and made them popular enough to get on the top 40 Billboard chart album sales without a single video or radio play. Never a thank you, never a "yeah, we've changed, thanks for making us famous, we're making music for max money now."

OR it could be that these "silly" posts are much more easy to professionally respond to as an official PR Agent of Blizzard than many other posts.

How do people expect Blizzard CMs to post in threads where they are not able to give any solid information about anything relating to it? Every time a CM posts in a complaint thread it usually breeds more complaints and/or other people hounding the CM for information that the CM, most likely, either does not have or can not give.

It could also be that the CMs are trying to foster a sense of community by participating in lighthearted threads and trying to spur their playerbase to learn to get along with each other, even for a little while.

In short- Less tinfoil hat, more positivism.

02/01/2012 07:41 PMPosted by Vorps
While inspecting MoP and recent posts of blues, namely Zarhym, it's becoming more and more apparent that MoP is looking to shatter the status quo with WoW. Blizzard is moving away from listening to the populist whining that can apparently never be quelled

Yea heaven forbid they actually do something popular with their customers.

Too bad that's just more of the same old tired Blizz we have had since CATA launched.
Wrath > BC > Cata...

I am eager to see where this falls (The above is obviously my opinion).

I had the same order in my head until 4.3 hit, now I think I'd move Cata either above Wrath or a super small step below it. I think MoP is going to be awesome based on the way this game has been trending since Cata hit (which I thought was a step back). More challenging content (via standardized gear dungeons), but also continuing forward with the more accessible new heroic philosophy and the raid finder. Love that philosophy, love Asian architecture, love the new talents (something new to play with), etc.

Should be a great ride, even if my attention is drawn away to some other big games on the horizon for a short time (Diablo, Amalur).
02/01/2012 07:46 PMPosted by Vorps
4.3 is the end of the Post-BC era.

Except that it made raiding easier than ever and had the most tank-and-spank joke for heroic dungeons since Wrath.
I like your thread, Vorps! It's great to see some positive discussion and speculation about where this game is headed. :)

We're definitely very focused on opening the doors a little wider to new ideas to really grasp onto what will make this game as fun as possible. It's 7 years old after all. We're not going to reinvent the wheel in Mists of Pandaria, but we want to introduce new types of compelling content with meaningful reward structures so your progression paths don't feel quite as redundant.

You'll get a captivating story, breathtaking new lands to explore, a wide array of new and awesome good/bad guys (from what I've seen, REALLY awesome), a slew of new dungeons and raids, a new playable race, a new class, many outstanding systems improvements, etc.

We hope these features are more or less to be expected with virtually every expansion. But this time we're also pouring our heart and soul into some really fun new features that'll allow you to progress in slightly less conventional ways.

I get so excited every time I meet with Greg Street, Cory Stockton, Dave Kosak, and Tom Chilton to discuss everything they're working on each week. It's even got me logging into some of the characters I haven't played in a while more often lately, just because I want to be fully prepared to diversify my gameplay and explore different avenues of content on different characters.

I think it's really going to be about playing the game the way you want to play it, without feeling entirely like you're missing out on valuable rewards.

I'm looking forward the panderian monks so the bad dks can flood that class. I love to hear more about this "new features" you mentioned

Zarhym can you say what's up to my man Ghostcrawler for me next time you see him walking to the with his Nerf bat.

Thank You in advance

Yea heaven forbid they actually do something popular with their customers.

Too bad that's just more of the same old tired Blizz we have had since CATA launched.

Listening to populist whining just forces them to contort themselves into a pretzel which would eventually kill WoW. Just look at LFR: they released it, and now everyone is whining about ninjas. Now imagine them patching something and fixing ninjas: then everyone will complain about the influx of loot restrictions.

They should just do what they know best: design good games.

Even if people whine about ninjas, it was still an amazing step forward and I think most people recognize that - like most people recognize with LFD. Sure there are areas of improvement that people will always point at, but overall it has been a gigantic success that not many people would be willing to give up.
My outlook for MoP from a Gladiator DK who's killed Heroic Madness:

The new talent systems look excellent. I love having the choice between certain spells to make my character actually unique and giving me much larger choices between spells to use rather than the typical cookie cutter specs that barely vary (such as getting imp blood tap or increased disease length for frost). Looking through the talents, these can't possibly turn into cookie cutter especially when I sit there going "they all look so good(minus the lvl 15 talents which need some work for dk's)!" Talent systems have come a long, long way from the original absolutely garbage talents of Vanilla to where we are today. I'd say this new talent system has just about perfected it and I could not ask for something better than this.

