Unofficial Best Mage Name Thread

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My name is a smart people joke =)
Was running around doing battlegrounds on my DK in the 65-69 bracket, there was a goblin mage in an AB named Seargremlin.
If I was fire it would be cooler = \
haha <--
Abrahmblinkn ( abraham blinkin )
not everyone can be smoove
08/03/2012 11:52 PMPosted by Smoovie
not everyone can be smoove

We can't all go big. You spelled your name wrong btw.
Only for the learned
Nom nom nom nom
Ayeblinkin and Spellcheck were both great names, but Ayeblinkin is just better for a mage class imo. That was great and i actually laughed.
i have a alt mage on a different account called pintsizepimp a name for any gnome!!!
i think frostitute is the best mage name
A frost mage named Icehole
Hi <3

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