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The Masquerade is a tight-knit, dedicated RP guild with a small core of RPers and twenty-five shiny levels. We're looking for good writers of all races and classes who love RP and storytelling. Our style tends towards small group RP and involved story lines with a lot of intense character development, though we do have lighter, more casual RP as well. The Masquerade has no strict theme, but we do have an IC guild that offers opportunities for most character types.

IC, The Masquerade is a neutral watchdog organization that works to protect Azeroth and its citizens. Members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and employ a variety of methods, some which may be more scrupulous than others. Though they sometimes fight fire with fire, The Masqurade's overall purpose is to hinder forces that seek to destroy or dominate. Our traditional enemies include the Twilight Hammer's cult, the Scourge, and the minions of Ragnaros. Characters of horde races are welcome to join and RP with us via Real ID.

Members who wish to play independent, antagonist, or other characters who don't fit into the IC guild are welcome to do so. We value creativity, flexibility, and plenty of OOC communication. Role play is collaboration.

What we do:

The Masquerade encourages random RP at all times in addition to scheduling events. We set up one-time casual gatherings such as holiday parties as well as more serious, long-term plot lines.

All members are welcome and encouraged to set up their own RP events and all guild members have permission to create events on the calendar.

Many of our members enjoy PvE and PvP and may set up groups for anything from arena to gear runs, but these are not the guild's primary focus.

We have plenty of OOC chat and members are encouraged open up and get to know each other. Sometimes we get together OOC and just plain goof off.

What we're looking for:

Good writing skill. RP is an improvisational form and no one's writing is perfect, but we do expect decent spelling, sentence structure, and descriptive emotes from our members.

Knowledge of lore. We aren't, nor do we expect our members to be immaculate lore scholars. However, we see lore as an important guideline for RPers to follow in order to feel that they are 'living' in the same world as one another. Members should know the lore behind their race and class and not break the rules of the world established in lore. For example, warlocks should not have their demons out IC in Alliance cities. Worgen DKs should know how and why they are different from other DKs. These are just a few examples.

Players must be sixteen or older and non-alt characters must be at least level 10 (60 for DKs)

If players wish to ERP that is none of our business, but keep it private. Just as people in real life don't get it on where others can watch, your private business should be kept in private chat. Hanging out in Goldshire is not allowed. We don't want our guild tag seen there, period.

No trolling of public channels or other's RP. Members must remember that they represent the guild to Moonguard's community. We don't want our guild tag associated with trolling or griefing.

Members should approach all RP with an attitude of collaboration. RP should be about building an interesting story together, not about highlighting how awesome and special your own character is. If you've never heard of a mary sue, check this out and make sure you're not doing it:

We ask that all members participate in the guild. This doesn't mean you have to be on every day or come to every event, but we do get annoyed if we feel that someone has joined us just to use our guild perks. Talk in guild chat, get to know people! We don't bite, mostly.

General respect and common courtesy are a must. We want the guild to be a fun and relaxed environment for all.

How to join:

Step one: Read this thread (almost done!)

Step two: Check out our website and apply:


Step three: You must choose. Cake or death?
I choose cake. I prefer pie though. Can we have pie?

Also, thanks for creating this Dev! <3 Best officer a GM could ask for!!
Yeah, I prefer pie myself...count me in!

LOVE this Dev!! Great work!!
Seriously, fantastic post. Thanks for the time you spent on this. Brit's right and I'll reiterate. Best officer a co-GM could ask for.

I'll take my cake now.


Vano prefers placing down a pie, placing a cake on top of it, then putting another pie on top.

To fel with society's taboos and strict rules!

Also, bumping the thread.



You said death first aaaaaah death first!


Oh alright.
Morning bump from the horde side Masquerade member. :D
Nice!!! Great post! I'll have pie as well, thanks!
Bumping these folks. Some of he nicest around!
*hugs Murcee* You are too kind. <3
Shamless bumpage.
Bump for cake and pie! No death! I already went there and it's not as pleasant as one might think!!
Is the cake poisoned? I bet it's poisoned.

I'll be stalking your officers soon.
Don't do that. I eat hunter's all the time. Please don't be my next meal, elves are way too sinewy and stringy.
Biggity bump!
02/03/2012 03:29 PMPosted by Narivar
Don't do that. I eat hunter's all the time. Please don't be my next meal, elves are way too sinewy and stringy.

You don't want to eat me. I'm full of poisoned cake! :o

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