Unofficial Best Mage Name Thread

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Clearly the superior name here.
So then... Who wins? I NOMINATE MYSELF.
08/17/2012 11:16 AMPosted by Coltron
So then... Who wins? I NOMINATE MYSELF.

I vote for Perkynipz.
Totally the best name here. Oh wait this is for mages? Woops.
Apparently when I search the ole' talrasha in the character sheet this name has become massively popular.

Sad day.
Sadly, not one name has stood out besides perkynipz. I declare him the winner.
<--- Undisputed .
My name was icelancealot until I server transferred and it was taken. I'd had that name since i made the mage in bc.
I'm clearly the best here, later peasants.
I will have to go with mine. Not really tied to a mage or anything but it's just funny and a great question. Who did it? XD
I wish I'd thought of Firewizerdx
idk i think my name fits a mage rather nicely. :D
I nominate myself
I win.
I'm unique.

All of my names are quite unique.

Latest name I came up with..... "Pinkpanty"

Just sayin
Cartoonz. Wait, what?
<<<<<<this guy

Starts with an "A".

Fewest letters.

Doesn't mean anything.

Can not be pronounced right.
< Russian for "Cannon"

< German for "Badass"

Look it up.

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