Up and coming ninja We are not Uber guildie

Shattered Hand
We are not uber has a ranking ninja. Lvl 80 who lost the roll on an item for transmog openly saying he took the item, and privately told me even if he lost the item, he is taking it. Screenshot shows it all. I rolled a 86, he rolled a 1, he took the item. Just bad manors, and makes the guild he is in look bad. Not sure of what his main is, but it is also in that guild.

Vailz should rename to Failz
For those watching forums, if you get him in the future keep in mind he just takes stuff.

Thank you for this. This allows me to take action
After reviewing your screenshots I can find little to nothing wrong with any action or communication
you appear to be a butthurt dumbass who has a vendetta against that guild. please stop posting weak screenshots until you have some hard evidence.
He clearly says: "then ... I said before I rolled 2nd time that if I lost not giving it to you". The fact that they tied on first roll and should have done a second, he blatantly says he wouldn't give it up even if he lost...

Yeah, clearly he is not in the wrong...

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