Unofficial Best Mage Name Thread

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Clearly the superior name here.
Arcaniac on my mage >.>
<-- clearly meant to push rogue on character select screen
How can an undead be anything but a "Stynk"?!
idk think i win
My votes are in on the previous posters!

#1 Vivectus (It's original and witty!)

#2 Gromph (I love the underdark!)

#3 Elmìnster (Awesome that you got that!)
There can only be one.
My name is the best name, duh :D
saw some dude with the name sirlancealot and it was cool
Blink wins, but only because he stole all my cake. Derpfreeze is a close second, and Frostitute a distant third (cause its got a tick mark in it, and is unfortunately not totally original.)
Frank Herbert style :D
Ill stick to my internet alias...but if i had to pick anything else id rename myself into "BobSaget"
I'm unique, I got gangnam style that follows my name. I also have a character name PinkPanty, ya it follows its name.
Pretty sure I win this.
Mmmmmm... Winning. At least I really like it.
Do I win? Game by day, Joe Rogan podcast by night, all day!
I still like mine.
I trully vote on mine, is obvious why, I also have a Human mage with the name "Thereisnotry" :)

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