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Below is going to be a list of services that Dead by Dawn is willing to provide the Illidan community and off server buyers. Our prices are very fair with current market prices. They are also based on the time it takes Dead by Dawn to complete them and also how often we visit these instances. If you wish to schedule a run please contact Tisma in game or by in game mail.

Dragon Soul Tier 13
7/8 Heroic Dragon Soul - 75k Loot Included + Clusters
8/8 Heroic Dragon Soul - 125k No Mount Included
Lifebinders Handmaiden - 125k
8/8 Heroic Dragon Soul w/ Lifebinders Handmaiden - 200k
Hargara Pick Pocket - 4k (You will be saved to our heroic DS raid ID)

Firelands Tier 12
Corrupted Egg of Millagazor - 130k - 2 Week Run (6 hard modes & 6 meta achievements)
Smoldering Egg of Millagazor - 125k
Title "Firelord" - 40k (Just title - 1 Boss)

Legendary Staff Quest Items
Eternal Ember - 2k Per Item
Seething Cinder - Full Clear 40k
Boss SIPHONS - Full Clear 40k

All loot for the 6/7 HM clear will be awarded to you if you can use it or want it.

Blackwing Decent / Bastion Of Twilight / Throne of Four Winds Tier 11
Reins of the Drake of the East Wind & Sinestra Kill "DragonSlayer" - 200k Full Meta & Heroic
"I cant hear you over the sound of how awesome I am" - 200k 1 Boss & 1 Acheivement
Sinestra Kill Title "DragonSlayer" - 50k 1 Boss
Heroic Al'akir Kill Title "Of the Four Winds" - 50k 1 Boss
Heroic Nefarian Kill Title "Blackwing's Bane" - 50k 1 Boss

Prices for individual achievements will range - Please see an officer for the price per achievement.

Obsidian Sanctum 25 Man
Reins of the Twilight Drake - 12k (Run whenever buyers want to go)

Obsidian Sanctum 10 Man
Reins of the Black Drake - 4k (Run whenever buyers want to go)

Zul'Aman 5 Man Instance
Amani Battle Bear - 4k Cleared before raids / After raids (3-4 Dead by Dawn members run the 5man)

Please Read Notes
-Achievements and Sales are usually scheduled around Dead by Dawns raid time. 9pm - 1am Server Sunday - Thursday. Sometimes runs can also be scheduled around the buyers schedule but that is very rare. Please see us if there is a problem with your scheduled time or you cannot make it.

-All gold will be exchanged at the start of the raid : If for some reason the run is not completed / we cannot work out a reschedule date the gold will be given back to you.

-During the run you are responsible for your self. You can participate in the raid with being in mumble and we will give you a quick run down of the fights. If you choose to be alive during the pulls you will need to be in mumble with the raid. If your choosing to just run into Lava and just die mumble is not required.

-During the run you are responsible for letting the Loot Master know which items you need. Most of this loot is disenchanted very quickly after the pull so please speak up and warn us if you need something.

-We also do take other forums of payments for off server buyers. Please see Tisma on Dead by Dawns site to get further information.

-Feel free to post on this forum or head on over to our website - In the general forum you can see our post and reply there or send a PM as well.

What if i am only interested on the achievements from the first week, do you sell those separatedly?
I can't even see it because I ignored his main. Scrub is still mad i guess
bump tisma is a beast thx for quick bear run.. plan on gettin mount asap ty again!!
^^ 1 spot for both weeks still available
i may be interested in firelord + mount if you can help me do the delegation quest as well ;)
See me in game
Sold 6/7 HM - Looking for a buyer for "Firelord" just the title.
What times do you run Firelands at?
They depend. Our raid times are 9pm - 1am. If buyers need to go earlier we can work something out. This week for the "Firelord" we can go whenever the buyer needs to go. 60k is our asking price.
do you sell the egg from H ragnaros? the smoldering egg? if so, how much please?

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