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Moon Guard
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02/03/2012 10:06 AMPosted by Jaxtoria
I'll take death....by cake.

*feeds Jaxtoria loads upon loads of cake until she dies.* One down. Thousands more to go.
/Holy Shock
/Divine Shield
Bump by the silent, yet deadly rogue.

Oi??? Bumpage here!!!
Bump from the dead.
Sometimes the cake is laced with toxins and causes death as well... but I wouldn't know anything about that... >.>

It's a twofer!
What times/days are your scheduled RP events?
Most of our events are on Thursday and Saturday. Sometimes we have one set for Wednesday. They used to start about 10:30, but now we are starting them at 8 pm.

We also do weekly RP quest where I send everyone a quest that they have to RP out with 1 to 2 other members of the guild. It's loads of fun!
Thanks. I have a werewolf who needs a home.
And true RP guilds are hard to find. :(
No problem. :) Just send me a message in game if you decide your worgen would fit with us. If I am not on-line then you can ask anyone on-line in the guild and they can direct you to whatever alt I may be playing at that time.
Poison cake??? Glad I had pie :)
My name is Kiingfenix, and I support this thread.
Haha I love all the different races that we have posting on this thread.

BUMP for awesomeness that is this guild!
I don't always bump threads, but when I do...

Its only for The Masquerade.

OH! If you're looking for a nice, respectful RP guild, get a hold of someone in here and ask questions! The Masquerade is always looking for fun new members. Don't be afraid!
I don't want dessert!!! Give me a steak!!!
No steak...just moar cake
Steak! I choose steak as well. Can we have tauren steak?

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