I'll start w/ pvp:
I grinded High Warlord twice (the second time from rank 11 for the new caster 1h + oh) and Field Marshal once. Original battlegrounds were the most fun I've had in this game. They were competitive between the top teams on the server and truly brought an alliance vs horde feeling because it was only your server.
The death of server rivalries:
As stated, I played horde and alliance on my old server. I loved chain queueing bg's for way too many hours every day and cherished the hard fought battles between the alliance and horde who I personally knew. That feeling of alliance vs horde was lost when cross-server bg's came out and ended any server rivalries that were there. While this made queue times shorter and allowed for bg's like AV to pop up, it took away any chance for world pvp to come back (especially with how little honor world pvp gave/gives). They did bring rated battlegrounds into play in Cataclysm which has definitely been awesome and I loved playing so far this xpac.

Arenas were an amazing implementation and easily the best way to replace the woes of non-server bg's. BC, while slightly imbalanced, was by far the most balanced this game has ever been when it comes to pvp and just about every class was so fun to play and pretty viable. I enjoyed it so much I leveled 2 more toons and got gladiator on each of them. It was actually fun to pvp in BC because you needed coordination and skill to kill people because healers were able to keep up in healing unless they were chain cc'd at the perfect moments. Wotlk ruined pvp pretty badly. The unhealable burst damage was just stupid and ultimately made it not worth pvping in Wrath. Cataclysm was supposed to fix these problems and also failed miserably. Health pools were vastly increased and healing + mana costs were increased. This was supposed to allow for healers to eventually go oom if having to hard heal. People got gear and this entire viewpoint that blizzard was trying to get across was ruined by people getting globaled. The worst memory I have of this xpac is a mage coming out of invis and a rogue opening + smokebombing my shaman and killing him in .5 seconds. This was a regular occurrence throughout the games I've played whether it was at the beginning or in the middle of the game. Overall, Cataclysm was only a worse version of Wotlk for pvp. Once again, this has been noted and they said they’re attempting to fix it, for yet another expansion. I loved bging and arenaing but when it’s this terrible, it just isn’t worth playing. We’ll see this time around.

Raid content:
Blizzard has come a very long way in design for raid content. Raiding really started to make a turn in AQ40 and provided for an excellent instance in Naxx40. BC raiding followed the same path and created for some excellent instances in Black Temple and my personal favorite, Sunwell Plateau. In terms of Wotlk, Ulduar and ICC were by far the best instances for 25 mans and extremely enjoyable to play (I also liked Anub’arak.) Cataclysm raid content started out pretty well. I personally enjoyed Blackwing Descent, Throne of the Four Winds, and Bastion of Twilight. The raids were decently designed and allowed for people to successfully maximize their dps without hindering the raid. Firelands was similar as its 3 predecessors but it just didn’t seem nearly as fun to me. There were a lot less maximizing dps encounters and more “do random stuff like spam Howling Blast on spiders for 4 minutes.” Also, dpsing a leg to turn a boss when the leg takes less damage. Meh, not really enjoyable stuff. Some of the fights in Dragon Soul just emphasized on that boringness (namely Warmaster and Spine). Killing trash isn’t fun. Period. I raid to kill giant mean as hell bosses, trash is meant to just protect them before you fight the real encounter. I will say doing Heroic spine for ~200 attempts before we killed it made me want to uninstall because I really, really hate killing trash. If all encounters were as boring as Spine, I’d probably uninstall the game. Madness was ok, but I would’ve preferred to kill a dragon, not his long tentacle arm/wings that are completely unrelated to a dragon (even if he’s corrupted).

Conclusion / TLDR:
Raid content has been excellent minus a few encounters in FL/DS. Arena needs a massive fix because globaling people is extremely dumb and completely unskillful. Wotlk and Cata have both been complete flops for pvp. I’m hoping MoP will finally fix this issue that has been plaguing the pvp side of this game preventing it from being enjoyable. I really hope Raiding doesn't reflect on fights like Warmaster/Spine/Rhyolith, etc. Also, pet battles look awesome.

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